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Delete multiple tweets“, sometimes it become a necessary action. It may be because of various reasons- the tweet may have been of bad taste, you no longer don’t find the content relevant or just that the tweet is old and you no longer want it featuring in your account.

Whatever may be the reason, any Twitter user can delete any of their tweets at any point in time. Once deleted the tweet will be removed from your timeline and any accounts that you follow.

Any retweets of the deleted tweet will also be deleted from Tweeter. But, be aware that anyone who has retweeted your tweet with their comments, or has been cached or cross-posted in any other website will not be removed even if the original tweet has been deleted.

To delete any tweet just look for the ↓ icon top of the tweet (on iOS, Android, and the Twitter website) to open the drop-down options menu. Select the ‘Delete’ option, and the tweet will be removed.

Although Twitter provides this option of deleting your tweets, you will have to go about this task one tweet at a time, which can become cumbersome task if you have multiple tweets that you want to delete.

Thus the onus has been taken by many developers to provide this service. As a result, today you will find many web-based applications and tools that allow you to remove multiple tweets from your tweeter account using their services. Here we have a list of options that you can consider when you want to delete numerous tweets in one go:

6 Ways to Delete Multiple Tweets in One Go


Twitlan is a simple tool to load, select and delete multiple tweets. You merely have to log into this website and permit it to authorize Twitlan’s Twitter access. The site will then load your Twitter messages in batches of 50, and you can delete all the 50 tweets at once, or start removing the tweets one at a time, or by selecting multiple.

The best part of Twitlan is that its free, and the downside is that unlike other services it does not have a search option to find selected Tweets with ease.


This is another website that offers the services of deleting your tweets. With over 1,225,763 users having deleted 481,107,383 tweets using tweetdeleter, is a testament to how popular the site has been in deleting tweets.

You will have to log in to your Twitter account using this website, which then allows you to browse through your entire Tweet history and select multiple messages at a time to delete.

Also, if you want to remove the whole of your Tweet history, that is also made possible. Another sleek feature is the option to schedule tweet deleting based on your preferences. The search Tweet function makes it easier to find the exact tweets and remove them.

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This tool is for when you have taken the notion of the delete multiple tweets option one step further and wanted to go ahead and wipe out all your tweets in one go.

Like the other tools, you will have to sign in to Twitter using Twitwipe. After that you will get an option of ‘Twitwipe this account’ and the usual permission confirmation formalities.

Wiping the tweets off your account is an excellent option if you are thinking of handing over your account to someone else, or you just want to start afresh because this way you will retain all your followers, following and favorites.

But, be warned about the time that is required to wipe your Twitter account because it takes a long time. It is best if you have started the wiping and leave it overnight to complete.


Another similar option to Tweetdeleter, this web-based tool also gives you the same options of searching, deleting your Tweets. But, Tweeteraser gives you a choice of keeping all the deleted tweets in a database, so that you can use it later if needed. This service is paid and will guarantee of sending no spams on your social media timelines.


If the messages you want to delete all belong to a particular period, then Tweetdelete is an excellent web-based free service that all Tweeter account holders can use. Like the other tools you will have to allow this application the permission to access your twitter messages, and once authentication is received, it will periodically delete the tweets as per your preferences.


Unfav is a popular free web-based tool that can be used to delete your tweets, retweets, favorites. It can even delete your replies in bulk. This tool works with the use of filters that you can choose to search through the history of your tweets.

Once configured with the filters and preferences Unfav will start working on your Tweeter account every 15 minutes to periodically delete all the unwanted stuff thus leaving your account clutter-free.

One of these many options is sure to serve your purpose of getting rid of the unnecessary tweets. If you have any other option that you might want to suggest, please feel free to contact us. And, we hope, now’re able to delete multiple tweets at once.


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