Anyone familiar with the Windows Command Prompt knows how annoying it can be when it doesn’t let you paste anything in the window with the keyboard. It is mandatory to use the mouse only. Today’s issue will give you the exact fix to the problem, “how to paste into the command prompt.”

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Using simple methods like Enabling Ctrl C + V settings and modes like QuickEdit, you will be able to copy-paste in the command prompt without any hassle.  

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Starting Copy and Paste in the Command Prompt

Traditionally, you had to jump through hoops to copy and paste at the command prompt: Using the Alt+E keyboard combination, open the context menu, pick Edit > Mark to inform Windows you want to mark text for selection. Then use the lasso tool to draw a box around the text you wish to select. To copy and paste, you had to return to the context menu, but that’s not the case anymore. The process of “how to paste into command prompt” has been made simple.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to perform if you wish to enable the option of Copy Paste in the Command Prompt Window. 

  1. To open the Command Prompt app on Windows 10, hit Windows + R, type cmd, and press command prompt
  2. Then, right-click on the Command Prompt’s title bar and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.command prompt experimental properties
  3. Ensure that the Enable Ctrl Key Shortcuts option is selected. You can also enable the option Use Ctrl+Shift+C/V as Copy/Paste. To save the setting, click OK.

Then you can copy and paste in the Command Prompt window using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. You can also use the same shortcut to copy text from another program or browser and paste it into Windows 10 Command Prompt.

If you were troubled by the question, “how to paste in cmd,” you can perform this task by simply enabling Ctrl + Shift + C/V in Windows 10! But why limit ourselves to just one method? Check out some more ways!

Using Legacy Console 

This method will walk you through how to paste into the command prompt by unchecking the Use Legacy Console option. Follow these easy steps to do so.

  1. Launch the Command Prompt -> The most straightforward way is to press the Windows key. Type cmd, and press Enter, or open the program by double-clicking command prompt
  2. Choose Properties by right-clicking the Title bar.choose properties
  3. Remove the checkmark next to “Use legacy console (needs relaunch).” The “Enable Ctrl key shortcuts” option should now be checked automatically.command prompt properties optionsuse legacy console
  4. Click the OK button ->You can now pick text with your mouse or keyboard (hold down the Shift key and use left or right arrows to select words). You may also use the same shortcut to paste the text into the command prompt that you’ve copied from another program. To copy it, hit CTRL + C, and then CTRL + V to paste it into the window.

Now that you have learned how to paste using two different methods. Let’s now a rather less used built-in way to copy-paste in cmd straight from the keyboard.

The Built-In Alternative To Pasting From The Keyboard 

Although there is a technique to paste things using the keyboard, it is somewhat difficult to perform. To use this method, perform the following steps-

  1. Hold down the alt key and press space, making alt + space, and a menu will pop up. 
  2. After that, hit e, then k. This will allow you to highlight the text and copy it. Hold down Shift and then use the arrow keys to mark more text using the keyboard.keys
  3. Once you’ve highlighted the text, press alt + space once more, then e and enter. The input you entered has now been copied to the clipboard.
  4. To paste the clipboard’s text, use alt + space to open the menu, then e, then p. In the command window, paste the contents of the clipboard.

Once you get hold of this method, it might become a little less cumbersome. But it is rather preferred by the users to use the ways mentioned earlier rather than using this method.

How To Paste Into Command Prompt Using QuickEdit

You must first enable QuickEdit mode before you may copy or paste from a command prompt window. Use the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Command Prompt -> The most straightforward way is to press the Windows key, type cmd, and press Enter, or open the program by double-clicking it.
  2. Select Properties by right-clicking anywhere on the title properties
  3. Check the QuickEdit Modequick edit mode check box on the Options tab.

 Once you complete these steps, you are all set to paste using its feature, QuickEdit.

  To paste text in the Command Prompt with the help of QuickEdit, perform the following steps.

  1. Just right-click anywhere within the window to bring up the context menu.
  2. When the menu pops up, press Edit.
  3. Then select ‘paste.’

Enabling QuickEdit to paste in the Command Prompt is arguably the easiest way to get your work done. 

These are all the methods that can assist you in learning how to paste into a command prompt on Windows!


What is the QuickEdit mode in Command Prompt?

The QuickEdit method is a Windows feature that allows users to choose text in the Command Prompt window by clicking and dragging the mouse across the required text.

What is the CMD's Copy Command?

Users can use the copy command to copy one or more files to a different place. If you want to copy a directory or multiple directories containing files, use the robocop or copy commands instead of the copy command.

What is the shortcut for paste?

CTRL+V is used as the shortcut for paste.

Conclusion (How To Paste Into Command Prompt)

Pasting text into the Command Prompt with the keyboard can be a bit of a technical chore. But anyone can easily paste words into the Command Prompt with our easy ways. Enable Copy and Paste, deselect Legacy Console, or utilize QuickEdit to solve your issue. There are a lot of problems in the world, and we hope we were able to get you out of one for today. You are now liberated of web searches like “ctrl c not working windows 10 fix.”

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