10 Best Free DLL Fixer Software for Windows (Latest 2023)

If you have ever tried to play any PC game or run any windows application, you might have noticed a pop-up stating some xxx.dll file is missing. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, a Windows-built program collection loaded into the memory while running an application. The missing DLL errors are called DLL Hell, and you need to know about the DLL Fixer software.

Whenever a DLL error window pops up, most of us download that missing DLL file from the internet and run the program. But have you ever wondered about the existence of DLL fixer software?

Here, we have brought you the best DLL fixer software that is most trustworthy and helpful to the people who commonly face these DLL errors. Free DLL fixer software runs a deep scan into the registry to find the problem and try to fix it. If a specific DLL file is missing, it downloads that corresponding DLL file and minimizes your efforts to correct the error.

Top 10 DLL Fixer Software to Solve All Your Issues

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft is an intelligent software that can quickly run a deep scan on the registries and identify any error or corrupt entries of the registers. Whenever a registry entry is modified, a backup is made to restore this DLL-files fixer to that point in any further crashes.


It scans, cleans, and repairs registry problems efficiently. It is intelligent enough to identify 18 different types of errors. Any DLL errors are resolved easily and quickly with the software.

DLL Tool

DLL Tool is a DLL file fixer that detects any missing files and restores them immediately. Apart from fixing DLL files, it also resolves errors with EXE, SYS, DRV, and FONT files. It blocks any malicious ActiveX and provides security to your PC. You can clean your registry by scanning in depth and ensuring protection from crashes.

DLL Tool

It optimizes the internal working of the software, thereby boosting the speed. It maintains a snapshot of the registry at various instants to ensure no suspicious activity to modify the registry values.

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DLL Suite

Run a deep scan with this dll file fixer, and the software takes care of the rest. It detects any missing, corrupt, or deleted dll files and repairs them instantly. If you ever require any DLL file, you check other external sites to download that file. But, if you have DLL Suite installed on your PC, you can search and download it in the software.

It is available in 20 languages, providing access to people of various regions to use the software in their preferred languages. As a result of deep scan and error fixture, the system gives the best performance with increased speed. The best part of the software is it comes free of cost.



CCleaner is more than just a DLL fixer. It is a PC optimization tool that speeds up your system within seconds. It ensures your safe browsing by deleting all the cache and cookies stored in the system, blocking access to advertisers and other website intruders.


It discerns any errors in the registry and fixes them quickly without user intervention. If your primary concern is to boost your PC performance, error fixing, and privacy protection, then download the free version of CCleaner.

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Free Window Registry Repair

Invalid registry entries are the leading cause of system crashes at times. Window Registry Repair helps you resolve such issues and make it work back to normal. This free dll file fixer increases the speed and stability of the system. It cleans the registries and frees up any unwanted data, thereby increasing the system’s performance.

FreeRegistery Editor

It automatically backups up the repairs, so you can restore to that point to get back to that state of your system. The software also diagnoses DLL file errors.

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Smart DLL Missing Fixer

Smart DLL is a modern DLL fixer that detects and fixes the missing or corrupted files. It scans and identifies invalid registry entries and resolves the problem. You don’t have to use your default troubleshooter; this dll repair tool detects all the issues that even your troubleshooter may not find.

Smart DLL Fixer

It protects your browsing by deleting all your malicious plugins and setting your Internet Explorer to its original state. This tool has an automatic backup operation of the register, system, favorites, and folder.

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SS Registry Fixer

SS Registry Fixer comes to your rescue when you have any problem with your PC. It resolves the errors caused in the registry due to invalid entries. t is freeware with extensive features of fixing your issues with the system. It detects the missing DLL files and fixes the problem by repairing the Registry Editor, a lightweight software with a simple user interface. SS Registry Editor is a lightweight software with a simple user interface or harmful files from your file system. Corrupted ones and adding the missing ones.


MyPCTuneUp is a performance booster that resolves all the issues that slow down the overall speed of your computer. You do not have to master any skills to use the software. The entire application runs on two commands: FIND ERRORS and REPAIR.


You just have to click FIND ERRORS to scan your system in depth with this dll fixer free and REPAIR to fix the issues that are listed as an outcome of the scan. Before making any changes, the software automatically backups data to recover if there is any failure.

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SysPair Registry Cleaner

SysPair Registry Cleaner is a kind of troubleshooter that detects and resolves issues to make the computer work for maximum performance. It detects any errors or missing corrupted files and fixes these problems by repairing, replacing or adding new. It has three primary modes of working.

  • Registry Cleaner: – It scans the registry, deletes invalid entries, and cleans up the unwanted space.
  • Startup Manager: – It manages the files during the system startup.
  • Uninstall Manager: – Removes unwanted software.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Registry Cleaner is a freeware utility that cleans the registry by deleting unwanted entries. Due to some incomplete uninstallations, the registry is filled with garbage and cleaned by the software.

Eusing Registry Cleaner

This dll files fixer detects and resolves issues regarding missing file, registry errors, corrupted files, etc. By freeing up space and deleting unnecessary cache, the system starts to work easily; thereby, you can notice the computer’s performance change.

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