According to sports viewers, waiting to stream TV shows or sporting events has become considerably harder. However, there is a perfect solution that will lead you to stream right away, so no worries. The article discusses how to watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi.

Use add-ons from third parties like Sports Devil, DAZN, Planet MMA, Rising Tides, Maverick TV, Deceit, and The Loop to watch Pay-Per-View on Kodi. Utilizing a VPN like SurfShark is another way to stream Pay-Per-View on Kodi.

People have preferred pay-per-view since the introduction of HD networks and the Internet. People can now start playing their chosen sports right away. Read below about how to watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi.

Requirements To Watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi

To watch Pay-per-view events on Kodi, you must fulfill a few prerequisites.

  • Broadband Internet Connection: You’ll need an internet connection to stream in HD or any other resolution. broadbandconnectionTo watch at high resolution, like 4K, you need a connection of at least 15Mbps.
  • Install Kodi: The Kodi application is essential for watching PPV on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart tv.install kodi Whatever device you use, the Kodi software must be loaded.
  • Install add-ons from third parties: The best Kodi add-ons that truly work should be researched and used. third-partiesAccessing PPV or any other material on the streaming media player is possible with the Kodi pay-per-view add-ons.

These are the fundamental conditions that each user must fulfill to install pay-per-view Kodi on their device. 

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How To Watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi?

Here are the different ways to watch Pay-Per-View on Kodi.

Using Add-ons

How to watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi? Stream your preferred sporting events using these add-ons, including Kodi PPV, with high digital sound and good quality. You can even watch live TV on Kodi using these add-ons.


One of the most well-liked Kodi add-ons, Sports Devil, provides premium sports channels. You may stream both live sporting events and highlights using this add-on. This add-on provides High Definition-quality content. This plugin contains information about all recent events and highlights. sportsdevil

It is one of the greatest add-ons for streaming live sports, and it includes programming from the WWE, UFC, NFL, boxing, and other PPV events if Kodi keeps crashing. Sports Devil is the finest option to install the best PPV add-on.


Another helpful Kodi add-on for PPV that provides pay-per-view material is DAZN. You can access this add-on’s complete collection of live and legal streams. If you enjoy sports, you may watch many sporting activities, such as NFL, soccer, rugby, tennis, darts, and more. dazn

The “Netflix of Sports” is DAZN. It is the less expensive way to watch sports without a cable package. You can get access to everything sports-related using the DAZN Kodi add-on.


Planet MMA is among the most well-liked add-ons for streaming UFC/MMA live events. It is the complete and sole source of MMA streaming content. Observed events can also be watched on video. For the best PPV ads, Planet MMA is an excellent option.planet-mma

You may stream various events, including MMA, UFC, Fights Spotlight, Fight Night Live, etc. It is the ideal option for streaming events of the Kodi pay-per-view add-on.


One of the most dependable sports add-ons is Rising Tides for watching PPV on Kodi. You may stream all the most recent live sporting events using this add-on. The add-on provides a variety of content categories. The add-on offers a variety of athletic event categories, including football, PPV events, sports channels, and IPTV Heaven. rising-tides add on

Thanks to its enormous library of information, you can stream practically all sporting events on your devices. Live PPV events can be streamed in their category to set up Kodi.


Another well-liked add-on that provides videos in numerous genres is Maverick TV. Additionally, it offers on-demand and live programming. It is among the top options for PPV event streaming on Kodi. maverick-tv

How to get free pay-per-view on Kodi? High-quality videos are available on the Maverick TV; you can even stream content in 4K resolution. You may also combine the add-on with real debrid and to keep your watch history.


Deceit is a comprehensive Kodi add-on that provides much content in various categories. It is one of the best Kodi add-ons for streaming live sporting events. The Deceit appeals to many viewers so that everyone may enjoy it. deceit add on

The add-on gathers the best working links by scraping high-quality connections from multiple sources. It doesn’t have a specific category for PPV events, but you may still watch it on its live TV channels.

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One of the more recent Sports Add-ons, The Loop, offers coverage of important sporting events in various categories, including NBC, CBC Regionals, Game Zone, Fight Zone, Fan Zone, and Golf 24/7. the-loop

You may find some of the top Pay Per View material on this add-on. Additionally, it provides streaming, both live and on demand. You may access radio and news in addition to sports.

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Using SurfShark VPN

How to watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi? Most ISPs obstruct links for free live streaming for PPV and other events. Users thus encounter slow playback, delayed commentary, and other issues.surfshark-vpn

If you’re having trouble, try utilizing a VPN for Kodi, which can get around any restrictions put in place by your ISP. Additionally, using a VPN, you can unblock geo-restricted content and avoid having your streaming bandwidth throttled or your data capped.

  1. Open your Firestick’s Home screen.firetvhome.
  2. Select the Find tab from the menu. From the next dropdown, select the Search option.
  3. After entering the keyword “SurfShark,” choose an option from the list.
  4. From the search results, click the official SurfShark icon.surfshark
  5. Select Download from the menu.
  6. Your device will start to download the SurfShark VPN surfshark
  7. Your Fire TV stick will immediately install the SurfShark VPN program.
  8. After installing SurfShark VPN, click the Open button.
  9. Please wait for the user interface of the SurfShark VPN to load.surfshark-interface
  10. Use your SurfShark VPN login information to log in.


Can Kodi be used to stream TV shows?

Kodi has an intuitive interface that lets you watch and record live TV. Popular backends like MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend, etc., are compatible. Kodi is useful for more than simply passive entertainment. On Kodi, you may play games as well.

Using a Firestick, how do I watch PPV?

You can instantly buy event tickets by using these applications. However, PPV must first be acquired via the website or other apps. The continued transmission of the PPV event also requires a strong internet connection. Log into your Firestick account to find out more.

Is Kodi free?

The Kodi Foundation, an independent technological organization, created the free and open-source media player program known as Kodi. With a 10-foot user interface for usage with televisions and remote devices, Kodi is accessible for various operating systems and hardware platforms.

Is using Kodi legal?

Kodi ownership and usage are both entirely legal. However, Kodi add-ons are another matter. Streaming content and movies is made possible by some add-ons. At the behest of copyright holders, Kodi routinely checks user activity to stop unauthorized streaming.


It is all about how to watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi. Pay-per-view sporting events and other associated content are available to you without cost. Your preferred local sports station might be available through VPNs and Kodi add-ons. So you can now easily watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi using the methods given above.

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