Do you know how to install Zen on Kodi? Want to know the entire procedure? How do you download Zen on Kodi? This page will provide step-by-step directions on installing Zen to Kodi so you can follow along.

Follow these instructions to install Zen to Kodi:

  1. To begin, access Kodi on your device.
  2. Next, click on the gear icon to access the System menu.
  3. From there, navigate to File Manager, and choose Add Source (if necessary, click the double-dot to move to the top of the directory).
  4. Assign the new repository a name of your choosing, such as “.”.
  5. Select “OK“.
  6. Return to the main menu in Kodi.
  7. Finally, choose “Add-ons“.

The following article has further helpful information about the procedure. Stay with us in this article and learn more about this further.

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About Kodi

While Kodi is user-friendly, only some consider it the best media player. Nonetheless, it is straightforward, considering millions of people utilize it globally for watching TV series, movies, listening to music and even watching animes by installing Kissanime Kodi addon and vidtime on kodi or installing The Crew on Kodi.kodi introKodi’s remarkable qualities and unusual design for a media player are possibly to blame. But you should know how to update your kodi to ensure everything works fine. Let us now tell you how to install Zen on Kodi.

About Zen Add-On

Zen Add-on for Kodi is quite similar to Exodus Add-on. Zen was first accessible through the Schims repo, but the URL has now changed, and you can now install Zen through the Noobsandnerds repo on Kodi. install zenOne of the most well-liked Add-ons in the Kodi community is Zem, which you can install to view movies and TV shows on Kodi. Exodus Add-on is currently having some troubles, so you can install Zen Add-on to take its place.

Additionally, installing Acestream on Kodi can broaden your streaming options and further enhance your Kodi experience if, for some reason, you end up not enjoying the Zem interface.

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The Best Way To Install Zen On Kodi

The following is the process to install Zen on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Home> Add-ons> Setting Icon. Click on Unknown Sources under Add-ons. Activate unknown sources now. Choose Unknown Sources and then click “Yes” in the pop-up window.
    unknown sources
  2. Return to the home page and choose Settings > File Manager > Add Source. Click on settings.file manager on kodi
  3. In the top text box, enter Now enter NAN in the bottom box and press OK. Return to Home> Choose Add-ons> Add-on browser > Run a Zip file installer. To access NAN, go to the Noobsandnerds repo. Zip. A notice saying “Add-on Enabled” should now appear. Choose NoobsandNerds Repository under Install From Repository. Install Zen after selecting Video Add-ons and watch for file

The Zen Add-on is now set up. Returning to Kodi’s home screen and selecting Add-ons will bring up Zen Add-on, which you can use to access the Add-on, and this is how to install Zen on Kodi.

Have doubts about whether Kodi is legal? Clear your doubts and Check This article.

Open A Real-Debrid Account On Zen Add-On

You can set up your Real-Debrid account on Zen Add-on once you understand how to integrate Zen into Kodi. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get the Real-Debrid Account first, and connect to a real-debrid account. URL RESOLUTION: Once more, select Universal Resolvers under Settings. Then pick URL RESOLVER from the Tools menu of the Zen Add-on: Options > Global Resolvers > To find Real-Debrid > Priority, scroll down. Input 80, then select OK.real dabrid
  2. Next, please scroll down and choose Real-Debrid under (Re)Authorize My Account. This will open a pop-up containing a unique code. Open a new tab and enter the URL: At, enter the Code, select Proceed, and then press Allow.real debrid
  3. When you’re done, return to the Zen Add-on’s Tools section and choose SETTINGS: Suppliers. Choose Suppliers, then click Empower Debrid Suppliers under Suppliers to give it authority. Selected Video AddOns are real debrid authorized. Choose Zen. Choose Install. Look out for the Addon-enabled notification on the screen’s lower right corner. 

The Zen Add-on has now been installed. By choosing VIDEOS from the main Kodi screen, then Add-ons, you can access Zen Add-on. A Real Debrid Account is a premium option you may or may not want, but it is necessary to get the most out of Zen Add-on or zen app Kodi.

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How To Install The Zen Add-On On Kodi 19.5 Matrix

Please follow these instructions for installing Zen on Kodi 19.5 Matrix:

  1. Open Kodi 19.5 Matrix first on your device. Choose File Manager.file manager kodi
  2. After clicking “Add Source,pick the appropriate link. None. Provide the upcoming URL: source kodi
  3. Return to Kodi’s main menu. The Source should be given a name that you will remember. zenInput is kodi legal
  4. Choose Add-ons now. On the screen’s upper left, click the symbol for the package installer.addon kodi
  5. Just select Install from Zip File. Choose the Source you already created, such as Elysium, now. Choose the file labeled “noobsandnerds Repo (2.0).zip“, Watch for the message stating that the repository has been installed to appear. Return and choose install from the repository now. Decide to use the Noobs and Nerds Repository.install from repository
  6. Click on Video Add-ons. Click to install the Elysium Add-on after locating it. Now your Add-on has been addon kodi
  7. You can return to Kodi’s main menu under Video Add-ons to find the Elysium (Zen) plugin/add-on.

You have it now! Your device now has one of the most excellent Kodi 19.5 Matrix add-ons ever loaded!


Why won't Kodi install add-ons?

Ans. Delete Kodi's cache. On Kodi, clearing the cache occasionally fixes the 'failed to install a dependency problem. As you keep your current add-ons and Kodi settings, wiping the full data is preferable to clean the cache. The best approach to clearing the cache is with The Crew Wizard. Then you can also learn how to install Zen on the Kodi add-on.

What Kodi AddOns Are Compatible With Real Debrid?

Applications like Exodus, The Oath, Cinema HD, The Crew, Venom, Seren, and Marauder is among the Kodi add-ons that use Real Debrid software. Regardless of your Add-on, it would help to consider utilizing a premium VPN with Real Debrid because the program monitors your internet actions. Real Debrid is generally compatible with most of Kodi's video add-ons. But IPTV is a significant exception, so bear that in mind.

Is the Kodi repository safe?

Ans. Kodi is a secure program. No harmful software is present. Your device won't be harmed by it. As noted, Google Play and Microsoft Store are just two official app shops where Kodi may be found.

How can I update my Kodi repository manually?

Go to Add-ons> Install from the repository from the Kodi main screen. Choose Information by long-pressing the repository where the problematic Add-on originated. To check the button, click Auto-update.


This covers all the essential Kodi information you need, including how to install Zen on Kodi for a beginner. You often only need to use the basic Kodi features described in this article. If you know how to set up the Add-on on your device and install it, you will have accomplished a lot already. This article was helpful if you were looking for simple ways to bring zen to Kodi.

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