19 Best Websites to Download PC Games in 2021

Are you feeling bored of doing boring jobs in your office and home just relaxes for a few hours in the home by playing video games? Playing games is one of the entertainments for youngsters and kids to spend their leisure time in the home. Those who are crazy about games continuously download new games in their PC and try to complete the levels in the game. But downloading games for free from the websites is not an easy task. It will be quite an irritating task because there are many fake websites in the net and the users will be in confusion which are the Best Websites to Download PC Games.

There are popular websites like Hamachi, however, sometimes they malfunction or charge services. There we brought some alternatives to Hamachi.

Here is the clarity of your confused mind about the best websites to download PC games in this article. After having the glands on this discussion, you can easily get your favourite games for free. Some of these sites also have games for Gameboy Advanced, through which you can play your favourite Gameboy games via GBA Emulator.

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List of Best Websites to Download PC Games

These sites provide you with the latest best PC games, and you can download games in minutes using these top gaming websites.


Surviving in the market for over a decade, Steam is known to have garnered the position of the most popular and secure websites to download PC games. It brings you full versions of the best PC games for Windows  7, 10, and even Mac.


Be it a solo battle or duel with your friends, Steam has got an ample amount of games to make you right to go for a long duration. Get loads of games without spending a penny, from different genres to suit all your gaming needs, be it an adventure, arcade, or psychological games; it has got all.

Visit: Steam

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Some are much more interested in games, so they will like to download the recently launched games soon after their arrival. And for this purpose, they may have to pay to buy the premium games.


Origin site gets rid of that difficulty since it can give the premium games for free. And for that, you should be the regular visitor of this site. I think game lovers will visit this site.

Visit: Origin

Game Top

GameTop is one of the Best Websites to Download PC Games for free without any trouble. It has full of fun and interesting collections of games. In addition Playing HD games will be more exciting than playing normal games, and this one of the game download sites provides you with all HD games.


The categories available on the site are action, racing, arcade, etc. Try it for free, and it will become your favorite site for downloading all your games in PC.

Visit: Game Top

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Skidrow Reloaded 

It is a prominent name for installing the newest computer games at no cost. You can securely download and install PC games from Skidrow & Reloaded. The site hosts games that are up to 30 or 60 GB in size that too in compressed or zipped format for easy download. You can effortlessly and reliably download the game and unzip them for easy installation. 


Some of the excellent games that you can notice here are Rockstar’s GTA 5, TombRaider, Injustice 2 etc. 

Visit: Skidrow Reloaded

Ocean of Games

Are you willing to download new games daily for free, so then get into this website for the best games to play? The site will update new and interesting games on a daily basis. Ocean of Games provides you with the link from which you can download your favourite games at very high speed for free.

Best Websites to Download PC Games
Ocean Of Games

One can use these game download websites to Download PC Games without spending any bucks. Likewise, here you can download action video games, adventure, arcade, horror, fighting, puzzle, simulation, racing, recreation, war and thrill games and the list goes on. Isn’t it interesting to just get into the website and surf for your favourite games?

Visit: Ocean of Games

Fitgirl Repacks 

If you love PC game download sites like Ocean of games and like downloading from there, then you will definitely like this site too. As it is alike the ocean of games and grants you to access a large number of recently released games. 


Many games hosted here legit but some cracked variants are also present here. Its huge compilation of free pc games download includes Fallout 76, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry New Dawn and many more.

Visit: Fitgirl Repacks

The Pc Games.Net 

If you’re a follower of classic games like Call of the Duty(COD), Rockstar (GTA) series like GTA Vice City or GTA liberty city or sports and action games. Then, pc games.net will be the site of your choice. It is one of the best sites to download pc games. You can install big sized freeware games securely from here. Some of the excellent games hosted by present here are Assasins Creed and Star Wars battlefront. 

pc games.net
PC games.net

You can find all platform games for Windows and games for macOS too. If you really want to find a game of your choice then this place can be your one-stop solution. 

Visit: PC games.net 


It is one of many sites that I personally use for the best free PC games download provided how it works every time for download. This site has a simple structure and its easy to navigate there. You can easily find the newest games here. Games like Sims 4, Minecraft Dungeon, Tell Me Why and DragonBall Z can be found here. This is a site that you should definitely try if you enjoy playing and downloading some great game. 


Visit: Gametrex


MyAbandonware is that software that is left by their developers. That is this software is not renewed or updated anymore. Myabondonware provides you with such old games. If you’re a lover of retro games and old video games, then this site is heaven for you. 


Here you can search for all the historic games like Mario, Contra or Football that you loved to play in your childhood. 

You can search here for any game by its year of release, platform or publisher for finding your favourite game from their vast library. 

Visit: MyAbandonware

Epic Game Store 

The epic game store is the finest site you can find to and install the recently released and costly pc games free download. They have a weekly give away of their premium game. Here you can look for a large set of PC games for Windows and the macOS platform. The selection of games that you can find here is one of the best. If you are a hardcore gamer and a PC games lover then this site is something you should definitely try. 

epic game store
Epic Game Store

You can get here games like Fortnite, Hitman and Kingdom of Ordeal. There are full versions and game mods available here.  

Visit: Epic Game Store

Acid Play

No one might have forgotten our childhood video game Super Mario. If yes just download the safest version of Super Mario from Acid Play and enjoy the fun of the game.


It is not only for super Mario, however it is also available for a lot of interesting and action games like the little fighter, Dragon ball Z Millennium, Streetfighter, Stick soldiers and so on. This site gives you the chance to download free games from their download servers directly.

Visit: Acid Play

AllGames AtoZ

Are you fond of downloading the most popular games for free on your PC? So visit AllGames AtoZ to get your favourite and top-rated games from A to Z. Similarly get free play station games, Battlefield games, Xbox 360 games, and so on. Moreover, this site holds A to Z games you cannot miss any of your favourite games after visiting this site.


Mega games

It is the site that helps you in downloading the full version of the games along with the 3D HD PlayStation games on this site. Here many game videos are available, and the news about the most popular games is also present.


Visit: Mega Games


If you are perplexed about choosing the best entertaining games, then visit this site. Caiman will give you a clear idea about the game and from the review by the users you can quickly come to a conclusion.


This site will provide you with all varieties of games. Here MacOS games are also available. 3D games, board games, Halloween games, trillion, educational, jigsaw, kid games, etc. are available for free on this site.

Visit: Caiman


Fullgames means you can get all games on this site. It will not only aloe you to download the games for free, in addition to downloading it paves the way for you to play the games online for free, for which you no need to spend any of the memory of your PC.

You can surf for big games, Giga games, and small games on this site. Adventures, logic, simulation, sports and cars, RPG, and strategic games are the categories available in Full games.

Visit: FullGames

Free PC Gamers

Most of you love some specific games, but it does not belong to the list of popular games. Then it will be a little difficult for you to find such games. If you are in that stage just get into the Free PC Gamers site. It will give you all kind of games with the full version for free.

Free PC Games
Free PC Games

You no need to worry about the quality of the game. The quality will be extremely good. Games for women, role-play games, casual, racing are some of the categories available here.

Home of the Underdogs

It is one of the free Best Websites to Download PC Games where you can see numerous games for free. Nearly 5000 games are available on this site. Home of the Underdogs is updated quarterly, and the title of the games will be impressive which leads you to try the game at least once.

Home of the Underdogs
Home of the Underdogs

It also gives you the details of the games which you are searching for. And then you can find a way to download it on this site.

Visit: Home of the Underdogs

Good Old Games

As the name suggests, this website adds a tinge of nostalgia by bringing you all the old-school games of the golden times. Along with that, it has also got a bunch of other free downloadable new games at the GOG free games section. Its collaboration with Ubisoft has helped to gain the right to publish games from the catalog.

Good Old Games
Good Old Games

It comes with a 48-window for players, which allows you to get your hands on premium games for free. Every year it comes with a minimum of two premium game giveaway. And the best part is that without burning a hole in your pocket it gives you access to an unlimited number of games. You can binge on games like War for the Overworld: Crucible, Ultima 4: Quest of Avatar, and many more.

Visit: Good Old Games


Battle.net is unquestionably amongst the best websites for downloading free PC games. For over two decades, this online gaming store has been a constant hub for all gaming needs.


The collection of fantastic and mind-boggling games brings the adventure home for gamers. To add to the advantage, it also frequently organizes free game giveaways. Relish the excitement of playing games World of Warcraft and Hearthstone without any spendings.

Visit: Battle.net


I am a gaming nerd myself, I know that it is quite an ordeal to get the ideal gaming website to suit all your gaming needs, and to get those games for free is one heck of a deal. Therefore the above list is a deal-breaker as it has got the most amusing games to be it from any genre to suit your gaming type, and the free clause is a cherry on the top.

Visit the link to know about best games on Origin Access. Click here!

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