The problem is faced when an end-user tries to play a video or playlist on YouTube, and after one or two flicks, YouTube stops or begins replaying the first two videos of the playlist. But there is no need to face this issue. You can fix your youtube autoplay not working effortlessly.

Due to damaged browser cache/data or damaged installation of the YouTube mobile application, AutoPlay may not function on YouTube. Furthermore, the problem under discussion could also be caused by an outdated browser or misconfiguration, such as incorrect DRM settings.

youtube autoplay issue

You can fix the Youtube autoplay on Mobile by unmuting the playback button, removing the Youtube updates, and reinstalling the Youtube app. For Web versions – Toggling on/off autoplay and logging out of Youtube, deleting browsers cache, and updating the search engine.

You may find the detailed instructions for turning on YouTube auto-play here. Before that, We would like to deliver some general tips to remember before attempting to solve your YouTube auto-play.

Do not forget

Reboot your devices (phone, pcs, modems, etc.) before continuing with the remedies to fix AutoPlay issues to see if the problem is a short-term bug. Additionally, use a search engine to visit YouTube rather than a bookmark or shortcut.


To avoid lengthy AutoPlay bouts a user may have forgotten, AutoPlay will only operate for thirty minutes on mobile networks and 4 hours on Wi-Fi.

For certain users, the problem is stopping the videos from starting automatically, while for others, It is the playlists and not specific videos. It reports that this behavior happens across almost all operating systems and web browsers.

Fix the YouTube autoplay failure in the mobile application 

Your YouTube autoplay failure can be corrected and works equally on iOS and Android devices.

Solution: Turn off the muted playback option to run Youtube autoplay smoothly.

The AutoPlay function in Youtube occasionally behaves unexpectedly if the Muted Playback feature is activated. In this situation, turning off the muted playback option might be the answer for restoring Youtube Autoplay properly.

  1. Open the YouTube app, then hit the profile icon on the top-right side of the display.settings
  2. Now select Muted Playback Feeds from the General menu.
  3. Open YouTube’s muted playback.muted playback feeds
  4. After that, click Off to turn off the muted playback.turn off autoplay on youtube
  5. Turn off the mute playback.
  6. Now, see if the videos or playlists on YouTube can auto-play.

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Solution: Remove YouTube application updates 

A bug in a recent update made the Youtube autoplay troublesome, which is a problem in the development and enhancement of applications.

In this regard, deleting YouTube program updates could fix the issue. Particular individuals might not be inclined to use this method. We will go over the procedure on an Android phone to help explain.

  1. Your phone’s settings should be opened, then tap Applications/Application settings
  2. Now, look up and click YouTube.
  3. Next, hit the More button on the upper right corner of the screen or look for uninstall updates at the bottom.uninstall updates
  4. Check if YouTube could make AutoPlay videos or playlists by tapping Uninstall Updates.

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Solution: Reinstalling the YouTube application is a third option. 

Youtube autoplay not working can be sorted by reinstalling the Youtube App. Only some users might be authorized to use this technique.

  1. Launch the Application Manager/Apps on your phone after opening Settings.apps
  2. Next, click YouTube and then click Uninstall.
  3. Then restart your phone.uninstall-youtube
  4. After restarting the device, install YouTube again and see if the AutoPlay feature functions correctly.install youtube
  5. If nothing else has helped you and YouTube fail to autoplay, investigate if the AutoPlay problem exists on a different network or device. Try using a YouTube add-on if the problem persists. 

Rectify your Youtube autoplay for YouTube Web. 

These fixes are for desktop browsers that think YouTube won’t show Autoplay on Chrome because We have the solutions to make your videos play automatically on the web!

Solution: Switch AutoPlay on/off and log out of your YouTube account

Even though You may have activated It in your application, the AutoPlay settings for the videos might not get started at the back end of your account. In this case, activating or turning off autoPlay in the media settings may fix the faulty Youtube autoplay.

  1. Browse YouTube in Chrome
  2. Open any suggested videos, then click the AutoPlay switch to enable (or disable) video
  3. Make sure the AutoPlay switch for the video is in that position by clicking the Settings (tool icon) in the player’s upper right corner (enabled or disabled).
  4. Now, see if the AutoPlay problem has been resolved on YouTube.
  5. If not, click the profile symbol in the Window’s upper right corner, then select Sign Out from the drop-down menu that signout
  6. Now see if YouTube allows you to AutoPlay videos or playlists.

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Solution: Delete Your Browser’s Caches and other Data 

Web browsers employ caches to speed up processes and enhance user experience. If your browser’s cache or data is faulty or misconfigured, Youtube autoPlay not working will be the other common issue.

In this situation, deleting caches and data from the browser can be the solution. For the Chrome browser, We will walk you through the procedure. You can see if the problem still exists in private or incognito mode.

  1. You can turn on the web browser and access its menu by tapping on the vertical arrow near the top right of the Window.
  2.  Click over More Tools in the visible menu now, then select Clear Browsing Data from the browser
  3. Finally, click the SignOut key at the Window’s base.signout
  4. Before clearing the account’s cache and data, log out.
  5. Choose the categories You wish to clear in the Advanced tab, the Temporal Sequence of All Time, or when the autoplay problem occurred. Selecting all of the classes is preferable.browsing data
  6. After that, relaunch the browser by clicking the Clear Data option.clear browsing cache and data
  7. Then, see if your Youtube autoplay breakdown has been fixed.

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Solution: Update the search engine to the most recent build as a third option. 

Browsers get routine updates to address new technical developments and fix known issues. If you operate an outdated browser, you can run into the problem we are trying to solve. In this situation, upgrading the browser with the most recent one might mend the issue. We will walk through the procedure using the Chrome Browser to provide clarification.

Clicking on the three vertical dots and horizontal ellipses close to the top right of the Window will start the Chrome browser and display its menu.

  1. Now choose Settings from the menu that occurs.settings
  2. Activate Chrome Settings.
  3. Then select About Chrome from the Window’s left about
  4. Review if a new Chrome version is available, Install It, and restart the autoplay problem
  5. Check to see if the issue of YouTube Autoplay not working resolves after updating the browser.

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Why is Youtube not automatically playing?

On YouTube, the loop playlist feature is not always enabled. If the YouTube playlists don't play continuously for some reason, you must personally enable this feature. On the collection you are now listening to, there is an icon for the Loop playlist. Tap on it to turn it blue.

How to turn on autoplay on Youtube?

YouTube playlists or videos that loop Visit the video's watch screen. In the player, select the More key. Tap on ONE LOOP ONLY. The video will keep playing.

How to reset autoplay settings?

In the Control Panel, reset the AutoPlay defaults. Select the AutoPlay icon in the Control Panel's icons view. You can see an option as Reset all defaults at the underside, Click or press Save. You may now dismiss the Control Panel.

How can you unblock autoplay?

To access it, click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the browser, then select Setting, Privacy & security, and Settings next to autoplay.


To repair your YouTube Autoplay Not Working, You now have four options (three for YouTube online and three for the YouTube application), which We would suggest. Both fixes for the YouTube app will function on both iOS and Android.

But before actually beginning to remedy your issue of YouTube autoplay not working, make sure you read the basic advice first. Right at the blog’s entry, words of wisdom stated under the heading “Do not forget “ is crucial.

If You have any queries regarding these solutions and other issues, please consider Us as your helper to make you doubt-free.

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