9 Apple Watch Apps You Should Install In 2023

Apple Watch is a great addition to one’s gadget collection. This wearable is jam-packed with some great features that will keep one updated and entertained at all times. To get more out of it, one can download some of the Apple Watch apps from various categories.

apple watch apps
Apple Watch Apps

Several apps will make one’s life more easy and more fun.

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3 Best Sports Apps For Apple Watch

Those who are in love with sports and like to keep themselves updated at all times should try the best sports apps for the apple watch. Here are the three best sports apps to pick from:

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This popular application is apple watch compatible and helps in keeping one updated with all sports-related news and alerts.

espn- apple watch app
ESPN- apple watch app

One can get real-time notification of scores. And if you like the traditional way of following sports results, on the Buaksib sports portal you can watch the latest football videos and livescore.

Get App: ESPN

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This app allows users to catch up with all the recent comings and goings of sports and get real-time scores.

thescore- apple watch app
theScore- apple watch app

The app covers all major leagues of games.

Get App: TheScore

365 scores

This app is easy to navigate application that can be personalized as per one’s likes.

365 scores
365 scores

The app provides scores and news of various sports like football, NBA, tennis, cricket, etc., and covers around 2000 events and competitions.

Get App: 365Scores

3 Best Finance Apps For Apple Watch

Managing finances is an important part of one’s life. Regardless of one’s career and profession, finding better ways to save and increase one’s money is crucial. Those who want to have financial management at their fingertips should download the best apple watch finance apps.


The finance and business news app allows one to keep track of everything related to the financial market.

cnbc app

One can get all the big and small news. Users can track the trading news, stock market, etc., with the app.

Get App: CNBC App

Personal Capital

This is a personal financial management app that allows one to check and keep track of their finances.

personal capital
Personal Capital

One can record and get real-time alerts n savings, money spent, credit card balance, bills to pay, etc.

Get App: Personal Capital


This is one of the top-rated personal finance apps. One can use the app to check their spending habits, keep track of bills and current financial conditions.


The app will help in making better budgeting decisions.

Get App: Mint

3 Best Apple Watch Games

Want to get entertained while on the go? Well, what better device to use other than the apple watch. One can download the best games apps and play on their apple watch directly. Here are the three most entertaining picks:

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Tiny Armies

This is a strategy and turns the based game. One will have to swipe to meet the requirement and thus is perfect for the watch screen.

tiny armies
Tiny Armies

With every level, the complexity increases.

Get App: Tiny Armies

Pocket Bandit

This is the highest-rated game for apple watches. One will have to complete missions like breaking into banks, vaults and steal money and jewels.

pocket bandit
Pocket Bandit

One will have to use the digital crown and taptic engine of the watch to play the game.

Get App: Pocket Bandit

Bubblegum Hero

If one does not want to use their brain and instead wants to play something absolutely simple, should try bubblegum hero.

bubblegum hero
Bubblegum Hero

A simple tap on the bubblegum and allow it to increase in size till it reaches the dotted line.

Get App: Bubblegum Hero

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Apple watches already come with some great applications and features. But then what is an Apple product if it does not allow the user to expand their overall horizon in using the gadget. But if you are living in a country where access to Apple Store is restricted or limited, you might want to find a VPN for your device on vpnBusters.

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