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“The world is getting smaller,” we say this often. Moreover, this statement has become particularly true in today’s age of social media. It is possible to know anything about anyone and anything through social media. As the world is shrinking, so is the world market. We can just float an advertisement on social media. To make an advertisement on social media, resorting to videos is a common trend. If you want to learn how to make an intro for YouTube videos impactful such that it has a lasting effect on the viewer, you need to use various special effects and that is when video editing tools come to our rescue.

One of the best user-friendly tools available in the current period to make videos with pictures is InVideo. This is a tool, which is immensely popular among marketers, individuals, advertising agencies, and publishers.

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Features available in InVideo:


This feature enables users to allow more than one user to work on a single video. With more helping hands, it is possible to make videos with pictures with optimum creativity.

Brand Overlay

This tool has a vital feature of Brand Overlay, which helps us to create stunning videos. This feature enables the user to imbibe logos or watermarks on the videos. This can help us to make videos with pictures, which are then engraved permanently in the minds of the user.

Text Overlay

Slogans have always been an identity of brands. For example, ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ is synonymous with Amul. With the Text Overlay feature of InVideo, the user can superimpose words/slogans on videos in a variety of sizes and fonts on the film along with video effects.

HD resolution

Supporting HD resolution enables the users to create videos with pictures of high-quality. It also enables the users who have shot their films on a cell phone or a low-resolution camera to upload on social sites which otherwise may be difficult, leaving the viewers stunned with the visuals they see.


A split edit helps to transit from one shot to another in a video. It is done to enhance the flow of the film, allowing the viewers to understand the context of the film.

A merge edit enables the editor to combine video clips into one video.

InVideo provides the user with this facility to help him make a video with pictures, which are more appealing.

Video Stabilization

It possesses a set of techniques to reduce blurring caused due to motion of the camera or any other imaging device while shooting the video. This enables to make a video with pictures of high quality in spite of being shot in motion.

Speed adjustments

InVideo enables in adjusting playback speeds and synchronize it with the video being played. It helps to correct too slow or too fast episode speeding up or slowing down of your videos. This is especially useful in creating videos in slow motion where audio-video speed adjustments are required.

Audio Tools

It aids to arrange audio clips along with video clips. It helps to apply color corrections and apply filters in the process of manipulating audios to alter length, speed and create an additional version like loops.

Media Library

The Media Library is a storehouse of the raw material provided by the editing tool, which enables you to make videos with pictures more effective. InVideo has a wonderful media library with audios, video images, and templates, which can help you to make videos with pictures spectacular.

Social Sharing

Sharing videos and pictures on social media is a part and parcel of today’s life, not only at a personal level but also at the commercial level. InVideo enables to send videos, photos or, links to your contacts on social sites. It enables you to do promotions for desired products, thus aiding to increase the scope of his business.

InVideo is a user-friendly editing tool, suitable both to beginners and professional video editors. When a video is edited by InVideo and uploaded on social media it is difficult to differentiate the work by an amateur from a professional. It has a vast library of templates, which can be readily used.

Besides this, it provides excellent customer service and free tutorials making it exceptionally easy to operate. This editing tool is a perfect aid to make a great video with pictures. InVideo is operational on Windows and Mac, making it the most sort out editing tool which helps the user to make videos with pictures of his choice.

InVideo constantly upgrades its versions by reviewing Blender and other 21 editing tools so that you can make videos with pictures in a more and more ecstatic way. The desire to provide the best services to the consumer motivates to improve itself constantly. This is what makes it popular among users, be it, beginners or professionals. The editing tool has given its consumers complete satisfaction, who find the tool a great value for their money.

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