How To Stop Chrome Notifications In Mobile | Easy Guide

This article tells you how to stop chrome notifications in mobile. Browsing is our daily life activity, and the most used browser is Google Chrome. It was developed by Google and first released for Microsoft Windows in 2008. Later, it was improved to support other operating systems, including Android.

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It has everything from history to the future. It is loaded with all the global information and can be used globally. With the help of the internet, Chrome gives you clarity on what is happening in the world. People share immense information to help each other in different ways. 

With all this glory that Chrome carries, there is one annoying thing. You receive chrome notifications from the website you visit. That banging noise or phone vibration tests your patience a lot. You want to know how to stop chrome notifications on mobile.

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How To Turn Off Chrome Notifications

Well, you are in the right place. Let us understand how to turn off Chrome notifications. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the Chrome browser or app on your android phone.
    2. On the top right side, click on the three dots.three dots
    3. Open Settings from the list.
    4. Scroll down to find and open the Site Setting.settings
    5. Now select the Notifications option.notifications
    6. Disable to toggle button to turn off the notifications

Keep reading the article to learn more about fixing Chrome notifications on different devices. You can boost your productivity using these free Internet Blockers.

Why Does Chrome Send Notifications

When you install any app on your phone, the app asks for a few permissions, to which you agree. Similarly, when you open a website on Chrome for the first time, it asks to allow or block the notifications. You generally click on enable button and continue with your work.

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Now Chrome will start sending notifications, and you might wonder why Chrome sends so many messages. 

Companies use various marketing tactics to sell their products and services. They inform you about updates using newsletters, emails, chrome notifications, text messages, social media, and ads. Some websites also use cookies to do so

This is the reason you receive chrome notifications. And since then, you just wanted to know how to stop chrome notifications on mobile. However, it is quite simple and easy. Follow the above steps to change the site settings notifications.

how notifications work

There are websites that you might have not even visited and still receive notifications for that. That could be unsafe, and you add chrome security extensions to experience hustle-free surfing.

If you talk about Chrome Incognito Mode, it doesn’t send notifications. You experience a private browsing session. It is safe to use as site data and cookies are cleared when you exit the window. 

Things that you bookmark or download are kept safe in Incognito mode. Though it is private browsing, your activity will be visible to the sites you use. It also means that your history will only be visual to those using your device.

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How to Turn Notifications On/Off for a Specific Site

After knowing how to stop chrome notifications on mobile, there might be another question in your mind about chrome notifications.

There are some websites from which you want to receive notifications to keep yourself updated. And when you disable Chrome notifications, you no longer receive updates from the sites you were expecting. It may even confuse you about whether you should turn off notifications or not. 

When you turn on/off the notification toggle button, you command Chrome to send or not to send notifications for all sites in general. However, you might want to change this for some website or a specific website.

Chrome allows you to enable/disable notifications from the sites you want to receive or not receive. Go through the below steps to make changes according to your need.

  1. Go to the chrome app on your phone.
  2. Open any website for which you want to change notification settings.
  3. Click on the Lock icon on the Address bar to the top left.
  4. Now select the Permissions option to enable or disable notifications.Now select the Permissions option to enable or disable notifications
  5. If the permissions option is unavailable, that means permissions are already set.

Now Chrome knows which sites you want to receive notifications and which Chrome should not. 

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How to Block Chrome Notifications on PC

We have Chrome browsers on our PCs as well. That means you might receive the notifications on your PC as well. As we allow sites to send messages on mobile, similarly, it happens on PC. 

We usually do office work on laptops or computers. People who use their PCs for office will face this issue more as office laptops are customized accordingly. 

While doing office, we need to concentrate a lot and need a negligible distraction. However, once Chrome starts to send notifications, it won’t stop. Making it stop becomes a priority and urgent. 

If you face the same issue with a PC, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Open Chrome on your PC.
  2. Click the three dots, and a new tab will open settings
  3. Choose settings. Click Privacy and security.
  4. Now select Site settings
  5. Scroll down to find and open the notifications option.
  6. You will find three options to select from: Sites can ask to send notifications, Use quieter messaging, and Don’t allow sites to send messages.

You are just one step away from how to block a website from sending notifications. Inside the Notifications option, you will find an Add button. You can add any website URL for which you want to block the messages. Blocking the notifications or any site will give a huge relief. 

How to Turn Off Chrome Notifications on IOS Mobile

In IOS operating system, people use Safari for browsing. It is an in-built browser for apple users. Still, there are apple users who prefer using Google Chrome as a default browser. The reason could be that they might be using the android phone before IOS.

You might think that you are receiving notifications from Chrome on IOS mobile. You would want the answer to the question on how to stop chrome notifications on mobile having IOS operating system. 

However, the truth is that Chrome doesn’t send notifications on IOS. Instead, you might be receiving pop-ups or alerts. Not to worry, as this problem has a solution too.

  1. Open the Chrome app on your IOS chrome on ios
  2. Go to the Setting by clicking on the three dots.
  3. Now click on Content Settings.
  4. Go to Block Pop-ups.block pop ups
  5. Turn off the option Block Pop-ups.

This method will turn off chrome alerts on your IOS mobile. You can also turn off the iMessage on your Mac.

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Can I stop chrome notifications for Linux?

Yes, disabling chrome notifications in Linux is similar to other operating systems. Follow the above steps and turn off the notification button. Now, you’ll not receive chrome notifications.

How to set Chrome as the default browser?

You can set Chrome as your default browser. Follow the above-listed steps to open the setting in Chrome. On the left panel, open the Default browser. There You can choose Chrome to set it as default. If you don’t see any option, then it is your default browser.


Google chrome has a solution to every problem you face. Either it is related to the chrome browser or anything else. In this article, you got to learn how to stop chrome notifications on mobile. It will not take more than two minutes to change the settings. And now you’ll be relieved from that banging sound on your phone.

Browsing is involved in every field of work. Chrome is always there to help you provide a seamless browsing session. You can improve your browsing experience with Google Chrome flags.

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