9 Best Places to Get Residential Proxies From in 2023

There are many reasons why you would want to use residential proxies. The most straightforward one is privacy. A proxy prevents websites from tracking your online activities or collecting data about you. You can hide your real IP address by using a proxy to mask your internet requests.

Of course, proxies are also handy when you anonymize other activities on the internet. For example, if you are a researcher or a business trying to collect public data from the World Wide Web, using thousands of IP addresses from residential proxy pools is the way to go. And The Social Proxy provides exactly that at the most cost-effective price if you opt for mobile private proxies.


Residential proxy networks are unique in the way they direct traffic. They borrow the IP addresses of thousands – sometimes millions – of residential devices. You can send all your connection requests through them.

You can find residential proxy services from the best providers nowadays. Whether you need proxies for web scraping or want to automate some analytics tasks, read the blog post about residential proxy networks.

Top 9 Residential Proxy Providers of 2023

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Smartproxy is the go-to service provider when it comes to residential proxy networks. The company was one of the first to make residential proxies available legitimately. It is also a service that you can get without breaking the bank: most plans offered by Smartproxy are affordable for individual and business users.

smart proxy

Smartproxy offers a wide range of features, but its pool of over 40 million proxies is the most appealing feature. Don’t run out of IP addresses or get blocked by data sources when running big data scraping operations. The proxies are spread across 195 locations around the world.

Performance is never an issue with Smartproxy residential proxies. You will never experience slowdowns or run into bottlenecks. The tool also supports the main web scraping platforms with automatic IP rotation, making it one of the easiest to integrate today.

Visit: Smartproxy

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Oxylabs is another great option for those looking for affordable residential proxy services. Oxylabs’ services are geared more towards business (and larger) users. This is no stranger to web scraping, so finding its proxy service tailored to scrapers and digital marketers’ needs is unsurprising.

oxy labs

Still, you get more than 70 million residential IP addresses when you use Oxylabs services. Performance is top-notch, and you never have to worry about not having enough capacity to stream from larger data sources. You can even run complex scraping applications in the cloud and still use proxies from Oxylabs.

Oxylabs offers superb customer support. You get a dedicated account manager to help you configure your residential proxies from the moment you request a quote for the company’s services. This is the perfect service to use if you want to use web scraping to gain business insights.

Visit: Oxylabs


If you have used a proxy service before, you are most likely familiar with Luminati. It is one of the oldest names in the business and the largest proxies provider in the market. Luminati has a service plan for everyone, but it is now starting to prioritize enterprise clients with big needs.

Proxy network Luminati

Luminati is the biggest, with more than 72 million residential IP addresses in multiple pools. You can route traffic through proxies in any city worldwide and get great performance every time. You also have granular control over your use of proxies, including how you want the traffic to be routed when accessing specific sites or data sources.

While Luminati is not the most affordable residential proxy service, it is certainly the most accessible. You can pay only for the resources you use (in a pay-as-you-go business model), and you can limit your use of residential proxies according to the budget you have.

Visit: Luminati 

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Aside from these three, there are other providers that let you use residential proxies for various purposes. GeoSurf is a particularly popular option for its granular location targeting options. Its proxy pools are not as large as the other competitors, but Geosurf supports routing traffic to more than 1,500 cities. What’s interesting about Geosurf is its browser plugin, which lets you use residential proxy networks when browsing the internet.


If location is not a big factor for you, you can also try NetNut as an alternative. It has only 5 million residential IP addresses from around 50 cities.

Visit: Geosurf

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The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy was designed to solve online identity issues and protect the users’ accounts and identities. Their residential proxies enable users to safely perform complex operations such as automation, crawling, scraping, and more.

The Social Proxy

Also, they have an intuitive dashboard that allows users to manage their IP addresses and connection speeds with ease and easily. They offer mobile residential proxies in the following countries: the United States (New York, Texas, San Francisco, and Miami), the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Israel.


Hidester’s proxy service allows you to browse the web under anonymity, bypass geo-blocks, and avoid being tracked. You do not have to register or install any software with Hidester. Go to Hidester’s webpage from your computer or any other device and type in the URL you want to go to in the box given.


Soax has more than 5 million home IP addresses spread across continents and countries. Their residential proxies are suitable for pricing monitoring, ad verification, web scraping, bulk account registration, and SEO.


Soax proxies are high-performance, quick, and compatible with the most popular websites. You must have access to all location proxies in order to use them. Automatic IP rotation is available, as well as geo-targeting. When you can access specific locations with their paid packages,y

Visit: Soax


The RSocks team has many residential plans that have been produced for various purposes and, more significantly, have been proven to be highly effective. Such diversity was designed with the intention of allowing everyone to find a plan that meets their needs in terms of price, online availability, rotation, and other factors.

Cleaning spamhouse bases on a daily basis allows proxy packs to be determined without the usage of services. For ultimate network freedom, use any proxy bundle with unlimited traffic. We support the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 / 4a, SOCKS5, and SOCKS6.

Visit: RSocks


Your browsing habits and personal information are kept private from prying eyes, allowing you a truly secure surfing experience. IPRoyal provides the industry’s fastest datacenter and residential proxies, with an uptime of more than 99.9%.


IPRoyal has a solution for you, whether you need SOCKS5, HTTP(S), sticky, or rotating India residential proxies. Our India proxies provide speed, dependability, and anonymity for all usage cases and scenarios. With an IP address from India, you may instantly connect to any information source and collect data while avoiding anti-scraping methods and detection.

Download: IPRoyal


Voila! Adios! Here we have our handpicked list of residential proxy networks to hide your IP address. Regardless of why you need residential proxies, you cannot go wrong with these service providers. Please go check them out and have fun.

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