Does app review or rating affects app store optimization?

Like search engine optimization, which influences website ranking, app store optimization influences your ranking in the app store. Before the developers build their apps, it is important to look at the reviews and rankings of your past ASO, which influences the developer. This is one important aspect which the developers of the app stores tend to forget when building the apps. This is the place where the consumers talk about their opinion, which might influence and direct the developer behavior.


Factors affecting reviews and ratings:

Your ASO ranking affects how your app performs in the app stores. There are some determining factors which influence the behavior of your user and affect the ratings. Bad reviews affect the performance of your apps, and positive reviews and ratings help you in creating a beneficial position for your rankings. So let’s go through some aspects which affect app rankings in the app stores:

  1. Great rating and a bunch of positive reviews impress your potential users and create a positive impact in your rankings. It gives you a competitive advantage in the app store marketplace. New customers who search for apps in the store definitely get influenced by these rankings.

  1. A survey which was conducted some time back revealed that 60% of people usually check the ratings before downloading any app from the store. Google is now rewarding apps which have decent app reviews on Android app. You need to note that there is stiff competition, so every little move matters. So ratings and reviews have a crucial role to play in driving app results.

  1. You need to find the right timing to generate a great effect on your app results. If you’re tracking the number of times your app crashed does, make sure not to request a rating. So, the users are really giving you more ratings when they are unhappy rather the other way round. Google now shows a detailed report along with insights of user reviews, which help in increasing their user base.

  1. Your app users get put off when you don’t create a smooth experience for them. This, in turn, affects your reviews and ratings. You should have empathy towards your potential customers to generate strong reviews about your product. The ratings are the first impressions which the users have about your app. So your potential user should get some good feedback on the experiences your existing users are enjoying.

  1. Most of the time, a user checks the average ratings before they download. They do this with free apps, and the density of search increases when you have paid apps. So it can definitely be said that the star ratings influence the behavior of your user and have a big impact on the performance of the app.

  1. The ratings of the apps show where the app will stand in the search results or keywords rankings. Low ratings will affect your search rankings as the apps get more visibility with better ratings. The use of keywords rankings affects Google Play Stores search rankings more than iOS platforms. Potentially good ratings leave a positive impact and get a better conversion rate for your downloads from the app stores.

  1. Good feedback affects your app’s credibility and in turn, affects your sales and downloads. When a credible user rights a review about an app, it is sure to put off some potential customers affecting your app’s performance. A good prompt sometimes helps in getting better reviews about your products.

  1. Ratings and reviews are a kind of social proof which helps a customer decides to view or not view your listings. Good designing of your apps in the store is sure to increase your chances of getting better results. You can generate some good graphics, and a how-to video section positively affects app rankings in the store.

  1. User interaction with your app is an important criterion which affects your ratings and reviews. This decides the number of times the customers are actually using the app. Additionally, engagement with your app helps you to retain potential customers. Your presences also influence your reviews and ratings. Prompt resolution of complaints and response on feedbacks generate a positive image and good response for your apps.

  1. Your keywords should not only have high density but should contain the basic necessities like what your app is all about, features and benefits of using your app. You should go for easy keywords but should bypass popular words which are used more often. You can use some keywords density tool which is readily available to analyze your rankings and thus improving them influences your rating patterns.

  1. Your updates will surely improve your ratings. The number of times your app is updated, the chances of getting better reviews increases. If your app has infrequent updates, then the users have a tendency to forget about the app as there are plenty of apps available which are similar to you.

  1. The ranking position of your app also depends on the targeted country. Local factors sometimes do influence the apps rankings and reviews. If your app has multiple language options, then you can get better reviews.

  2. A higher ranking of the apps has a positive impact on its ratings. This means the higher the app is ranked on a particular day, the chances of ratings falling over a 24 hour period are lesser.

The star ratings generated from the app increase the overall customer experience, which in turn affects the rankings of the app in the store. So the more ratings generated on your app affect the chances of your reviews.

Ratings and reviews nowadays are playing a crucial role in the digitized marketplace. Today consumers buy most of their products online, and strong social ratings influence your product sale in the e-commerce platform. The feedback process is important for both developers and users. It gives the users some insights about the products they are going to purchase. So, in concluding, it can positively be said that app reviews and ratings do influence their performance in ASO.

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