10 Best Free Data Recovery Software | January 2018


We can’t undo the mistakes of our life. However, the computer can bring back all that has been removed from the Recycle Bin. The files permanently deleted by the user can be brought back easily using simple data recovery software. Here are some the most frequently used free data recovery software apps for Windows by which you can restore the data. Bring back all your digital memories in simple steps.

Here are the Best Free Data Recovery Software


This is a free data recovery software app which allows restores data from devices with storage capacity up to 3TB. It is one of the most trending applications in the market today. It is a small size application and very simple to use. Let me tell you that Recuva supports almost all versions of Windows from Windows10.0 to Windows ME/NT. Not only this, the software is also available in 64-bit versions of Windows. Whether it is Windows, mobiles, USB drives, hard disks or even iPods, Recuva restores everything. The versatility of this application makes it a pro in the market of file recovery. I strongly recommend this app for data recovery purpose.

Puran File Recovery

Puran, a free data recovery software, has a stronghold in the market. Apt for home use, this app has some unique features like Tree View and filter options that bifurcate pictures, videos and files in different sections. This makes the user easy to find the exact file that needs to be restored. It can even restore the deleted partitions of the system if they haven’t been overwritten. The software is available in different versions of Windows. It has a 32 and 64-bit version as well. I suggest using this application if you wish to restore non-commercial data.

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Disk Drill

Very easy and simple in use, the Disk Drill is a good free data recovery software. It has simple interface and allows data recovery from various file systems and in different formats as well. The best part of this application is that it is user friendly and can scan wide range of data in less time. It can make quick as well as deep search. There are a few cons of this software as well. It does not tell about the condition of the file being restored and can only restore 500 MB of data. It is a handy tool for data recovery and I recommend it for retrieving small amount of data.

Glary Undelete

This is a good file recovery software app for Windows. The amazing feature of “Folders and File” view makes it popular in the market. It supports various versions of Windows and different formats as well. Another prominent feature of this application is that it can tell about the file condition alongside the file. This makes easier for the user to know whether the file can be recovered or not. However, this app comes with a few disadvantages like it has to be installed on the device from which you want to recover the file(s). It even tries installing some unwanted applications during the installation process.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

Smooth and simple in nature, this software is the gentlemen amongst the various free data recovery software apps present in the market. It is very basic in interface and use. Some of the amazing features of this app are portability, support Windows XP to Windows10. It allows you to search for a particular deleted file by its name or even extension. It is very small in size and takes the least amount of space. Using this software you can recover data but cannot view the condition of the file.

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Wise Data Recovery

An ideal free data recovery software, Wise Data Recovery is very helpful in retrieving data from external devices like USB drives. The application is commendably small and efficient in use. It not only shows the condition of the file but also allows advanced search options to find out that file. You can restore multiple files using the advanced search options. It is supported in Windows XP to Windows 10.


Small in size, big in terms of utility, Restoration is a free data recovery software app. This application can run in most of the versions of Windows except for Windows 8. It can restore the deleted file (but not the folders). The unique search option provides access to the desired file. Though this app has so many advantages but still it lacks some of the basic features. It cannot tell about the recoverability of a particular file.


This free data recovery software app is almost similar to the Restoration except for the fact that you can even retrieve folders. The application works on most of the Windows operating systems versions. With size less than a MB, this application is a good tool. It can show filtered results of the file type that the user is searching for. It can restore multiple files at a time, displaying the recoverability of each file. The only problem with this application is that it is not free for commercial use.


This is a different and better free data recovery software app than the aforesaid one. Don’t be misguided by the name, this is absolutely free software. With a lot of facilities like Tree View and Detailed view, this app is very easy to use. It supports almost all versions of Windows. The search option in this application gives it the edge over the others.

PC Inspector File Recovery

The claimed to be “deeper” searching application, PC Inspector File Recovery is known for its great searching technique. Compatible to most Windows versions, this is an excellent app. I would recommend you this application only if the above software couldn’t do the job for you.

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