How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone Easily

Smartphones are one of the biggest technological marvels to occur in digitalization. You can perform actions like playing games, accessing the internet, and sending images/videos to other users. Moreover, it can now execute tasks that nobody could have even imagined in their wildest dreams. To illustrate our point, you can now learn how to send a fax from your smartphone professionally. It is an excellent opportunity for regular users who don’t want to spend money on purchasing bulky fax machines. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes and a few taps on your smartphone. However, you need some additional knowledge to make the procedure work.

send a fax from your phone
Send a fax from your phone

Today, we explain how to send a fax from your smartphone using a simple mobile application. Also, we will discuss various features that make the tool an effective way to complete the job. Don’t forget to read the entire blog, as we have some exciting tips and tricks for you.

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Mobile Application To Send Fax From Smartphone

Well, you do require a practical mobile application that will help you share multiple fax pages without any issue. Many users are confused about which app to download as there can be potential downfalls. However, our experts suggest using eFax, a popular free fax app that you can efficiently learn how to send a fax from your smartphone professionally. This tool enables its users to send and receive faxes by connecting them with your email. Also, you can keep regular track of the fax documents you sent earlier. You can also choose a file from the local storage and upload it on eFax.

The best part about eFax is that you don’t require a fax machine installed in your home or office to send a fax. This app is available in Playstore as well as Apple stores on their respective devices. Therefore, users can send fax online anywhere and anytime. Ensure you have a working computer, tablet, or smartphone with an active internet connection.

Scroll down to see what makes e-fax the best solution to how to send a fax from your smartphone.

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Efax logo
Efax logo

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Features of eFax

As mentioned above, eFax is a game-changer mobile faxing app that can save you a lot of time. Here are some eye-catching features that make eFax the best tool in the business. With e-Fax you can see how to send a fax from your smartphone can be simple and easy.

Secure Storage

We often see businesses share confidential information between different areas through fax. eFax ensures that your faxes are securely stored in their restricted online databases. Moreover, the authorized party or account can only access the data sent through the internet. The storage is available 24/7 to keep your business on track. You can also retrieve both inbound and outbound faxes across different channels. The app also allows users to include multiple tags to differentiate faxes for better management, making it the ideal response to the question-How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone

efax features
Efax features

Account Accessibility

The primary aim of developers is to provide convenience to customers while using eFax to send faxes. You would only need to create a single account that could work on any device with an internet connection. The mobile app has an interactive user interface to make things easier for new users. Further, you can log into your Ebax account directly from the home page without delay. The platform even supports popular cloud storages to extract data while sending the fax, which makes it an excellent option for anyone seeking to learn how to send a fax from your smartphone.

Personal Fax Number

As a new user looking for a personalized fax number, eFax has your back. You can quickly get the desired fax number with a local code, as it will increase the overall credibility of your business. Also, you can expect potential customers from different areas and become a part of the larger community.

efax features
Efax features

Customer Support

eFax also offers an exclusive assistance service to its customers to deal with unwanted issues. Their toll-free number is active 24hrs a day to help you understand the basic functioning of the application. The users don’t have to pay extra charges for customer support. Hence, you can contact them anytime and have live updates about your eFax account.

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How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone Using efax

Using eFax is quite simple, and anyone can send a fax by following these 3 steps on the app.

Adding A Recipient’s Address

First, click on the Compose button and add the recipient’s fax number. Make sure to include at the end.

E.g.- (

efax step 1
Efax step 1

Set up an online fax account

Next, add a recipient’s address.

efax step 2
Efax step 2

Adding A Related Subject Line

Next, add the related subject line and other formal details. You can attach files in many different formats.

How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone
Attach your document after which, you can add a subject line


Tap on the Send button, and your fax is sent to the mentioned user. It only takes a few seconds, after which you are good to go.

With three easy and simple steps, the answer to the question, how to send a fax from your smartphone has never been simpler.

efax step 4
eFax step 4

Pricing of eFax

The most critical question about eFax is the cost that customers need to pay for operating it. The app offers 2 subscription schemes depending on your usage and requirements. The latest pricing for each subscription plan is,

  • eFax Plus ($16.95/month): It allows you to send and receive 150 pages monthly.  
  • eFax Pro ($19.95/month): It allows you to send and receive 200 pages monthly.

If any customer bills the plan annually, the price is reduced by 17%. Therefore, costing $14.13/month and $16.63/month for Plus and Pro plans.

How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone
Efax pricing options are given here.

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Final Thoughts

At last, we hope that eFax will prove to be a practical application to provide faxing services. Also, you can share large files like HD images, videos, and presentations with ease. On the other hand, it allows you to simultaneously add up to 20 recipients with a single command. The customers are satisfied with the eFax mobile app’s overall usability and quick response to send a fax. You can finally answer the question, ”How To Send A Fax From Your Smartphone”, with ease.

If you have any problems with your app, kindly contact eFax Customer Support today.

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