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Video Capture Software is very useful for capturing high-quality videos of your activities that you are performing on your computer. Such software can be used for recording the videos in various formats. Many YouTubers use such software for uploading detailed and step by step tutorial videos for installing software, editing a video, mixing audio, etc. With the growth in technology, it is now possible to record the activities that you are performing on your computer using such software.

Not only can you record, but you can also perform other functions like adding watermarks, cropping, re-sizing, etc. Video capture software is also used by people to record a certain problem with your computer which can be used for showing the technician so that he can easily see and understand what is wrong with the computer and can fix it easily. You can also record screen on your Android. There are many video capture software out there, some especially meant for game recording. Some are good and some not so good. To make the job easy for you, I have made a list of best video capture software out there.


Video Capture Software
Best Video Capture Software (Best of 2017) – Ezvid

Ezvid is one of the best video capture software available for computer screen recording. After recording the actions on your computer using ezvid, you can add music of your choice to the video you just made if you would like to. The UI of this software is very simple and easy to understand. The greatest feature of this software is that it has a video editor too. How awesome is that? Now you can edit the video that you made using ezvid then and there itself. You don’t have to shell out cash for getting an expensive video editor. If you are a You Tuber, this software is the perfect fit for you.


Movavi is another video capture software that is very good and useful too. The best thing about Movavi is that it records the actions on your computer in extremely high quality. High-quality videos are great for you, especially if you are looking to upload the video to any video sharing platform. You can make professional quality videos using Movavi in just a few minutes. You can record both online and offline activities using this software- You can record a video that you are watching on the internet, and you can record an excel sheet that you are working on using the Movavi. The price of this software is 50 USD.

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Tiny Take

Tiny take is one of the best video recorder tools available. There is a free version, and a paid version of Tiny Take screen recorder. The features in the free version are very limited. You can only record for up to 5 minutes using the free version. However, if you pay for the pro version, you can get access to many great features. If you go for the weekly plan, you can record video up to 2 hours. You can pay for the business version if you want to record even longer videos. This software is very straightforward to understand and use which makes it favorite among many users. You can use the free version first and consider it as a trial version; you can go for the pro version if you like Tiny take.


This video recording software is exclusively available for Mac users. This software logs everything on your computer screen smoothly and easily. It is so smooth that you won’t even notice it. You can edit the video you have recorded using Screenflow there itself. You can add text to the video too. Screenflow is really smart screen recording software which is capable of recording full-screen activities, webcam input and microphone input all at the same time efficiently. Multitasking is not a burden for this software. There are two versions, free version and a paid version of this software. The best thing is there is no time limit even in the free version. By paying for the pro version, you can avail many more features and record videos without watermarks in it.

Go Play Editor

This is one of the best screen recorder software65+. This software was designed specifically for recording high-quality videos of the games that are being played by you on your computer. All games nowadays are usually of high-quality loaded with too much graphics. Go play editor was designed to record these high-quality games as it is without losing quality. You can also use Go play editor for recording all the other activities on your computer too. If high-quality screen recording is what you want, Smart pixel is the software for you. The price of Smart pixel pro version is 15.90 USD for one year.

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice cream screen recorder has a free as well as paid version. The free version has many limitations. You can record for only 10 minutes using the free version and WEBM is the only format available. You can avail all the features by getting the pro version. The price of the pro version is 29.95 USD for lifetime version. Once you pay 29.95 USD, you can use this software on two computers. That means you get two for the price of one. Using Ice cream screen recorder, you can record the screen of your computer, and you can record using your webcam at the same time.

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