Track a Cell Phone Location Without Knowing Them [How to]

Tracking a cell phone is not illegal if the said cell phone belongs to you in any way. It may be a phone you have given someone, your kids, employee, partner etc. But still, the phone remains yours. Tracking a cell phone is not only needed when the phone is in someone else’s possession, but you may also need to track down your lost or stolen smartphone. Thus, you should learn how to Track a Cell Phone Location without the other person knowing. You can also try to get personal information from a phone number in many ways.

There may be many such reasons as to why you want to track a cell phone location. Sometimes tracking the location of the cell phone needs to be done without the knowledge of the user.

Especially in the case of your employee or kids. You may be a concerned parent checking the whereabouts of your kids, making sure they are not skipping classes or going somewhere they are not supposed to go.

Or you may be someone who does not feel secure about your partner’s wandering. Whatever situation you may be in, it is always trustworthy to track their device than ask them to know the real location of the person.

Although it may not be illegal, it still does not seem ethical. As spying on someone’s cell phone may find it as a break into their privacy. But there are times when you cannot stand reluctantly because of privacy issues especially if it includes the safety of someone you care about.

Whenever you are tracking or spying on someone, let it be your employee, kids or partner, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind.

Why to Track a Cell Phone Location

There are many apps available on the internet that offer the function to track a cell phone location. Always make sure that you use the most trustworthy and up to date application.

Also, make sure that you install the tracking app without the knowledge of the user. Maybe just after buying it, anyway do it before you hand over the phone to them.

Know what is the reason for which you are tracking the cell phone location. It may not be the same reason why you track your employees and your kids. Know what need you have and use the app to suit your need perfectly.

There are many methods you can use to track a cell phone location. It may be with the help of your service carrier or mobile settings. But if you want to do the tracking without them knowing, then it is always better to use apps on the smartphone.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location

So here we introduce you to a few easy ways to track a cell phone location without the user knowing it:

Tracking Location on iPhone Device

If you are using or have given an iPhone and want to track it, then the best way to do it would be using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. This is one of the most straightforward applications to pinpoint the location of your device.

The app does precisely what it says about the App Name and much more.


It can apparently find the location of the iPhone you are looking for. It also has functions such as activating a siren at full volume for as long as 2 minutes, remotely lock the device with a pass code, turn on a ‘Lost Mode’ and show a custom message on the phone screen.

And if you feel the security of device has been compromised, you can wipe off all its data.

To use find my iPhone all you have to do is download the app if it is not already on your phone, then enable it in the iCloud settings. After that, you can track the iPhone location using another iOS device or from a desktop using iCloud.

Tracking Location on Android Device

If you’re looking to track the location of a smartphone that runs on android all, you would need an app called Android Device Manager. This app is a built-in tool for almost all android devices.

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

But do not worry if you don’t have it pre-installed on your cell phone as you can always download it for free from the Play store. And like any other android user, you would obviously need a google account to use this tool.

The primary function of the Device Manager tool is to locate the android devices that are logged onto your google account. But it also provides additional features like setting off an alarm on your smartphone, locking the phone, resetting the screen lock PIN and even erasing the entire data from the cell phone.

All you need to do to avail this tool in an android device is turn on the ‘remotely locate this device’ option under the ‘security’ settings. And also you would have to give this app the location access on your phone. And to track a cell phone, you just have to access the device manager from another device using your Google account.

Final Words

These are the primary OS specific built-in tools to track a cell phone location without them knowing. There are also third-party applications available on the Apple store as well as Play store such as Spyzie or mSpy.

But we suggest you use these apps as they are free, easy to use, and secure method to track a cell phone location. And since these are not too apparent applications, you can also do these tracking without the user knowing. Always use these tracking options for a better use and never to hurt anyone.

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