15 Best Free Emoji Apps for Android in 2022 (Updated)

The invention of emoji have made life a lot easier and made chatting way more interesting. Using characters to chat than to use text is a whole another level of adventure. Thus, you must know about the best emoticons apps for android out there.

The modern messaging platform is has taken a completely different side and has made our life a lot easier and jolly.

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Top 15 Free Emoji Apps

Here are the top 15 Free Emoji app for Android phones which can be useful to any emoji lover.


With access to over 3,000 emojis and emoticons, Facemoji is one of the leading free emoji Apps.


Facemoji should be set as your default application to use it like every other application.
Apart from emojis, it gives you the authority to customize your keyboard with any theme or set any picture as a background.

Visit: Facemoji

AI.Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin

This is a keyboard that uses Emoji application with the help of Emoji app plug-in already available on the list. AI.Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin is one of the top 10 Emoji apps widely used in the play store for Android devices. The application jumbles with lots of different themes and an awesome level of features.

ai.type Emoji Keyboard

The interface of the keyboard is scrollable. And can very easily be used to navigate through 1000 Emojis. And also around 1500 graphical pictures and images available in the app. The best part of this one of the Emoji Apps is that, with every word you type, there is an Emoji suggestion for the same.

Visit: AI Type Emoji Keyboard Plugin

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SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is a virtual keyboard application developed for Android and iOS devices. With an inbuilt plugin for an emoji, it suggests an emoji, as you write any word or phrase. It uses a blend of AI technology that enables it to predict the next word that the user intends to type. The prediction engine used allows the SwiftKey app to learn from usage and improve predictions.

Swift KeyBoard

It will display a pizza icon when you type pizza. It’s fun to see an emoji while typing. It also has several versions available.

Along with the above applications, there are massive emoji applications available on the play store for various Android and iOS devices for taking our conversations to a better level.

Visit: Swift KeyBoard

Emoji Keyboard Pro

This app provides an option to customize your keyboard. Emoji Keyboard Pro is a wholly functional keyboard that allows us to have the taste we want to procure for our keyboard.

Emoji keyboard

The emoji are available in all kinds of messaging applications and can access anytime. The internet connection is required to use the GIF’s facility from the application free of cost.

Visit: Emoji KeyBoard Pro


Bitmoji is a bit different from other apps. It lets you create your own personalized avatar and come up with stickers of that avatar. Creating your avatar is fun, and it is the best part of this app.

From the shape of your face to wrinkles near your eyes, from the shape of your nose to the colour of your eyeballs, you can build an avatar that exactly looks like you through Bitmoji.
The app helps you to have your stickers also. Bitmoji also integrates with GBoard.


You can access Bitmoji stickers from GBoard. It unlocks a new feature called ‘Friendmoji’ through which you can access stickers of your friends also. Such an exciting feature makes Bitmoji one of the top-ranked keyboard whereas Bitmoji was an independent app earlier which was later acquired by Snapchat.

Visit: Bitmoji

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Similar to the BitMoji app, this lets you download GIFs, stickers and emojis. With a plethora of GIFs collection, you can find these apps in iOS devices as well which makes it all the more cooler. You can use it across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. This is one of the best free emoji app for android out there.

giphyAlso create and customise our own emojis! If you need an emoji for every mood, then this is the right app.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

The list starts with the best and the most reviewed Emoji keyboards that are profusely used on the play store. To experience the same as a user is very warm and soothing and to add to everything there are plenty of features embedded in the keyboard like animated icons, funny pictures, amazing GIF’s, clip art, etc.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard is one of the Emoji Apps has all the standard features like auto-correction, prediction, etc. There are also 100’s of themes and sounds, different kinds of language options to choose from and also different fonts that make it perfect to go with.

It also comes with a single-handed mode feature and keyboard feature that too for free. Head over to the play store to get one for yourself and not missing out on any of it.


This is the best-ranked emoji application available on the Google Play Store which gives a variety of emojis to choose from. It is a keyboard from Google, which is fast and easy to use.
Along with emojis, this application has gesture typing, voice typing, word suggestions, etc. It also provides numerous stickers and GIF.


Google has also added a search option, which is much quicker and convenient. Emoji prediction is also an added feature. You can also draw an emoji, so it predicts that emoji for you. It supports Google translate and over 120 languages.

Visit: GBoard

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Emoticon Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoticon Keyboard Cute Emoticons will assort the talk in any courier by utilizing entertaining smileys, sharing stickers, and sending animated gifs!


When you download the best console, you will approach utilizing more than 3 thousand lively faces, making the discussion more educational and passionate. The application predicts the following image or word’s contribution and gives a fast hunt to any smiley or vivified picture straightforwardly from the console.

You will like utilizing the utility since it has amazing settings: you can change the size and style, set any tones, and custom designs. You will be additionally satisfied with dazzling topics!

The application upholds 65 dialects. It is one of the best emoji android apps available in the store.

Visit: Emoticon Keyboard Cute Emoticons

StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji

The number two app on the list of Emoji Apps is the one with a completely different style and a different set of features. Everyone loves taking selfies, and StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji gives you a golden chance to use using your selfie to create your Emoji. The fabulous feature includes the ability to make up to 60 different themed stickers or Emoji.


You can even customize your picture and then further process it as your Emoji. The stickers can be made good use of social media like Line and WeChat. The stock of amazing stickers and emojis demands some payment, but still, the app is worth a try.

Emojidom Smileys

Emojidom Smileys Runs successfully on any of the android devices and this Emojidom are a kingdom of its own smileys and emoji. Users have shown their positive review for Emojidom thus making it even more preferable. If you are a die-hard fan of emoji’s, then this app is a must-try.


The app has a collection of over 4000+ unique, funny and lovely HD smiley’s and emoji’s that can be shared with friends on social media.

The wide collection it has includes black and Asian emoticons and Emoji support and visibility on any device. Earn coins through this app to choose cool packs and to customize your smileys.

Visit: Emojidom Smileys

Rage Faces

As the name suggests, there are different types of angry emoticons jiggling their way in the application. Rage Faces is obvious to be fed up while typing lots and lots of texts. The rage messages do the awesome job of conveying your messages through hand-drawn faces.

Rage Faces

There are over 2500 memes to choose from. There is also a wide range of GIF and icons. An Emoji genius can do wonders with this application.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is a valuable android emojis app that can be introduced on your Android. It makes speaking with companions more brilliant, assisting with communicating feelings, improving the nature of writings, utilizing one-of-a-kind stickers, vivified gifs, and smileys!

The application offers many emoticons, stickers, gifs, subjects and games; the capacity to examine text, right spelling and accentuation messes up. The program upholds more than 50 dialects.

ginger keyboard

Swipe across the screen, select emojis; the utility predicts the following word for short messages or messages. The language check is gratis rapidly and proficiently.

Express the state of mind with excellent smileys or energized pictures, utilize more than ten splendid subjects, customize the console, setting your picture. The application predicts which image you will utilize, dependent on habitually utilized words and will propose the best smiley.

Visit: Ginger Keyboard

Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard

Isn’t the whole idea fascinating? Fast input and that too with the help of 3000 emojis. Send an emoticon or a smiley or a sticker or even a text face to have the fun of your life. While having your part of the fun, don’t forget to share it with friends on social media with your friends to double your enthusiasm. This app has the best emoticons for android.

Emoji Coolsymbols Keyboard

The design and the interface of the Emoji Coolsysbols app are like a cherry on the top. Keep an android phone more than version 4.4 to run this app and experience the optimized service it has. Hurry up and download it from the play store.

TouchPal Keyboard

This keyboard app is an android emoji app console for Android, which contains new smilies and emoticon, gives an agreeable and quick composing.

TouchPal is an emoticons app for android that will permit you to utilize many Gifs, emojis or stickers in texting Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and considerably more. This keyboard app is made by driving engineers, is the proprietor of the GSMA (Global Operators Association) grant in 2009, has high appraisals from Google Play clients and more than 500,000,000 downloads around the world.

touchpal keyboard

Download an extraordinary console as well and make your messages striking and brilliant. Use over 1,000 stickers, dialects, or emoticon. Set the reason for the console tone, pick backdrop and plan – everything ought to bring happiness. Accept the open the door to add a selfie as a foundation. Happy your companions by sending them a message, as a face from accentuation checks and signs.

While working with the application, you will be helped by mistake remedy instruments, and grins will be offered as ideas to supplant normal words. The more regularly you use an emoticon, the more effective it will be offered to you by the application.

The client will value the capacity of changing content over to GIF. To actuate TouchPal, you need to download and open it. At that point, click on “Empower TouchPal”, and in the telephone settings in the “Dialects” segment, select the proper console. Set the subject of your console by choosing one of the 25 offered (from a charming cat to a vampire or an iPhone topic). The application is viable with practically all Android gadgets. You can enter information from the console in 150 dialects.

Visit: TouchPal Keyboard


Imoji is one way or another the life saviour app for many because of the standalone feature it exhibits. It makes your life better and serves you happiness on a plate with the amazing life of Emoji it has inbuilt. The place is like a store where you can create your Emoji, use emoji’s, share and discover different types of Emoji.


The app provides the feature to create your stickers using your pictures from the gallery. And further to share it on social media or to any huge community that you are a part of.

This app has a flaw too which permits you to use the Emoji, picture, clip art, icons, GIF’s, stickers, smiley’s ready-made. Or customized to use in the same app only.  And nowhere else beyond that.

Visit: Imoji


Textra SMS:

Textra SMS can’t be called a keyboard app like the others, though it is a great replacement for the average messaging app in Android phones. With 2700+ emojis, it provides us with a keyboard also.

textra sms

It also provides a bunch of customization options, including change of accent colours, theme colours, bubble colours, size, font, and many more. The coolest attribute is that it permits you to schedule your MMS as well as SMS.

Big Emoji:

With over 5000+ emojis for every mood, Big Emoji is one of the most sought after apps. With its compatibility spreading over almost every other app, you can enjoy stickers and emojis at just a tap.

big emojiYou can also customise your own background colours by just swiping a finger and this app is available on iOS devices as well. The emoticons can also be sent as pictures!

Elite Emoji:

This app is a tad bit different from the rest. It’s an emoji app for Android that has HD emojis and stickers. With over 2000+ in its collection, it has permissions to access all instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, etc. Create fun emojis for android with the help of this app.

elite emojiPlus, you can create your own animated images! It also allows you to find out the most relevant emojis for I think of you, I miss you, I love you, Good morning, etc and send it across to your loved ones.


How can I customize my Android Emojis?

Selfies are outdated. Let’s jump into emojis of your face and Galaxy phone allows you to do that. Go ahead, turn yourself into an emoji and enjoy with your friends.

How to Get New Emojis on Android?

You can also download from a sea of free apps that are available. Download the keyboards mentioned in the article above, make new emojis and bitmojis and enjoy chit chatting with your friends.

Are Google emojis free?

Ofcourse, but each of the creators hold the copyright to their collection of emojis. Apple holds their copyright, likewise Samsung, Facebook and so forth.

Which is the best emoji?

Give it a guess! Ding ding ding, you are right! The “laughing out loud emoji 😂 ” is the most prominent and used emoji globally. Because, according to a team of Adobe researchers who surveyed 7000 people across the globe, this seemed to be the majorly liked emoji. The “thumbs up” emoji stands next followed by the “red heart” emoji.

The most used emojis of 2021?

Well, here is a list that we came with: 1. Smiling face with hearts 🥰 2. Fire 🔥 3. Pleading face 🥺 4. Sparkles ✨ 5. Loudly crying face 😭


Hope our article was helpful to you in getting the finest emojis possible. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Cheers!

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