The craze for social media is at the peak and everyone is trying to be active on their respective handles. Also, users update their profiles and share their daily routines with their friends. Thus, the number of social media profiles is constantly increasing, especially for teenagers. In this article, we will look at some of the gramblr alternative tools you can use.

There is no doubt in the fact that Instagram is a famous social media handle right now with several features. Apart from sharing posts, you can also display stories that stand valid for 24 hours. As per the latest update, a feature to create Reels has been introduced on Instagram. However, you might need a special tool for using Instagram on the computer.

Software like Gramblr helps you to upload content on the Instagram account from a PC. Although, it is a great choice for doing this task users are constantly looking for gramblr alternatives. Therefore, we are here with a complete guide to help you with the same. This list contains several Gramblr alternative tools that you can use as per the requirement. Therefore, make sure to download and install these softwares accordingly.

Top 10 Gramblr Alternative Tools

Let’s look at some of the best gramblr alternative tools


The first name on our list includes a very special tool known as Grum. The app is easily available for PC users and works perfectly. Moreover, you can schedule the posts and set the timer for them to get uploaded. It can work for managing posts within the span of 7 days in the future. Moreover, you can directly choose the account from which the image is getting posted. Thus, this prevents the users from constantly switching between different accounts.


Visit: Grum

Windows App

If you are a Windows user, you have an option to download various apps from the default Store. This opens the opportunity to install the Instagram App for Windows operating system. Further, it allows you to check out DMs and even send messages directly from the account. You can also upload videos and images from the local storage and post them on the profile.

windows app
Windows app

Visit: Windows App Store


As we move further in the search for gramblr alternative tools, Flume can be a great choice for you. This helps the user to view their Instagram profile and share stories with their friends. Moreover, uploading images is quite easy as it doesn’t ask for several permissions. In case you have multiple accounts, Flume lets you switch between them without the need to log in every time. Also, it determines the overall statistics of a Business profile with a single click.


Visit: Flume


According to many users, AISchedul is the best alternative to gramblr due to many reasons. First, you can add pictures directly to your post or upload them as a story on the wall.aischedul Moreover, if you want to schedule something for the future, the app will do it for you. Therefore, you can put a timer on the posts and it will automatically upload the image or video. Also, the procedure of reposting a story is quite easy to understand.

Visit: AISchedul


Later is a free-to-use Gramblr alternative tool with all the modern functions available for the users. This software is among the most popular tools in the community of Instagram users. Moreover, additional features can be unlocked by purchasing the premium version of Later. Once you buy the app, it will show you the analytical data for your profile for better engagement opportunities. Thus, it is the first choice for Influencers and other celebrities.


Visit: Later


Moving ahead, Ramme allows you to upload images with the highest quality. It will not compromise with the pixel density and give the best results. Also, you can easily install it on the computer as it takes very little disk space. Therefore, if you were using gramblr for android interface, Ramme will provide a similar experience. Further, you can add multiple files to the profile simultaneously.


Insta Zood

Sometimes you might want to post an image with some editing features. Insta Zood will help you in editing files before finalizing the post. Also, you will feel like using Instagram on mobile through this tool. The additional feature of Instagram Bot lets you add new followers to the profile. Therefore, you will get benefits in every direction due to its exclusive user interface.


Visit: Insta Zood

Get Uplet

The next name on the list of best Gramblr alternative tools is the Get Uplet software. Make sure that this only works well on Mac-supported devices. Further, it will give the actual quality of the image without deteriorating it. Users can log in through various Instagram accounts and choose them accordingly. Therefore, it makes it easy to share photos and other posts with followers.

get uplet
Get uplet

Visit: Get Uplet


You will already be aware of this software as it brings a mobile experience to your desktop. Bluestacks can be used to download and use any mobile-based application. Similarly, you can install Instagram on the platform. Further, use it as a normal profile to upload content on the account.


Visit: BlueStacks

Desktop For Instagram

At last, Desktop for Instagram can allow you to upload various mages on the Instagram account. Also, you can download images from the internet in HD resolution. After logging in, the user will receive Instagram notifications just as in mobile. Thus, make sure to download the latest version and enjoy Instagram from the desktop.

desktop for instagram
Desktop for instagram

Visit: Desktop For Instagram


We hope that these apps like gramblr will help you to successfully log into the Instagram handles. After Gramblr is officially shut down, these gramblr alternative tools are your only chance. Hence, choose the tool that is suitable according to your needs.

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