10 Ways to Trace Exact Mobile Number Location with Name

Sometimes, you might want to check and find out which person a number belongs to because you might have got a missed call from an unsaved number on your phone or you want to just check before picking up a call from an unsaved number. It is always safe to Trace Exact Mobile Number Location before calling back to that number especially if you are a girl. Because for all you know that person might be just a stalker. Such calls might be prank calls or even a fraud call. With increasing number of fraud calls nowadays, it is best not to attend the call or call back to any unknown number without looking up the details of the number.

10 Cool Methods to Trace Exact Mobile Number Location

Here are some trackers you could use for mobile number tracking along with location.


If you want to check details about a number including the name of the owner and the location of the phone number, just follow these simple steps.

Trace Exact Mobile Number Location
Trace Exact Mobile Number Location with Name – TrueCaller
  1. Go to the TruceCaller website.
  2. Enter the number you want to search in the search bar.
  3. Sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
  4. You can now see the name of the person, the city the person is in and the mobile network operator.

True caller is the only genuine website which lets you see the name of the person using the number along with other details like location and mobile network provider. The true caller has billions of phone numbers in its database. When you enter a number, Truecaller looks for that number in its database and shows you the result.

You can also install Truecaller app on your phone. This app is very useful for finding out the name of the person calling you. If you have a good internet connection on your phone, the Truecaller app will automatically detect and show you the name of the person calling you even if the person’s number is unsaved on your mobile phone. Trace Exact Mobile Number Location. Although, Truecaller is the only website which shows you the name of the person; there are other websites which will show you other details of the phone number like the location of the number, mobile network provider, etc. Following are some of these websites.

Visit: Truecaller

Search Yellow Directory

Search yellow directory is a very simple and basic reverse phone lookup website. In its web page, there are major codes for India which is quite useful for the user if the user does not know the code of the number he wishes to search for.


The con of this website is the unattractive layout. You can find out details of the number by typing the number in the search bar and pressing enter.

Visit: Search Yellow Directory


This is a website which lets you Trace Exact Mobile Number Location in India easily. The UI of the website is very simple and basic. All you have to do is type the number that you need to trace and press enter. The website will show you information such as the state which the user is in, whether it is GSM or CDMA number and the mobile network provider for this number.

mobilenumbertracker (2)
mobilenumbertracker (2)

This website has other useful features like STD and ISD codes of different places, finding out page rank of the website, etc. This website can be used from any phone or computer.

Visit: Mobilenumbertracker.com


Bmobile is an Indian website for tracing mobile numbers. Unlike the above-mentioned websites, Bmobile focuses solely on location tracing of the phone number. The website is user-friendly and very easy to use.


The person visiting this website for Trace Exact Mobile Number Location of a phone number won’t find any difficulty whatsoever in doing so because, as soon as the person visits this website; there is a huge search box which can be used for typing in the number that the person wishes to trace.

Visit: BMobile

Mobile Tracker

This website is dedicated to people looking to Trace Exact Mobile Number Location in India. The website is really easy to use. There are not many annoying ads like other websites. There might be hardly 1-2 ads which are fairly less compared to other websites.


The layout of the website is really simple. The international code for India (+91) is already there in the search box. So, all you need to do is enter the ten digits mobile number and hit enter.

Visit: Mobile Tracker


This is another genuine website which can be used to trace mobile number location in India. Once you type the number you wish to trace and press enter. Trace Exact Mobile Number Location. The website will show information such as the state, city, mobile network operator, etc. of the number.

mobilenumbertracker (2)
mobilenumbertracker (2)

This whole process of tracing a number on this website is very quick and hardly takes 2-3 seconds. Trace Exact Mobile Number Location with this powerful tool.

Visit: Mobilenumbertracker.co.in


Flexispy is a barbarian in the phone tracking services and has been a runner in the industry for nearly a decade. Saving and recoding all the messages and storing them safely. The media files have access to media files remotely. It is packed with full performance and has an additional feature of GPS monitoring ability, Access information from all social media platforms.


Integrated keylogger feature. As well as being fit with iOS, the Exquisitely designed user interface for smooth user action, Android, and desktop computer systems.

Visit: FlexiSpy 


If you are a keen user of mobile tracking, then you must hear of mspy. Providing best Call records and SMs tracking in real-time with excellent user services at all hours of the day. It’s worth turning your awareness of mSpy. The best keylogger feature of stroke record. mspy

mspySome other apps have been in the industry for many years now, Real-time GPS location tracking of the mspy is congruous with all mobiles and desktop devices and even has multiple language customer support, a first in the mobile monitoring industry.

Visit: mSpy


The iKeyMonitor, the leader in mobile tracking apps, you will have access to some best monitoring features and an easier interface for the user, which is ideal for the ones who aren’t particularly tech enthusiasts.

Access to all social media pieces of information. Full system keylogger feature. The phone GPS tracker solution is quick to install and provides a number of features for you to benefit from. Remote screenshot capture.

Visit: iKeyMonitor

Online GPS Phone Tracker

It is another tool to Trace Exact Mobile Number Location that is available for web based clients. Online GPS is an easy and useful way to know the position of a target or the mobile. It is not limited to track mobile number only; you can also track landline number with this online mobile number tracking website.

Online Phone tracker
Online Phone tracker

A range of telecom operators uses a wide range of tracking mobiles. One can access this service at no cost, unlike many other leading online assistance available on the web.

Visit: Online GPS Phone Tracker

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