Within the current world, remote service providers are essential for keeping us associated with the web, our cherished ones, and each other. Among the different conceivable outcomes within the U.S., AT&T, and Cricket Wireless are among the foremost well-liked service providers. Although they share a network, they are not indistinguishable and have distinctive estimating, client benefits, scope, web speeds, and other services. In this post, we will compare Cricket vs. AT&T to help you decide which is superior for your cellular needs.

A trustworthy remote benefit supplier with a long history is AT&T. It was established in 1983 and became one of the nation’s biggest providers. AT&T extends plans, counting family plans, universal plans, and plans with unlimited data. On the other hand, Cricket Wireless entered the showcase more recently, built up in 1999. However, since its low-fetched and top-notch client bolsters, it has quickly developed in notoriety.

Concerning coverage, AT&T has one of the most extensive cellular networks in the nation, reaching about 99% of the country. Although it uses AT&T’s network to function, Cricket Wireless can only provide service in places where AT&T has coverage. While Cricket’s range is still quite strong, it could be less comprehensive in certain areas than AT&T’s. This is only one of many things to compare between these two suppliers.

Cricket vs. AT&T

AT&T and Cricket Wireless comprise two of the foremost renowned wireless service companies in the U.S. AT&T is a famous company that has been around for a long time. In contrast, Cricket entered the market in 1999 and is a more recent entrant. cricket and attTo help you decide the more appropriate option for your cellular needs, we’ll compare Cricket vs. AT&T in this post.


AT&T has a better coverage record than Cricket Wireless. With a network coverage of over 99% of the country, AT&T has one of the most extensive cellular networks in the nation, extending its services to Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and select U.S. military bases.
att coverage map Conversely, Cricket Wireless uses AT&T’s network but only offers service coverage in all 50 states of the United States. AT&T’s 4G network also covers remote areas, providing download speeds of up to 14mbps in locations other carriers may not reach.

In contrast, Cricket does not provide this coverage level but offers high-quality voice, text, and data services within its more urban networks.
cricket coverage map

Because of this, Cricket’s scope is still robust. It may be less comprehensive than AT&T’s in certain places. If you want to know how to set up AT&T APN settings, this article might help you out, AT&T APN settings. 

Plans and Costs

In Cricket Wireless vs. AT&T, Cricket Wireless triumphs regarding plans and cost. While AT&T offers unlimited data plans, they often have higher prices and some limitations. You could face slower internet speed after consuming a certain amount of data. Cricket provides several other programs, such as unlimited data, family, and international projects.plans and costs

AT&T: $65/month, Unlimited data, 3 G.B. hotspots, Few perks

  • AT&T’s cheapest unlimited plan, Unlimited Starter, is $65/month and includes complete data with a 3 G.B. hotspot but lacks additional perks.
  • A perk of this plan is access to AT&T’s 4G LTE and ultra-fast 5G networks, although the internet speed depends on network congestion.

Cricket: $50/month, Unlimited data, 10 G.B. hotspot for $10, Data speed capped at 8Mbps

  • In contrast, Cricket’s cheapest unlimited plan is $50/month, featuring complete data and the option to purchase a 10 G.B. hotspot for $10.
  • However, data speeds are capped at 8Mbps. While this speed is sufficient for web browsing and video streaming, data-intensive tasks like mobile gaming may be challenging.

Additionally, AT&T prepaid vs. Cricket, Cricket Wireless features a more transparent pricing plan with no additional costs or surprises. Your bill won’t have extra fees or taxes because their prices include all applicable taxes. 

at&t and cricket price comparison

Contrarily, AT&T has a more complicated pricing scheme, and customers frequently complain about unanticipated fees appearing on their bills.

There are several more wireless service providers; you might want to look at this detailed article to compare MetroPCS and Cricket. 

Mobile Service Comparison Between AT&T and Cricket

Choosing between these mobile service providers may require time as you aim to find the optimal plan that suits your needs and budget.

Both providers offer dependable coverage and comprehensive plans. Here’s a comparison of the two services to facilitate your decision-making process.

AT&T Mobile Plans

Numerous individuals seek the optimal AT&T prepaid plans to meet their service needs.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of all AT&T prepaid plans, detailing prices, features, and other relevant information to assist users in selecting the plan that aligns with their requirements.

Prepaid Plans

AT&T provides 3 distinct prepaid plans to choose from with different benefits.

prepaid plans at&t

Make sure you go through all the plans carefully before committing to one.

Unlimited Plans

AT&T provides three distinct unlimited data plans, each offering unlimited talk and text and varying data speeds.

at&t unlimited plans

These plans ensure fast speeds, allowing seamless video streaming and large file downloads. We present a comparative analysis of each plan to help you identify the most suitable option for your needs.

Cricket Mobile Plans

A prepaid carrier, Cricket provides competitive data plans with various options for different data usage levels.

Customers can choose multiple lines based on their specific data needs, ensuring they only pay for necessities. The plans encompass unlimited talk, text, and access to various streaming services.

Prepaid Plans

These are the prepaid plans that Cricket offers. Additionally, it provides fast and nationwide 5G internet with each voice and data plans.

cricket prepaid plans

Unlimited Plans

With Cricket’s unlimited plans, you can get unlimited access to the internet without having to make monthly payments. Additionally, they provide discounts on bulk plans.cricket unlimited plans

Family Plans 

Both carriers provide robust family plan options, allowing you to purchase multiple lines of the same plan or mix and match your choices.

AT&T’s Unlimited Your Way stands out as a top offering in this category. This plan enables you to customize your family plan to match your needs while enjoying significant savings.

With the flexibility to choose from AT&T’s three unlimited plans, your pricing is determined by the total number of lines selected from each plan. Here’s a breakdown:

Plan \ Lines123456 and above
Unlimited Starter$65$60$45$35$30$30
Unlimited Extra$75$65$50$40$35$35
Unlimited Premium$85$75$60$50$45$45

AT&T offers diverse family plan options, including plans with the same type of line and limited data plans.

Cricket provides notable discounts for multiple lines on both the More and Core Unlimited plans. For instance, opting for four lines on Cricket’s More Unlimited plan costs $130/month, saving $110 compared to individual line pricing.

Plan \ Lines12345
2 GB$30 /mo$60 /mo$90 /mo$120 /mo$150 /mo
10 GB$40 /mo$70 /mo$90 /mo$110 /mo$130 /mo
Core Unlimited$55 /mo$80 /mo$90 /mo$100 /mo$125 /mo
More Unlimited$60 /mo$90 /mo$110 /mo$130 /mo$160 /mo

Cricket provides a Group Save Plan allowing mix-and-match options, although the savings are not as remarkable.

While both AT&T and Cricket offer strong family plans, AT&T edges ahead due to many family plan options and included perks.

However, Cricket presents a more cost-effective alternative for those prioritizing a straightforward unlimited plan without extra perks.


While both carriers offer plans with hotspot features, AT&T provides a more extensive range. 


AT&T: AT&T’s three unlimited plans include varying amounts of hotspot data: Unlimited Premium offers 50 G.B., Unlimited Extra has 15 G.B., and Unlimited Starter provides 3GB. The choice depends on individual usage patterns, with heavy users favoring Unlimited Premium.

Cricket: In contrast, Cricket Wireless includes a hotspot feature only in its More Unlimited plan, offering 15 GB of hotspot data. An alternative is adding 10 GB of hotspot data to the Core Unlimited plan for an additional $10/month.

Consider your hotspot needs and usage frequency when deciding between the two carriers.

International Roaming

AT&T provides a standard international package with unlimited calling from the U.S. to 85+ countries and discounted rates to over 140 countries priced at $15 per month per line.

It also provides a cruise package, which covers customers over 175 cruises. The AT&T Cruise package activates 9 to 11 nautical miles from shore. When at sea, your device will show “Cellular at Sea,” “wmsatsea,” “901-18,” or “NOR-18” when connected.

international roaming

On the other hand, Cricket doesn’t have as inclusive plans for international communications. All Cricket plans come with unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages across the U.S. Additionally:

Cricket Unlimited Plans ($50/month+ grandfathered plans) allow:

  • unlimited international text messaging (SMS only) from the U.S. to 37 countries 
  • unlimited calling to and from landlines and mobile phones in Mexico and Canada.
  • Unlimited text, picture, and video messaging (SMS and MMS) to and from mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
  • High-speed data access while travelling in Mexico or Canada. 

This plan excludes the Northern Territories of Canada (867 area code or Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut).

Cricket also provides two additional international packages called Cricket International and Cricket International Extra. Let’s dive deeper into both.

Cricket International ($5 per month): Unlimited calling to landlines and text messaging (SMS only) to mobile phones in 35 countries.

Cricket International Extra ($15 per month): Unlimited landline calling and picture and video (MMS) messaging to 35 countries and 1,000 minutes of mobile-to-mobile calling to 31 countries.

There’s a caveat to these packages and that is the calls and texts must originate from the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the USVI (United States Virgin Islands).

In all, AT&T and Cricket have some good plans to choose from, although AT&T plans are much more inclusive in terms of geography and provide unlimited calling for the same price.

Consumer Assistance

Regarding client service, AT&T vs. Cricket each has strengths and weaknesses. AT&T can be contacted via phone, email, or live chat at their website, thanks to a sizable staff dedicated to customer assistance.

However, AT&T’s customer service is infamous for being sluggish sometimes, annoying with long waits, and incompetent staff. AT&T currently offers a priority service option exclusively for qualifying elite customers. 

the customer service communities

However, despite having a smaller customer service staff, Cricket Wireless is renowned for its friendly and supportive support. Cricket provides customer service by phone, email, and live chat, and its agents can frequently handle problems promptly and effectively.

You can try out their customer support yourself if you’re already a subscriber for Cricket here and for AT&T here.

You can also reach out to their respective toll-free numbers:

  • Cricket Wireless: 1-800-274-2538
  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500

Data Rates

Cricket vs. AT&T prepaid are superior to one another in terms of data speeds. Cricket Wireless, which uses AT&T’s network, provides high-speed connectivity; however, their rates are lowered during network congestion.cricket and at&t speed testIn contrast, AT&T’s network is built to support heavy traffic loads, and its speeds are typically quicker and more reliable.

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Cricket’s Core Unlimited Plan limits data speeds to 8Mbps and video streaming speeds to 1.5Mbps.

While 8Mbps is considered 4G LTE speeds sufficient for daily mobile activities, having capped speeds is not always ideal.

Even Cricket’s flagship plan, More Unlimited, restricts video streaming to 1.5Mbps, potentially impacting the quality of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

In contrast, AT&T customers enjoy average download speeds of nearly 33Mbps without data speed caps across their plans.

Although data deprioritization may occur during network congestion on the AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan, the absence of speed caps and fewer regulations make AT&T the preferred choice.

Features and Extras

Both Cricket and AT&T provide some distinctive perks in terms of extras and features.

For instance, specific plans from Cricket Wireless provide unlimited talking to Canada and Mexico, while more expensive plans from AT&T include perks like a free HBO Max subscription, high deprioritization thresholds, unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada, unlimited texting to 120+ countries, HD streaming, and dedicated mobile hotspot allowances. 

AT&T offers a broader range of features than Cricket Wireless; Cricket still provides notable perks for an MVNO, such as roaming across borders, free texting to 37 countries, and hotspot capabilities.

at&t and cricket

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Additionally, it’s fundamental to remember that AT&T and Cricket Remote have paid ahead-of-time plans, which may be a wise choice if you need to spare cash or maintain a strategic distance from a long-term commitment.

With paid ahead-of-time methods, you will pay for your benefit on a month-to-month premise and alter or cancel your arrangement anytime without causing any expenses.


Has the coverage been the same for Cricket vs. AT&T?

No, even though AT&T's network has a larger service area, Cricket Wireless still utilizes it. Even while Cricket's coverage is still quite good, there may be certain areas where it could be more comprehensive than AT&T's.

Are Cricket Wireless's plans less expensive than AT&T's?

Plans from Cricket Wireless are often less costly than those from AT&T. Generally speaking, At&T's unlimited data plans are more expensive. Cricket nevertheless offers more cheap programs with these options.

Do Cricket Wireless and AT&T offer faster internet?

Indeed, AT&T offers faster broadband speeds than Cricket Wireless because of its larger network and more advanced equipment. However, Cricket Wireless continues to be a dependable choice for many consumers. It provides enough speeds for the majority of daily usage.

Is AT&T's customer service superior to Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless has a reputation for offering excellent customer service, despite both companies offering good customer service. Customers frequently praise Cricket Wireless staff for their warmth, benevolence, and attentiveness to their requirements.

Can I use my phone with Cricket Wireless or AT&T?

On the AT&T and Cricket Wireless networks, users may utilize phones that they own. You must first check with the service provider to ensure that your mobile device is interoperable with their wireless infrastructure.

Which service gives the most additional features and advantages?

AT&T provides other supplementary features and advantages, including access to premium streaming services and choices for international roaming. However, Cricket Wireless also provides its own set of benefits, such as multiline account discounts and autopay reductions.


In conclusion, Cricket vs. AT&T offers advantages and drawbacks; your inclination will depend on your particular prerequisites and preferences.

While Cricket Wireless may be a superior choice if you’re looking for reasonable rates and accommodating client benefit, AT&T is way better if the scope and information speeds are your best priorities.

No matter which supplier you select, it’s significant to inquire about and assess plans and costs before choosing. Consider your utilization designs, including the sum of data you frequently devour and the areas where you utilize your phone the foremost.

In comparing AT&T and Cricket Wireless, we conducted a comprehensive analysis, considering crucial factors such as network coverage, monthly prices per line, plan options, and customer service to assess the suitability of each carrier’s offerings for the average user.

Stay tuned for any upcoming updates on these U.S.-based carriers.

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