Telcel America is a wireless cell phone service under TracFone Wireless Inc., the largest no-contract service provider for cell phones in America. It provides lightning-fast 4G LTE connections in the area. Telcel America offers phones from famous manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Samsung. Thus, you must know about Telcel America APN Settings.

It boasts nationwide wireless coverage with good signal strength in every corner. If you don’t know how to change the APN settings, you can go through the step-by-step procedure below. If you know how and where to enter the settings, you can skip to the APN configuration.

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What is Telcel Network?

Telcel Network is the top telecommunications provider. In 1984, Telcel Network was introduced. Mexico City serves as the location of the Telcel network’s corporate headquarters. Customers can get 2G, 3G, and 4G data services from Telcel. America Movil is the network’s parent company. This network offers limitless calls and text messages for mobile phones in Mexico. Additionally, the Telcel network provides limitless calls to landlines abroad and Mexico, Canada, China, and India phone numbers.

Online recharging options are available for your service. Before beginning the payment process, be sure your card information is entered accurately. Your payment can be made using PayPal and a credit or debit card. Your information is kept secure, and the payment process is entirely secure. For its consumers, Telcel Network provides excellent services. With your devices, you may use many different capabilities to interact with your friends and family, including calls, texts, and much more.

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Step-by-Step Procedure for Telcel America APN Settings

This part should be followed if you are new to your phone or don’t know where to enter the Telcel America APN settings.  setting If you know your way around your device and can figure out how and where to enter the APN configuration, you can skip to the configuration.

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Choose the platform you are on and then follow the given steps for setting it up accordingly:

Telcel America APN Settings for Windows Phones

Here are the steps to set Telcel America APN Settings for Windows Phones.

  1. First, launch the Settings app on your Windows Phone and select “Network & Wireless.” network
  2. Select your SIM Card in the Cellular area by clicking on the Cellular & SIM Option.
  3. On your Windows Phone, select “Add an Internet APN” from the menu that appears underneath the Internet APN. sim
  4.  Search for the MMS APN on the device’s cellular menu. From there, select “Add an MMS APN.”
  5. To implement the TelcelAPN setting after modifying the APN settings, click the Save button and restart your device.

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Telcel America APN Settings for Blackberry

Here are the steps to set Telcel America APN Settings for Blackberry.

  1. First, open the Settings program on your device and select Network Connections.
  2. On your Blackberry, tap the Mobile Network option and select “APN.”
  3. To speed up the internet connection, enter the Telcel APN information below.
  4. Select the options under the text messages. Select the MMS option after selecting the text messages. Enter the MMS information as described below.
  5. After saving the Telcel APN settings, you must restart your smartphone. Enjoy the quickest internet connection right now.

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Telcel America APN Settings for iOS Devices

  1. Head to the settings app by tapping it.
  2. Navigate to the Cellular category and tap it.
  3. Tap on the Cellular Data Options button. apn settings for ios
  4. Click the Cellular Network button
  5. To change the settings, tap the field you want to edit and enter the details as per your requirements. Enter the Telcel America APN settings in these fields as given above according to your provider

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If you are using an iPhone device outside of the USA, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the settings app by tapping it.
  2. Navigate to the Mobile Data category and tap


What is Telcel network?

Telcel is a prominent Mexican telecommunications company offering mobile services like voice, data, and messaging. It's one of the largest mobile carriers in Mexico, providing extensive coverage and a wide range of plans to meet various communication needs.

How do I configure Telcel America APN settings on my Android device?

1. Open ‘Settings.’ 2. Visit ‘Network & Internet.’ 3. Select ‘Mobile network’ or ‘Cellular networks.’ 4. Tap ‘Access Point Names.’ 5. Add or edit the APN settings as provided by Telcel America or your carrier. Hit Save and restart your device if necessary.

Are Telcel America APN settings the same for all phone models?

Telcel America APN settings are generally similar across most phone models, but slight variations may occur based on device-specific requirements or software versions. Always refer to the settings provided by Telcel America or your carrier to ensure compatibility with your specific phone model.

What is APN for a SIM card?

The APN, or Access Point Name, for a SIM card, is a set of configurations that enable your device to connect to your carrier's network. It acts as a gateway, allowing your phone to access services like mobile data, messaging, and the internet while using the SIM card.


The Unlimited International Long Distance plan is the most famous provided by Telcel America.

You pay $60 monthly to receive many features like unlimited international calls and text to many international destinations. These include the landlines in Mexico and also give 1000 minutes of talk time to mobile phones in Mexico.

The user can call up to 15 destination numbers within the 30 days of the plan. These 15 destination numbers are reset at the end of each 30-day cycle.

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