We all love to customize every little thing in life to our tastes and preferences, so why not our Chrome browser? The best part about using Google Chrome is that you can customize almost everything within the browser. This can mainly be done by switching up the chrome settings and flags. Due to this, Google Chrome is by far the most loved of all the internet browsers out there. That being said, probably the number one thing that people like to customize on their browser is the theme.

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Google Chrome’s standard white theme tends to cause strain to the eyes. So if you’re someone who spends their whole day on Google Chrome, then switching up the theme would definitely be beneficial for you. These themes can be found on the Chrome store in abundance. That being said, we’ve put together a list of the best chrome themes that will improve your mood every time you see it.

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Chrome Team’s Themes

The first set of google backgrounds on our list is the theme produced by Google Chrome itself. There are 14 standard themes in total, each one solid color. Therefore, you have a wide range of options to pick from.

chrome team the
Chrome Team Themes

Themes like Just Black and Slate are ideal for reducing the strain on your eyes. However, there are several other themes too. Some popular ones include Rose, which is a dusty pink color, and Sea Foam, a pretty gem green color.

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Beauty is one of the best google themes for you, that is, if you enjoy pictures of nature. The theme features a stunning contrast of colors from the purple sky to the bright green grass.

Beauty Chrome Theme

With beautiful mountain ranges in the distance and luscious green trees, it’s no wonder that Beauty is one of our favorite chrome backgrounds.

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If dark skies filled with billions of stars is your thing, then Sahara is one of the best chrome themes for you. This theme produced by developer Peter Noordijk will cause you to fall in love with the Sahara Desert.

sahara chrome theme
Sahara Chrome theme

Along with the Milky Way Galaxy in all its resplendence, the theme also features camels and Caravans in the far distance. It is truly a spectacular theme that will make you adore the night sky more than ever.

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 Mountain Landscape

This theme features a pristine blue lake, tall snow-capped mountains, and lush green foliage. With fluffy white clouds floating through the sky, this picture is ideal for getting you into your Zen mode.

mountain landscape chrome
mountain landscape chrome

All in all, It is the best chrome theme for you if you like to enjoy the beauty of mountains and lakes.

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 Galaxy View

The Galaxy View is a chrome theme that, you guessed it, features the Milky Way galaxy. The theme features a stunning view of the Milky Way Galaxy from that of a forest. Since it is a darker theme, it is perfect for all those night owls out there.

galaxy view theme
Galaxy View Theme

As of today, it has got over 600,000 users and brilliant reviews on the Chrome Store. It is one of the best chrome themes for those out there that enjoy galaxy Google Chrome themes.

 Horizon Club Sydney

Horizon Club Sydney is an abstract chrome theme which is based on the color scheme of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. It is an impressive theme and is said to represent the reflection of the sun on the water flowing beneath the bridge.

The theme also lightly tints the tabs and address bar

horizon club sydney chrome theme
Horizon Club Sydney theme

to perfectly resonate with the overall theme and color scheme. For all the abstract art lovers out there, this theme gets a ton of commendation for it’s aesthetic.

 Totoro Rainy Day

This Chrome extension is bound to make you feel a bit nostalgic if you grew up watching Studio Ghibli films. This theme features a classic scene from the movie, My Neighbour Totoro.

totoro rainy day theme
Totoro Rainy Day Chrome theme

This then darkens your UI, so it is great for when you’re using the Chrome browser at night. So if you’re a sucker for anime films, then this is one of the best chrome themes out there for you.

 Iron Man- Material Theme

For all the Marvel fanatics out there, this is the Chrome browser theme for you. This theme features an amazing artwork of Iron Man on your browser. The color scheme has been displayed in the form of a stunning gradient of a light pink to a deep purple.

iron man material theme
iron man material theme

 Stars dot the theme to accurately represent the colors of the galaxy. The theme applies across all tabs, ultimately heightening your overall browsing experience.

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Tardis is a very minimalist theme. It is based on the time machine in the popular series of Doctor Who. It has a modern look to it, and the color scheme is pretty consistent throughout the browser.

tardis chrome theme
Tardis Chrome Theme

All in all, for all the Doctor Who fans out there, this is the chrome theme for you.

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So here’s our list of the best chrome themes out there to suit your wants and preferences. Besides the themes listed here, the Chrome Store features hundreds of other themes spanning across an array of sorts. These include nature themes, galaxy themes, pop and abstract art, and of course, marvel and DC themes. Therefore, you will definitely find one that suits your taste. All you have to do is pick one, and you’re good to go!

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