Dr Fone Review: Repair iOS System Recovery

Well, we all know how irritating it is when our smart devices stop working due to minor or significant technological issues while we are working on some serious project. However, such problems are not common in the iOS systems, but still, when it occurs, it is alarming. Here we will discuss about Dr Fone Review which can be an efficient tool to solve all your problems. In case, if you are an iOS user and also facing any such problem, then don’t worry. We got a perfect solution for your uphills. You can either downgrade iOS and hope for that to fix it or you can try this great tool. Henceforth, read this article carefully because here you will get to know about an amazing recovery tool by Dr Fone Review.

Firstly, Dr. fone is a well-known company with a tagline Reinvent better, together and having 10+ years of experience. It is famous for its admirable work in providing iOS and Android data recovery software.

Dr fone
Dr fone

In Dr Fone Review, Dr. Fone is also called as the best mobile solutions provider with a fantastic Dr Fone Review manual. To help all iOS users, they launched an excellent Repair tool through which one can easily Repair all iOS system issues. Guess what with this kit. You don’t even need to visit the service centers all the time. This pro is life-saving as probably for all of us Time is money.

Promising highlights of Dr. Fone – Repair iOS System Recovery

This part is going to be exciting as here we will discuss Dr Fone Review which is associated with the features of this excellent repair tool in detail. It does more than what it promises.


Master Repair Tool

 Bringing your iOS devices to reasonable working condition is the main feature of this software, and it excels in this job. Choose Dr. fone to downgrade your systems because downgrading iOS using iTunes is full of complications.

In this process, your iOS data will remain intact, and most importantly, no jailbreaking is required. Fix all common issues like recovery mode, white screen, black screen of death, white Apple logo, stuck in DFU mode, the problem in restarting your phone, fix issue 9 in upgrading your iPhone, iPhone boot loop, and many more bugs.

Its surprisingly amazing that now you can tackle all the problems by yourself within less than 10 minutes, and won’t lose any data.

Dr fone toolkit
Dr fone toolkit

Compatible with All

It supports all models of iPad, iTouch, and iPhone with some tech specifications. It is compatible with approximately all Mac computer OS such as 10.14 (macOS Mojave), Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12(macOS Sierra), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), or 10.8.

Simplest of All

This application is designed by keeping in mind that all are not comfortable with complex procedures. So, this recovery tool is perfect if you do not have any tech knowledge. It doesn’t require any study to use it. Still, if anyone faces any problem, then for the user guide is always available on Dr. fone’s official website. This is the main reason why it is globally accepted.

Always Ready to Assist

Apart from such amazing highlights, Dr. fone’s professional customer support team is still ready to help users in the process of repairing. Feel free to seek any help anytime.

Globally Accepted

More than 153+ million customers from all over the globe are happily using it, and that too, without any severe complaints process is so easy that anyone can use without any skills. Because of its powerful features and affordable pricing, it has a vast market with mostly positive reviews.

Two modes

Dr. Fone provides two ways one is Standard Mode, and second is the Advanced Mode to ensure that all your bugs are easily solved. It is recommended to try Standard Mode first before switching to Advanced one. Standard Mode assures that your data is safe while repairing, unlike Advanced Mode.

Still, if there is some serious issue with your iOS device, then you may always opt for an Advanced mode. Now, using an Advanced Mode also no need to risk your data because there is a method to get your data back. For this, you need to backup your iOS data before going on.

Guide to Fix iOS Issues Using Dr. fone’s Recovery Kit

As we have already discussed that it is straightforward to use this program. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps which are mentioned below. First of all, you need to download the Recovery App onto your desktop. They will send the download link after you submit your registered email. Now as there are modes available, choose any one of them depending upon your problem. As per our Dr Fone Review, below are the steps suggested.

Dr fone app
Dr fone app

For Standard Mode

Step 1: After downloading, launch Dr. fone and press "Repair" button from the main window of your system’s screen. When you complete launching just connect the defective device to your computer. For this, you should use lightning cables.

Step 2: Dr. fone will automatically detect your iOS device. In a few seconds, you can see a
box on the computer’s screen asking two modes Standard and Advanced Mode. In this case, select Standard Mode.

Step 3: Here you do not need to mention the model type of your device because it is Dr.
fone’s work. Later Dr. fone displays all available iOS versions on the computer’s screen. You
just have to select the correct version and press "Start" button and iOS firmware will start downloading. Also, ensure that you have a stable connection before clicking on start.

Step 4: However, downloading may take some time as firmware we need is large. Still, if
firmware downloading gets failed then select the "Download" button to again download it using your browser and then click on "Select" option to restore the downloaded firmware. After this tool will verify the downloaded firmware on its own.

Step 5: Click on Fix Now and your procedure is complete. Sit back and relax till Dr. fone heals your device. After this, you can cross-check whether your iOS device is properly working or not.

For Advanced Mode

All steps are the same except one that is in the second step, choose Advanced Mode instead of Standard.

Pricing Details Of Dr. fone- Repair iOS System Recovery Tool

Dr Fone Review plan comes up with three appealing pricing plans to meet the requirements of all types of customers. This handy doctor can be yours for all expensive iOS systems.

Dr fone android
Dr fone android

The 1-year license plan at $59.95 in which you can repair up to 5 mobile devices and one personal computer. For Lifetime license plan at $69.95 in which one can repair 1 to 5 Mobile devices and one personal computer. In this, you can enjoy its services for life long.

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If you are a businessman, then go for 1 Year Business License plan and then select the number of devices according to your needs. The standard price for this plan is $399.00 in which you can work on unlimited devices and one PC.


This was all about Dr Fone Review regarding iOS system recovery tool. We have tried our best to list all the essential points regarding this software. It is 100% safe to use as it doesn’t transfer or copies your data in the process of fixing.

It’s difficult to find such a great application at such a low price. Hopefully, this article would help you in deciding whether to choose it or not. Whatever is your decision, we wish you good luck in the process of repairing. We hope you will also like Dr Fone Review.

Note: They are currently having a ten free licence giveaway. Check em out now!

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