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Imagine a tool that helps you communicate a memorable story and spot-on illustrations in just a few minutes, a revolutionary tool with a magic button that turns your text into an animated video that anyone can understand. In this simpleshow Video Maker review, you will find more information about the tool: simpleshow Video Maker.

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You may probably know that videos are the best mode of conveying information to the audience, no matter the age group. Audio and visual files are more effective in making someone understand concepts, data, or anything in general than conventional ways of communicating information.

Hence, in this simpleshow Video Maker review, you will read why it is the perfect tool for you.

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Simpleshow Video Maker Review

If you use this tool, you will be able to convey information to all types of audiences regardless of their level of understanding. You can make instructive and informative videos that will be lucrative in their purpose.

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You can create videos to inform and educate people in more than twenty languages. The simpleshow Video Maker team works worldwide to provide the best services for their consumers.


The developers’ team behind this tool has worked diligently to incorporate numerous innovative and practical features into the application so that the clients can effortlessly create videos.

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As mentioned above in the simpleshow Video Maker review, apart from facilitating the creation of videos in more than twenty languages, here are some features of the application:

  1. Animation
  2. Audio Capture
  3. Audio File Management
  4. Collaboration Tools
  5. Content Library
  6. Content Management
  7. Customizable Branding
  8. Customizable Templates
  9. Data Import/Exportfeatures
  10. Drag & Drop
  11. Image Library
  12. Media Library
  13. Multi-Language
  14. Offline Access
  15. Offline Presenting
  16. Preview Functionality
  17. Privacy Options
  18. Social Sharing
  19. Template Management
  20. Templates
  21. Text Overlay
  22. Text to Video
  23. Training Management
  24. Version Control
  25. Video Capture
  26. Video Creation
  27. Editing Videos
  28. Video Management
  29. Video Support
  30. Voice-Over / Audio

As you just read through the list above, you must have realized how useful the simpleshow Video Maker is. 

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Some Uses Of Simpleshow Video Maker

simpleshow Video Maker is widely applicable in a variety of videos. With its creative design and UI, you can customize and create videos as per your preference. Some of its applications are listed here:

  1. You can use it to make videos for children in educationeducational videos
  2. Use it for educating a target demographic regarding a specific issue
  3. Also, use to back your arguments in seminars/presentations with videos
  4. Use for creating attractive videos to promote your social media pages

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Should I Buy The Simpleshow Subscription?

Although this is a fairly subjective question, we strongly recommend that you avail of its benefits. In the modern world, online means of educating children are skyrocketing to greater heights every day.


With the simpleshow video maker, you can capture that domain and have lucrative results. You might have very few to zero downsides to getting the subscription.

In the field of education and the corporate world, infographics are handy in conveying the essence of statistical data. Digital marketing is also at its peak, and this simpleshow video maker will help you boost your business.

However, you might slightly dislike the fact that there are not a lot of additional storyline sequences and transitional animations. However, if you are okay with it, you are good to go with the simpleshow video maker.

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Subscription Plans For Simpleshow Video Maker

You get to use the tool for free for as long as you wish, but with limited features. But, if you are looking to use more features, go through the plans below:dollar sign

  • $5.99 per month: Fun plan
  • $129 per month: Business plan
  • $499 per month: Pro plan
  • Educators and students can avail themselves of the Classroom Plan for free! For more details, you can clickhere.


Based on everything you read in this review, we are positive that you are drawn to this tool. The application offers an easy-to-use and structured UI, enabling you to delve into its features quickly. Hopefully, this review was helpful to you.

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