Best iOS Emulator For PC | Top 9 Picks You Can Try

There is an option of using an iOS emulator for a PC or laptop. The iOS emulator will act as a clone of the Mac OS, but you will get an idea of how it works. Thousands of laptops exist in the market.iOS emulators for pc

The two most famous operating systems for laptops are Windows and Mac OS. Windows is affordable for many people, but that does not mean they cannot use Mac OS. Sometimes, you might want to switch to Mac from Windows, but there is no trial for an electronic device. This doesn’t mean you cannot try how switching to Mac will make a difference. 

There are numerous iOS emulators in the market. However, you cannot use all of them! This article will help you to decide which is the best iOS emulator for PC! Make it mandatory to read the paper until the end to get an idea to choose the perfect option. 

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Best iOS Emulator For PC | Trending 9

If you are perplexed about whether or not to take a Mac, you should pick the best iOS emulator for PC for the perfect experience. Here are a bunch of options that you can think of. Developers generally use emulators to understand the software. However, even common people can try it out.

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1. Smartface

Most professionals choose Smartface as their iOS emulator for PC because of its powerful features. It is also free software, which is why it tops the list. All you need to do is design, develop and test the application you want to run. Then, you need to deploy the software or application and distribute it.

preview on deviceWith Smartface, you can manage everything in one place too. If one desires to launch a cross-technology app, this is the perfect platform. There is a premium version of this application that starts from $99.

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Another iOS emulator for PC is which can be used to develop apps. It is completely free of charge, and you have access to most features for free. Compared to any other alternative, it provides more free features than competitors.

This tool is user-friendly so that you can do everything extremely easily. is a web-based platform, so you do not have to worry about downloading any app that can harm your device. You only have to upload the apps you want to test, and everything will be automatically set. The most amazing part is that you can access network traffic, debug logs, and even get rid of the problem from a remote device.

3. iPadian

As the name suggests, this iOS emulator for PC will give you an experience of an iPad. You can experience all the games you can on an iPad. The only thing to note is that it is a paid tool, so you cannot get a free version.

ipadianAdditionally, there is no trial option for this emulator as well. There is no access to the Appstore, but you can still use thousands of apps via this emulator. iPadian might sound a little expensive, considering you have to pay $25. However, it is cheaper than getting home an iPad and realizing you don’t want it anymore.

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4. iMame

One more iOS emulator is iMame which is perfect for people who want to try out games. This tool is ideal for those who do not require an iPad for professional purposes. So, get started by installing the app on your laptop or desktop.


You can run even other applications with the help of iMame. Additionally, this application is extremely light, so there is no need to worry about the space it will take and the clutter it will cause. It also is not a cause of excessive battery drain!

5. Electric Mobile Studio

The most amazing thing about this iOS emulator for PC is that there is a free trial. With this free trial, there is access to all the features.

electric mobile studioThis makes it simpler for you to explore all of them before you take up the paid subscription. This application lets you do everything you could ever imagine doing. You can alter the HTML5 support and then make changes to the resolutions. The only consideration is the pricing is a little expensive.

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6. LamdaTest

Your software can emulate and stimulate across various platforms and operating systems using a cloud-based program called LambdaTest, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

lambda test

Several built-in developer tools are available, including session logs, real-time debugging, automated screenshot generation, geolocation testing, and screenshot generating.

It also provides an incredible range of third-party connectors to boost your productivity. Also, there is a free tier plan for understanding the software better.

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7. Xcode

Apple’s own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Xcode, aids programmers in creating and evaluating the functionality of apps. They may also test the interoperability of their apps across a range of iPhone devices.xcode

Unlike many other emulators, Xcode was made exclusively for macOS; as a result, Windows systems cannot run it. The declarative Swift syntax of SwiftUI is greatly beneficial to iOS developers.

Your iPad app is transferable to a Mac with only one click. With Xcode 11’s support for Swift packages, you can use packages made by the community or share code across all of your apps.

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8. Adobe Air

The iOS graphical user interface can imitate using this iPhone emulator. Any developer can upload their software using AIR before making a final release. They can check the appearance of the app here.adobe air

Hardware replication constraints, it should be emphasized, do not provide a completely exact comparison of an app’s behavior. What you see in this emulator doesn’t render or work exactly as it would on an actual iOS device. However, it’s useful to understand how your iOS app will appear.

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9. Test Flight

Apple explicitly recommends using this iPhone emulator to test iOS apps. It’s easier to use by the thorough documentation that is included. It supports iMessage, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS apps.test flight

Before a final review, there is also the option for external beta testing of your app, which can help you better understand any user experience problems. To utilize it, you will need an Apple Developer account because the setup is fairly difficult.

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An iOS emulator is what?

On several operating systems, iPhone hardware replicates using iOS emulators. These emulators frequently test iPhone software on Mac or Windows PCs. Additionally, it makes it simple to run and test iOS apps on Windows computers or Mac computers.

Is it feasible to emulate iOS?

Yes, Xcode has an iOS emulator that you can use to test your applications before you upload them to a device. M1-based Mac machines can also run iOS apps directly without using an emulator. You only need to visit the App Store and get what you require.

Does Windows support iOS emulators?

Installing simulators as native PC apps will allow you to run the iPhone Simulator on Windows. For instance, more than 1 million people (according to official statistics) use the popular tool iPadian to emulate Apple's operating system and give you a sense of the iPhone.

Is there a PC iOS emulator?

With just one click, Smartface enables you to run iOS and Android applications on a Windows computer. Download Smartface from the iOS App Store, connect your iOS device to your Windows computer, and use an iPad emulator or an iPhone emulator to simulate your application on any iOS device.


You have a list of the best iOS emulator for PC that you can pick from. There is an option for you to replicate a Mac on your device now! This is a more affordable option than getting a Macbook home, using it for a few days, and realizing that you don’t like it. You cannot even return it; you will have to sell it at a tremendously lower price. 

Even when using an old version of Mac, you can get the iOS emulator for PC. This will help you decide whether you should take up a new Mac – if yours still supports an old iOS. The best feature of these emulators is that you can get the feel of using a Mac and choose an iPhone or an iPad. This is an amazing thing to do when considering buying an Apple product. With the help of the iOS emulator for the PC above. 

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