Top 5 Online Gaming Logo Maker Tools of 2019

E-sports invade the internet. Every year there are more and more games, players and e-sports teams. What comes to mind when you think of any e-sports team? Out of the question, it is team logos. Thus a Gaming Logo Maker is a must. Professional and amateur teams can use this, and even by individual players (for example, as a user pic).

Creating a logo is a very important step. A well-designed logo makes all your activities professional. It values the team image. Everyone dreams then of having a high-quality logo quickly without spending a fortune. Many online tools allow you to create your own logo online and enjoy it. Our small digest is the result of the experience, do not hesitate to enrich and share it.

5 Best Gaming Logo Maker to Use in 2019


Logaster offers a quick and easy way to create designs in a matter of minutes. The service generates dozens of logos which are ready to use. All you need is to type your nickname or team name. Besides, you can change the whole style (the colors, the text, the icon, and the layout, etc.) whenever you need.


All images are available in JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF formats. So, in any way, you ‘ll get a high-resolution picture. The generator also allows you to create a business card and a social media kit with your logo optimized for every popular social network.

Visit Logaster.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is quite a complete tool to create all kinds of visuals, including logo. It also has the feature of creating an animation, especially with images and texts. There’s a possibility to use different templates.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

But notice that almost all of them has their own size that you can not change. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and many pre-defined elements, Adobe Spark makes it easy to create a creative and straightforward gaming logo.

Visit Adobe Spark.


This logo creation tool is useful enough for gaming logo creation. Indeed, this software offers a very rich gallery of logos for all areas of activity. In addition, many customization features allow you to edit the proposed models.


The designs are simple and exquisite. The graphics options are almost endless, and several colors are available to suit all tastes.

Visit GraphicSprings.

Online Logo Maker

The great plus of this maker is that you can import your own images or use those offered by the platform. You can then leave your logo in your space and edit it as much as you want!

Online Logo Maker
Online Logo Maker

You can also download your gaming logo on a transparent background for all your communication media.

Visit Online Logo Maker.


WIth Placeit the logo creation process won’t be time-consuming. The site offers a wide variety of templates to choose from.


Plus your designs are all modifiable. In one word, there’s an option to rework the logo: change the size of the elements, change icons, add text, and manage colors. The main disadvantage of this site is that there are no free templates.

Visit PlaceIt.

Now you know where to create a logo, but what features should an effective gaming logo have? Here are some useful tips.


Your team or clan is exclusive, isn’t it? Prove this statement with the unique logo that would be not only its “face” but also a resin between you and your viewers. Besides, it’s an excellent way to differentiate in the community showing your team’s identity.

Speaks for itself

It seems to be easy, but let us explain. Your logo includes the culture of your team, its message, values, and views. So it presents a visual representation of the team soul.


A sensible logo design instills trust, so the credibility of the team grows. Have you heard about BEC rule? It means your logo should be Beautiful, Efficient, and Concise. In other words, the simplest designs explain and better convey the message than complicated ones.


A strong impression attracts respect and trust from other people. The memorability begins with its logo. Pay attention to its elements, especially to colors and typography. As these parts are crucial. To that end, you should understand their psychology. For example, often black and red colors mean power and aggression.


The effective logo is adaptable to different types of screens and supports. It is therefore essential to consider the aspect that people most times use their smartphones and tablets rather than PC. The same goes for the different media: advertising poster, t-shirt, sticker, or business card.


A team that wants to be “fashionable” may think it has to change its logo every year, but it’s a big mistake: in just one year, consumers do not have time to get used to the logo design, and associate it automatically with the product it represents. For example, the logo of the Ford company as we know exists since 1912.


Being at the heart of your branding, the logo should have some consistency so as not to cause confusion and also a lack of credibility. Try to make it balanced: think over icon and text size, their layout, the use of colors, and typography. Do not forget to test the legibility and to follow the right proportions.


There is nothing to stop you from making a cool gaming logo. To that end, you don’t have to be a designer or to have special skills. Just a bit of the will and inspiration to create the awesome logo with these services. Try to use these tools and tips to lead your team to success.

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