Smartproxy Review: Everything You Should Know [Updated Guide]

You probably know what a proxy server means if you’re reading this article. But if you don’t, then do not panic. This article will brief you on that and, more importantly, give you a proxy provider Smartproxy review.proxy servers

In short, proxy servers act as the intermediary agents between you and the web servers, which offers you many benefits like security from strangers and fast services. Many businesses use such services for multiple reasons: brand protection, social media management, business intelligence, SEO analysis, and more.s. And if you are looking to avail more authentic and excellent services like Residential proxies, Smartproxy is the best choice for it!

This Smartproxy review will elaborate on all the highlights of the proxy provider’s services. Make sure to read this Smartproxy review till the end.

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Smartproxy Review

If you have thought about using Smartproxy but are still on the fence, you are at the right place. Nowadays, Smartproxy is the third-largest provider in the market. They’re well known for their high-quality residential proxies for a reasonable price.smartproxy logo


These two functionalities made Smartproxy the first choice for numerous sneakerheads, social media managers, and small-time scrapers. But first of all, let us get into what Smartproxy can offer.

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Overview (Smartproxy Review)

It offers two proxies- rotating residential and shared data center IPs. The proxies are all IPV4 (the preferable type). They support HTTP and HTTPS protocols but not SOCKS5. Smartproxy has no connection limits.

proxies without limits

So if you want, you can make 500 connections or even more, all at once. The provider’s primary focus is rotating residential proxies. They include some pretty nice features. You can access Smartproxy’s entire pool of 40 million IPs by subscribing to any plan.

They are located in 195 countries, that is, everywhere. You can either mark all prominent areas, which is a huge advantage. Smartproxy has announced a new feature that lets you target the states in the US. 

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You can set it to spin the IPs by itself for every link or retain the same IP for nearly thirty minutes. Previously, you could only choose a maximum sticky session of 10 minutes. The authentication methods include user pass credentials and whitelisting an IP address. 

As for data center proxies, they are shared, and they are inexpensive. By buying any plan, you can access the full pool of 40,000 IPs all in the US. The rotation sessions can range from each request to every 30 minutes, which is pretty impressive!

Here, you only have a user: pass authentication. Now, let us go deeper and talk about user experience at Smartproxy. Also, we will give you the honest Smartproxy Review.

User Experience

Smartproxy offers a user-friendly dashboard and extras, such as an API, browser extension, and proxy generator. The proxy setup is pretty straightforward.

First, you select an authentication method. Either create a username and password or whitelist an IP address. Then you can go to the endpoint generator. There you choose the authentication method you set up, a country, rotation settings, and the format of your proxy list. This will give you a list of back-connect gateway servers.dashboard login


Note that these are not IPs but rather endpoints that fetch IP addresses for you from a provider’s proxy pool. The dashboard is supplemented by tutorials and rich documentation, which should be helpful for amateurs.

Other than that, you will be able to buy and upgrade plans and track your traffic usage in an always-visible bar at the top. You will like this because you can limit traffic for sub-users, which allows for easier task management or reselling. 

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Smartproxy’s residential IPs had no significant flaws and consistently competed for top spots among the nine leading providers. And it is currently the best proxy provider in the market, and you can look for it yourself. 



Smartproxy embraces a self-service approach rather than having dedicated account managers like some providers. Still, it doesn’t compromise on support. The agents are available 24/7, both on live chat and by email. These are some positive points of the Smartproxy review.


Smartproxy’s traffic-based pricing with no auto-renewing subscription, so let’s not forget that part! The data center proxies start at fifty cents per gigabyte and stay that way. The most appealing thing for residential proxy users is that the entry plan starts from $75 for five gigabytes ($15 per gigabyte).


Based on the plan you choose, you can get up to five sub-users with an option to buy five more, which makes Smartproxy ideal for personal or small business use. For those who want to try the services, there is a 3-day refund option.

Compared to the premium providers, the prices are very attractive throughout the range. After reading the Smartproxy review, you might ask, “Should I choose this provider?” Let us get into that question now.

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Why Should I Choose Smartproxy?

Considering that you can get fast and reliable proxies in all the countries in the world with excellent performance and 24/7 customer service and a below-average price, you shouldn’t have second thoughts about Smartproxy.

smartproxy proxy service reviews

If you need proxies for ad verification, market research, or sneaker copping, you will most likely be delighted with Smartproxy.

Conclusion (Smartproxy Review)

At the end of this review, you know how good a Smartproxy proxy provider is and what it offers if you are looking to avail of its features. It is entirely reliable given how established it is in the market.

The customer service is great, which makes it even more preferable than other proxy providers. Anyway, this article offers you a detailed review to help you make the right decision. 

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