What is IP Warming? Why You Should Care About it in 2022

Cybercriminals and spammers use different IP addresses by jumping from one IP address to another to send malicious emails and commit nefarious acts online. This is to evade authorities while staying undetected. As a security measure, internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs) require email marketers to build a good sender’s reputation before delivering and accepting bulk emails. To do this, you must do email warming first. If you are wondering what IP Warming is, you are at the right place.

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What Is IP Warming?

Gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from a new dedicated IP address on a predetermined schedule is called IP warming. For example, you can set the predetermined schedule to go by an x2 to x5 loop to achieve a 100k/month email sending goal. That means you start sending 50 emails today to 50 customers in your mailing list. Then you can send 100 emails to 100 users on the next day.

ip warming
IP Warming

The next day after that, you send 500 emails to 500 subscribers, and the x2 to x5 loop goes on until you can reach a 100k/month email sending goal. This isn’t the only systematic way of warming up your IP, but you can also do the 1-2-3-4k/week system. This means you start by sending 1000 emails in the first week of the month and 2k emails the next week. By following this system, you’ll be able to reach your planned 10k emails/month goal.

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Why You Need IP Warming?

Here are 5 Reasons why you need to pay attention to IP warming

Build and Protect Your Business’s Reputation

It’s the responsibility of ISPs and email service providers ESPs to check and filter incoming emails whether they are spammy or contain malicious content. This is to keep their customers happy and secure.

sender reputation
Sender Reputation

By warming up your IP address, ISPs and ESPs can carefully evaluate your content. Then will judge whether they are secure, have high engagement, and analyze your sending behavior. When you have successfully done IP warming and built a sender’s reputation, your business email and IP address will be trusted by ISPs and ESPs.

Cybercriminals cannot impersonate or use your business’s name and IP address for their nefarious acts. All because you have established legitimacy and a solid reputation. Fact: other people cannot use IP addresses unless they have connected to the router’s ethernet port or wifi.

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Increase Email Deliverability, Engagement, and Sales

Because your email sending IP address is trusted, more of your emails reach your recipients’ inbox without being blocked, bounced, ignored, or filtered into a user’s email spam box.


That, in turn, increases engagement rates and generates more leads and sales in your business.

You Get to Send Large Volumes of Email

Most ISPs limit a user (in this case – you) from sending large volumes of email immediately. This is considered as spammy behavior. IP warming doesn’t just build trust and reputation in your IP address to your recipients’ ESPs and ISPs.

bulk mailing
Bulk Mailing

It also lets you create your IP address’s reputation to the point that your ISP trusts you in sending large volumes of email.

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Engagement Metrics Become More Accurate

To measure your email campaigns’ success, you need to compute your emails first the engagement rates. This is done by comparing the number of emails you’ve sent in a given time and how many clicks, click-throughs, opens, conversions, and ignores your emails received using a reporting tool.

engagement metrics ip warming
Engagement Metrics

Blocked, bounced, ignored, or filtered emails by your customers’ ISPs and ESPs make the computation difficult, and they mess with your metrics. Since IP warming increases your email deliverability, your computations are more comfortable to do, leading to more accurate success measurement results.

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It Helps You Reassess Your Content and Campaign Sending Schedule

Checking for spammy words in emails is part of the ISPs and ESPs work to evaluate new IP addresses. Through IP warming, you’ll know which words to use in your subject lines, and the email body that drives high engagement rates and high engagement rates helps boost your sender’s reputation.

reassess your content
Reassess Your Content

You’ll also know which words or email marketing strategies to avoid. Because of that your emails won’t go to your users’ spam box. You will know which are the best days, and what hours of the day are good for sending emails.

What Will Happen If You Ignore IP Warming?

Failure to do IP warming first before sending large volumes of emails will make ISPs and ESPs label your IP address as a malicious sender. All your emails sent using that IP address thereon will be rejected. It will be ignored, or blocked, making it hard to reach out to your customers.

malicious sender ip warming
malicious sender

It doesn’t matter if you use a new email for sending campaigns. It’s your IP address that sets your sender’s reputation for sending bulk email. Once your IP address is labeled as a spam-sender, you’ll need a new IP address, and you go back to zero.

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IP warming is significant for new email marketers who want to save money and don’t want to use email marketing services from the get-go. Here are some affordable extensions to help with your email marketing endeavors. Don’t forget to take your time and build your IP address’s sender reputation first before sending bulk emails.

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