10 Best Pushbullet Alternative Services To Use In 2023

The next-generation mobile phones are giving a tough competition to bulky computers and laptops. However, it is difficult for someone with a mobile and PC to manage both devices simultaneously. This is where you need to download Pushbullet which helps in managing Windows and Android devices. Moreover, you can transfer files quite quickly and also view various mobile notifications on the PC. To avoid purchasing the paid version of Pushbullet, many users are looking for alternatives to the tool. Thus, we collected some of the popular pushbullet alternative for your reference. We will also answer that which is the more effective tool among Airdroid vs. Pushbullet.

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List Of 10 Pushbullet Alternatives To Consider

Let’s look at the 10 pushbullet alternative tools you can use

Your Phone

Microsoft is a leading technology manufacturer in the market that develops the Your Phone app for Windows and Android users. This enables you to attend calls from the PC along with accessing the device notifications. Also, you get a similar environment of using the mobile on the PC as per the requirement. Further, users can manage text messages and share unlimited files between the devices. It is an entirely free-to-use application that does not work for Linux or Mac users.

your phone
Your phone

Visit: Your Phone


The next name on the list of Pushbullet alternatives is the Airdroid application which is quite beneficial for regular use. Further, it allows the users to view texts along with checking the notification bar of the mobile. However, it requires an additional Windows app to share files between PC and Android phones. Also, there are some restrictions on sending data through the internet. Thus, both Pushbullet and Airdroid have their benefits and serve equally to the users.


Visit: AirDroid


Pushing is a popular pushbullet alternative that also shares an almost similar name. Each device should have a Pushline sever tool to establish a connection. Make sure to download the app on mobile and install the Chrome Extension on PC. Hence, users can now share notes, links, and other data between the devices. Also, you can view the mobile notifications directly from the computer. This makes it relatively easy for the users to manage various tasks on a single platform.


Mighty Text

Moving further, Mighty Text could be your ideal choice for an app better than Pushbullet. Users can either download the free version or purchase the premium version to unlock specific features. Along with sending image files to the mobile, you can also tend to uninstall less-used applications. The best part is that you can get all the features on every platform like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

mighty text
Mighty text

Visit: Mighty Text

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There is no doubt that Yappy can prove to be a sustainable pushbullet alternative for many users. Moreover, it helps in sending text messages and picking up phone calls from the computer without the phone. The best feature is that it can encrypt important texts and send them to other contacts. Thus, this maintains user privacy and prevents any data loss. Also, you can send an unlimited number of messages without any additional charges.

Visit: Yappy


It is quite a debatable topic whether Teamviewer comes under the category of apps like Pushbullet. Well, many people would prefer it to access their mobile phones using an internet connection. This involves having a mobile and desktop Teamviewer app to mirror the screen. Hence, you can control the phone to share files and texts in real-time. Also, you don’t need to touch the phone as the mouse and keyboard govern everything.

team viewer
Team viewer

Visit: TeamViewer


Airmore is a typical free alternative to Pushbullet that can serve various purposes with precision. The app quickly allows PC users to interact with the mobile device and perform different functions. It involves procedures like checking call logs, sending messages, and viewing contacts. The interactive web interface is helpful as you don’t need to install additional applications. You can use it to take screenshots and even view the whole mobile screen on the computer.


Visit: Airmore

Send Anywhere

As the name suggests, Send Anywhere is a simple yet effective tool that helps share files between Android and PC. Moreover, users can select multiple files and transfer them with a single click. You only need to connect it in the beginning, and you will manage other things accordingly. It can also become an app to control various notifications and calls coming on the phone. Users can download it on platforms such as Mac, Android, and Windows.

send anywhere
Send anywhere

Visit: Send Anywhere


Apart from the regular Pushbullet features, Crono packs some additional perks for the users. It allows the users to access the Instagram handles and like posts or share stories. Further, you can directly send large files with different extensions. Also, it will help in syncing various text messages and notifications with the computer. However, it would help if you had the actual mobile phone to attend the calls.


Visit: Crono


In the end, we will talk about a different kind of pushbullet alternative known as Snapdrop. It is preferred by users as there is no application required to transfer the files and share data. The entire tool is web-based, and you only need to connect to WiFi, and it will give you access through the internet. Hence, users can avoid creating separate accounts for PC and mobile devices.

Visit: Snapdrop


Hence, we have covered all the pushbullet alternatives that are available in the market. Some of them are paid, while others provide free service with all the required features. Therefore, you need to pick the most suitable tool that will provide convenience in your daily routine.

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