YouTube Not Working? Here are the 10 Easiest Ways to Fix It Now!

YouTube is one of the most visited online platforms in the whole world. It is famous because you will find almost every video you have on your mind. Whether it is a comedy, tutorials, help with your homework, Smartphone unboxing, and many more. At YouTube, more than a billion videos are viewed every day. Thus, it might create a problem if one day, you open the YouTube app to find YouTube not working. There might be many reasons as to why the app might not work. It could be related to your connection, or it might be that the servers are facing a problem. Today, I will be showing you the top ten ways to fix the issue of YouTube not working.

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Solve ‘YouTube Not Working’ Problem on iOS and Android

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Check Internet Connection

One of the most fundamental reasons for YouTube not working might be problems in your internet connection. If you are not receiving a connection at a particular place, like in a metro, YouTube might not work.

This is not a big problem. If the internet is the reason why your YouTube is not working, then simply wait until you reach a place where you receive a proper connection. You can also go to the settings menu and restart your internet by clicking off the ‘Mobile Data’ button and turning it on again.

Reboot Your Mobile Phone

If you are sure that the internet is not the problem for YouTube not working, then try the old remedy: Reboot your device. Just hold the power button and click on the reboot button. Sometimes rebooting your device might kill the problems, which are causing issues in the YouTube App. This is why you should restart your device at least once every day.

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Checking if it is Down Just for You

If YouTube is not running on your device, then you could open this website to know whether it is down for everyone or only you. Sometimes there might be problems in the servers that power YouTube. The most prominent reason for such a condition is over-powering traffic on the site. 

Clear Cache and App Data

If any of the above-listed methods do not help you, try to clear the app cache of YouTube and clear its data. This will reset the YouTube app, and you would have to log in to it once again to view your favorite videos.

This will delete all the previous data in your YouTube app and free up some space in your Smartphone. Sometimes, clearing the cache might solve the problem of YouTube not working.

Update YouTube App

Sometimes when you have not updated an app for too long, it stops working. Thus, to make it work once again, update the YouTube Application by going to the Google Play Store and searching for YouTube. Click on the update option and let it download. Or you can just choose to download the videos through external apps like BitDownloader. You should update the app regularly to enjoy new features updated by Google.

Update your Operating System

If YouTube is not operating on your device, there are some chances that it might be due to your old operating system. With regular updates, YouTube might have outrun your old operating system.

To counter this problem, go to settings and check in the Software Updates section for pending updates. If there are any updates accessible, download them. After the update is completed, launch the YouTube app and check whether it works or not.

Fix ‘YouTube Not Working’ Issue on PC

You watch YouTube videos through your Windows PC or Macbook, and there are many reasons why YouTube might not work. One of the common reasons for YouTube not working on mobile or PC is a slow internet connection. Thus, check whether your internet is working correctly or not. If the internet is not the problem, try these solutions.

Check Date and Time Settings

Sometimes, without your notice, your date and time settings change due to a software error in your windows. This can lead to a ton of problems, including YouTube, not working. To correct this error, simply check the date and time on the top right corner of your PC. If it is incorrect, click on it and fill in the correct time and date details.

Update Browser

There are mostly two browsers preferred by people for use on a PC: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you are implementing any of these browsers for quite some time and one day sees the error of YouTube not working, simply update the browser. You can update your browser by heading to its official site and installing the latest version.

Removing Extensions

You add several extensions to the chrome browser. These extensions might cause problems in the YouTube application, and you might not be able to use it. Thus, simply remove these extensions one by one, then go to the YouTube website, and see if it works or not.

Update Video Drivers

Another reason why you might not be able to watch YouTube videos could be that your PC’s video drivers are outdated. To update, Video Drivers on your PC, click on the Windows button + X and click on device managers. Find video drivers and click on the update option. It will be auto-updated. Now, try to launch the YouTube App and see whether it works or not.


Why is YouTube currently down?

Delete the cache and data for YouTube. If you've been using the YouTube app for a while, a lot of cache and data may have accumulated and be the source of your problems. Go to Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage on Android. Check to see if the issue is fixed by tapping Clear cache. If not, come back here and select 'Clear data.'

How do I change my YouTube account?

A YouTube app update Launch the Google Play Store application. Press Menu. My games and apps. Apps marked ‘Update’ are those that have an update available. To update every app, select Update All. For individual apps, pick the precise program you wish to update and hit Update

What has changed with YouTube 2021?

The option to move between accounts is one of the best new YouTube Updates for 2021. You can link these two channels under a single Gmail account if you run or own another YouTube channel. The YouTube Permissions and User Roles section has more information on how you can accomplish this.

When YouTube is down, how do you update it?

Top 7 Fixing Methods Restart your phone if you can't install or update YouTube on Android. As usual, restarting your phone should be your first action. Operating system check and update. eject the SD card. Remove Cache. Take YouTube offline. Play Store updates should be removed. App preferences can be reset.

How can YouTube be fixed?

a YouTube app Launch the YouTube app again. Restart the computer. Turn off and then back on your mobile data connection. Delete the cache for the YouTube app. Install YouTube again after uninstalling it. Update the YouTube app to the most recent version that is available. Update Android to the most recent version that is available.

How come YouTube is loading?

Causes of YouTube Videos That Continue to Load The server for YouTube is down. The internet connection is unreliable or slow. The YouTube app has become stale. Your VPN isn't operating normally.

Is YouTube about to be discontinued?

However, it is currently deactivating one of the most well-liked Android Go apps. Google has confirmed that YouTube Go would be permanently discontinued as of August 2022. In order to reach consumers in areas with poor connectivity, expensive data plans, and low-end devices, YouTube Go was introduced in 2016.

What current updates to YouTube's service exist?

site for sharing videos Changes to YouTube's terms of service give the business the authority to monetize all material on its site by slapping adverts alongside videos from channels that are not part of its partner programme.

How come YouTube says there is no connection?

Error messages can have a variety of underlying reasons. Many of them, such a poor Internet connection or inadequate memory on your device, are beyond YouTube's control. The following are a few of the most typical error messages: ‘Please verify your network connection’ (Retry).

Is Netflix larger than YouTube?

Compared to Netflix, YouTube has a larger yearly run rate ($34B). The parent company of Google, Alphabet, released its most recent earnings report on Tuesday evening. And that was crazy. According to The Verge, Alphabet's revenue in 2021 increased by 41% YoY to a record $257 billion.



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Well, these were some of the ways through which you can fix YouTube not working. If the YouTube app still does not work, it might be that there are some errors in the website itself. Do not worry, as Google will mostly fix it in a few hours. If you know of any other way to fix YouTube not working, comment it down below. I hope you liked the post.

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