LycaMobile APN Settings | Step by Step Guide

LycaMobile is the world’s largest MNOV (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It provides the customers across 23 countries to make efficient and affordable network facilities. Over the years this company has proved to the best regarding the services for smooth communication. It has a vast network across the globe. Sometimes the internet slows down, or there are problems in the loading of MMS files. Thus, you must know about LycaMobile APN Settings.

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Often it happens that your internet is slow and irritating. No one likes to be in such a situation. This is the place to look about for rectifying the errors in APN settings of LycaMobile.

There are many ways to fix this error. You might be searching the web for correct settings but end up baffled and dejected. Here are the best settings that you can set for smooth and fast internet on your phone.

There are various things to keep in check when you set up LycaMobile APN settings.

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LycaMobile APN Settings

First of all check the time, date and zone of your phone. These things create an issue and at times reduce your network strength. After you have set them to restart the phone.

Now there are different LycaMobile APN settings for different versions of operating system. Also, take care of your network selection. It might happen that you have selected 4G on your phone and it is weaker in your area.

Try switching to 3G/4G whatever works better. The values to be entered in the Access Point Names are similar for all models. The difference is the way we reach to this menu.

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LycaMobile APN Settings for Android Phone

Missing the high-speed data surfing? Well here is the solution for the best entries for  APN settings for an android phone. Setting up the APN details is very easy on Android Operating cell phones.

APN Settings for Android
APN Settings for Android

Just go to settings. Then select Mobile Networks. The network settings can be present in the sub menu or with a different name. It varies according to the model and android version of the phone.

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Once you get into this menu go to Access Point Names. A new screen will turn up where the changes are to be made.


The first one is Name. Under this enter LycaMobile. Then enter the APN as Select not required for Proxy and Port. In the username enter, Imus followed by plus as the password.

In the server option just select not required. Next up is the MMSC option where you have to enter as the web address. Here too the Proxy and Port for MMS you have to select not required.

Then for the MCC option 311 should be entered and 96 should be entered for MNC. The authentication type should be set to PAP. The APN type should be set to default,supl,mms. For the last option, APN Protocol uses the default one. Click on Save and exit from settings. Check your connection and enjoy surfing.

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LycaMobile APN settings for iPhone or iPad

For an iPhone or iPad user, things are almost the same. First, you have to go to settings. Then select Network in the General section. Enter into the Cellular Data Network (or Cellular Data).

APN Settings for iOS
APN Settings for iOS

Follow the same instructions for setting up APN as it is done in an android phone from here. All the entries will be the same for an android cell phone or iPhone.


After you have followed the above-said instructions restart your phone. Check for the H, LTE or 4G symbol on the top your screen. You can switch to 4G, 3G or whatever data plan is activated on your SIM.

If it is present then check for the connection by surfing a bit. You are set to enjoy the best internet experience if all these instructions are followed correctly.

LycaMobile APN settings for Windows Phone

If you are a Windows user then just got to the network settings where you can find Access Point Names.

APN Settings for Windows Phone
APN Settings for Windows Phone

For the rest of the part just follow the instructions that are aforesaid for android. Things will get alright.



It often happens that the problem of APN may persist. The formatting of the entries is the key. If you have entered wrong APN settings, then your internet may not work correctly. I suggest you check the entered values in the settings. The slight differences like capitalising and commas can create errors.

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Make sure that you enter these with precision. There are different alternatives for the LycaMobile APN settings which can be implemented if this does not work.

The main difference between them is the entries made. In the alternative LycaMobile APN settings, you just have to enter APN Name, APN, MMSC, APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol.

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Starting with APN Name enter lycamobile. Then for APN enter Scroll down below and locate MMSC. In the box enter For the APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol enter IPv4 as the value.

There are several alternative options available on the web that claim to be the best LycaMobile APN settings. The alternative is very trustworthy and very much in use. It will surely work if the first one is ineffective. I think this article will get your setting ready for a better internet surfing.

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