A wireless service provider offers personal communication, cellular telephone, or both. Thus, you must know the difference between MetroPCS Vs. Cricket now! A wireless service provider (WSP) can be any company offering transmission services to various people through wireless devices, for example, telephones and handheld computers. They do not provide such services through end-to-end wire communication but through radiofrequency (RF) signals.

Cricket is compatible with MetroPCS. Depending on the radio bands each phone supports, they will all function with varied degrees of coverage. It will function. I connected my unlocked Metro phone to Cricket informally (using PDANet); no issues.

The term can also be used for Internet access providers and satellite television. Two such wireless service providers that are very popularly used are MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless. There is always a comparison, and a question arises in the users’ minds about MetroPCS vs. Cricket, which one should they prefer?

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What Is MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is a wireless service provider used in the United States; it is a prepaid service only and part of T-Mobile US Inc. You can use it all over the US; this wireless service lets you text, talk and exchange data.

metro pcs

The company offers various plans, and you can choose the plan that suits you. It was declared the sixth most extensive mobile telecommunication network in the US, using a technology called Code Division Multiple Access.

You can use its plans on the 4G LTE network, HSPA, GSM, HSPA+, etc. It has been very successful and is used by many people in the United States.

What Is Cricket Wireless LLC?

Cricket Wireless LLC is a competitor of MetroPCS. It is another wireless service provider based in the United States. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. Similar to MetroPCS, and even Cricket Wireless offers text, data, mobile voice, etc.

cricket wireless

It was incorporated in 1999 and has been growing ever since. AT&T Inc. acquired the company from Leap Wireless International Inc. for $1.2 billion. It was doing such great business even in 2013.

Since then, it has emerged as one of the essential names in the wireless service industry and has proved to be a strong competitor against all wireless services companies.

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Competition Of MetroPCS Vs. Cricket

There is always a comparison between the best-prepaid plans, and people keep wondering which one is better and what they should use. You can always find a debate on MetroPCS vs. Cricket.


There are pros and cons to both wireless services. If you want to know which one is better, read on. MetroPCS uses the T-Mobile network. Cricket uses the AT&T network. So depending on where these companies have good coverage, and you’re located, the answer may be different. And that’s just one dimension.

MetroPCS Vs. Cricket – Which One To Prefer?

To draw a solution between MetroPCS vs. Cricket, the following information is:


Let’s look at some Pros and Cons of MetroPCS:


  • Best value for an unlimited plan.
  • T-Mobile has fast downloading speeds and widespread coverage.
  • The phone acts as a mobile hotspot for free. (but is capped at 8GB)
  • Stream music is free from your data allowance.
  • $5 discount for each additional line. (up to 5 lines)
  • Decent selection of iOS and Android phones.



  • Lower data plans are more expensive than some competitors.
  • You must pay an extra fee per month for international calling and texting.
  • Some users report slow internet speeds.
  • Hotspot/tethering usage is a cap of 8 GB.


All MetroPCS plans include unlimited talk, unlimited text, and Data Maximizer. All but their lowest-priced program allows music streaming free from your data usage. The prices below include taxes and fees. They also offer a $5 discount for each additional line.

pricing plans

For 1GB of data – $ 30 per month
For 3 GB data – $40 per month
8 GB data – $50 per month
For unlimited data – $ 60 per month

Cricket Wireless

Let’s know about the cricket wireless on the other side of MetroPCS Vs. Cricket.


  • Benefit from AT&Cricketnal coverage. (in more places than Sprint)
  • Bring your phone a more significant number of compatible phones than many services.
  • Significant group savings for families.
  • Unlimited texting to 38 countries with higher-priced plans.
  • No activation fee if you order online
  • Good selection of primary and smartphones.

cricket wireless


  • The unlimited 4G LTE data plan is higher than the competitors.
  • Additional $10 per month for mobile hotspot.
  • No data-free music streaming feature.
  • Many users report poor customer service


For 1GB of data – $ 30 per month
For 3 GB data – $40 per month
8 GB data – $50 per month
For 12 GB data – $ 60 per month
For unlimited data – $70 per month

cricket pricing plans

In the argument, MetroPCS vs. Cricket, Cricket does have better in-store service, their network is usually of better quality, and they let you purchase roaming minutes. Cricket doesn’t allow Cricket-To-Cricket market walking unless you pay a fee.

It does allow you to use ANY CDMA phone with their service. Cricket has 3G/EvDo data. The similarities in the argument Metro PCS vs. Cricket are that MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless work on a no-conCricketasis.

Their plans are also quite similar, especially in the pricing. And voice features, for example – voicemail, caller ID, unlimited minutes, etc. MetroPCS has family plans according to your preferences, while Cricket does not offer any well-defined Cricketplans.

An example of a family plan regarding MetroPCS is that for $100, you can use four lines of unlimited incoming/outgoing calls.

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Is MetroPCS any good?

Most of the time, Metro connects to the T-Mobile network for its excellent speeds and coverage. Metro uses T-Mobile's network, which despite having the worst range of the three major networks, covers 62% of the total count.

Is Metro 5G?

The T-Mobile 5G network is five times as fast as its 4G LTE counterpart, and now that Ultra Capacity 5G is being rolled out nationally, you can experience speeds that are on par with Wi-Fi. Customers of Metro will benefit from an improved user experience and a connection that enables downloading of films and nearly anywhere listening to music.

When was MetroPCS founded?

However, MetroPCS, which debuted in January 2002, aims to change. MetroPCS provides subscribers unlimited minutes for a fixed rate and does not require a contract or a credit check to provide this service. It represents a breakthrough paradigm in the wireless industry.

Which is better, Verizon or Cricket?

Cricket has more 5G coverage than Verizon even though its network is approximately 20% smaller than T-Mobile's sizable 5G network. Cricket offers more range overall than T-Mobile and better 5G coverage than Verizon. It's the ideal option for people who live in rural areas and excellent for those who live in cities.

Does AT&T own Cricket?

AT&T owns Cricket Cellphone, a prepaid cellphone service provider in the United States. Its wireless services serve ten million subscribers.

Can I change from Metro to T-Mobile?

Your current landline or wireless number with another carrier is still valid. Before transferring your existing number to T-Mobile, determine if it is possible. If so, simply authorize the transfer by following the on-screen procedures shown during checkout.

MetroPCS VS Cricket – The Conclusion

You can resolve MetroPCS Vs. Cricket by understanding MetroPCS’s network, as it usually covers more square miles. They let you go to any other MetroPCS network and use all your features the same as you can if you were in LV (Cricket allows you to do this for an extra fee).

But roaming charges are per minute and are usually about seventy-five cents. MetroPCS customer service is just a tad less quality than Crickets. It restricts customers from using ONLY their MetroPCS-branded devices. MetroPCS does not have 3G data, but they do offer PTT services.

The pros and cons are above. The comparisons have been MetroPCS vs. Cricket Wireless to resolve the issue of crickets vs. Cricket. Both have advantages and disadvantages; they are even similar in many cases. Some people prefer MetroPCS, while some prefer Cricket Wireless.

It depends on your coCricketce and usability. It all comes down to your choice and preference for the wireless service you want. The best way to judge the wireless services would be to test both carriers and see which works best for you where you work, live, and hang out.

Thus, MetroPCS vs. Cricket argument can end, and you can choose one of them by reading their services as mentioned above and deciding which one suits your preference and can help you.

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