We realize how annoying it is when your tv screen suddenly decides to blackout in the middle of your favorite show. Sometimes, switching it off and on in frustration might work, but you can’t always get that lucky. So, we decided to help you by guiding you on how to fix the tv black screen.

tv black screen


Here, we answer the question, ‘why is my tv screen black?’ for you and find the solution. The solution includes proper alignment of your tv and cables, changing faulty cables, configuring sources properly, etc. 

It is a weekend, and you want to chill and binge-watch your favorite tv show. The last thing you’d want is a blank tv screen. You don’t want to spend your day finding tv repair shops and spend thousands just because your tv screen went black. Sometimes, people also complain that their tv is on, but the screen is black. It is a precise malfunction in the picture tube of your tv set, which causes a black tv screen.

We have highlighted some easy steps for you to fix your blank tv. But before that, you shall understand what renders a tv black screen. You can troubleshoot without spending much effort and money.

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What Leads To The TV Black Screen?

A tv black screen issue is not generated by just one specific problem. There can be several malfunctions that can cause a tv black screen issue.

defective linkage

Sometimes it is as uncomplicated as a loose cable, and sometimes it can become as complex as an internal fault like a defective picture tube. Below mentioned are a few malfunctions that lead to a tv black screen.

Electric Circuit Breakdown

Television is an electrically loaded device. It consumes an ample amount of energy to function. For this purpose, the design of the tv is such that it connects to various powerboards.


If there is an electricity cut in any of these boards, it can cause malfunctioning in the picture tube generating a tv black screen issueThis malfunction may sound reasonably technical, but it is, in reality, easy to fix.  We will confer that in the following lines. 

Defective Linkage

We are aware that television works on a power connection. Sometimes the connection linkage can be defective or lax, which might cause a screen issue.  

bent pin


This malfunction is not technical at all. You can fix it by tightening the wiring system of your tv set or simply just plugging it out and then back in. Loose connectivity is the easiest error to troubleshoot. 

A Nap Alarm Is Set Up

In today’s tv sets, there are options to set alarms and timers for sleep. These settings automatically switch off your tv in a given period in which you will supposedly fall asleep. Sometimes, this alarm can accidentally operate, causing a sudden black tv screen.

alarm set


We now know what the problem is. It can easily be tackled by going to the settings of your tv set and switching off the sleep timer. It’s time we look for solutions. 

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Quick Fixes For TV Black Screen

This issue is luckily easy to troubleshoot. We have found some efficient and texted ways for you to fix the black tv screen. 

HDMI cable


Below mentioned are a few fixes that you can turn to; 

  • True tone problem. If you have an LCD tv set, you must know that LCD tv sets have an inbuilt lighting tone called blacklight to adorn the visions on the screen. When this tone hinders, your tv screen can go black, causing the screen issue. This malfunction may require professional help as it involves changing the inbuilt blacklight in your tv set.
  • Make sure the alignment of your TV and media devices, such as prefixed sets and multimedia systems, is appropriate with cable and power cords first. This will let you calculate whether the problem relates to connectivity linkage or something else.
  • Assess the supply sources for errors. Press the menu icon on your Tv set to determine if there are any errors with your source. Your TV is in working order if the menu setting appears on the screen.
  • Configure your sources accurately. Faulty connectivity causes a black screen, and establishing your connections will fix the issue. Navigate to the connection pulldown menu by tapping the input icon on your Tv set. Check that all of your inputs configure correctly.
  • When they aren’t in use or at a fixed timeframe, some TVs have a sleep timer or battery-saving feature that switches off the display. The Tv set can be black because a nap alarm can be set. To turn it off, navigate your menu settings and switch it off. 

damage HDMI Cable


  • Sometimes, your TV’s HDMI cord can also be faulty, which might cause a tv black screen issue. Buy a new cable and change the faulty one. 

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What is HDMI Cord?

HDMI cords are one of the most extensively utilized HD transmissions for increased audio and video production through a wired junction between device types in a tv set.

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Could I alter the backlight on a TV set by myself?

Yes. It is a technical issue, but you can fix it. You must replace the led strip behind your tv set using a screwdriver. But, it is best advised to visit a tv repair shop and get it fixed by professionals.

Why is my TV turning on, but the display is blank?

f the electricity alert is on, there could be a software glitch with the TV. To perform a fast reboot, disconnect your television from the grid and, if feasible, remove the power supply out of the TV's base. To verify the screen again, take 30 seconds and reconnect it to a functional outlet.

What is causing the display on my smart TV to go black?

Blank space could signal that the TV is off, but if it's generating sounds, you must understand that isn't the issue. It's likely that your electric generation, not your TV, is the source of your TV's black screen even if it is on.

How long does an LED television typically last?

The industry benchmark for LED tv sets longevity is approximately ten years. Most customers perceive their screen will endure that long.


We have put the best solutions for fixing the tv black screen. A black tv screen can be a result of several different malfunctions. We know this issue can get to your nerves, so we give you the easiest and quickest solutions to fix the error.

Even after being a complicated issue, fixing a blank tv screen is easier. We are here to provide quick fixes. We don’t want a black tv screen to come between you and your binge-watch time. So, if you are facing this problem, refer to this article to give yourself a black screen free binging. 

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