Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to turn off voice on LG TV? You may disable voice control on your LG TV by following this article’s step-by-step instructions and advice.

To turn off Up Voice Control on your LG TV, check compatibility, connect to the internet, link Google Assistant, install the Thinq app, pair it with your TV, customize voice commands, and test the feature using specific commands. To know more, keep on reading.

Imagine operating your TV entirely with your voice without looking for the remote or wading through confusing menus. Voice control is increasingly common in smart TVs, including LG TVs. You can ask your TV to change stations, turn up the volume, or even search for your favorite shows by giving instructions to it. It’s a practical and straightforward way to engage with your TV, improving viewing enjoyment. Let us learn how to turn off voice on LG TV. You can also Check Out how to Reset your LG Television.

The Common Issue with LG TV Voice Control 

One frequent problem with voice control on LG TVs is that consumers frequently require assistance turning the TV off. Since voice control is meant to make things simpler and more accessible, it may be annoying when it functions differently than intended, which can be unpleasant. 

To better highlight this problem, let’s create a hypothetical real-world situation. Picture yourself relaxing on your couch as you prepare to call it a night. You turn off your LG TV by speaking commands into the voice control function rather than using the remote. You firmly command the TV to switch off. To your amazement, the TV is still on, and nothing occurs. lg tvYou make several more attempts, shouting louder and more each time, but the TV remains unresponsive. You start to become impatient and want to stop watching TV so you can go to bed. The point of utilizing voice control in the first place is defeated when you eventually give up and revert to looking for the remote control and manually clicking the power button.

This case illustrates the widespread problem with voice control that many LG TV owners encounter. Voice commands may only sometimes be reliable or precise, especially when trying to switch off the TV. This may result from background noise, microphone sensitivity, or technical difficulties.

Users anticipating a simple and convenient experience may find the issue with the LG TV voice control not functioning correctly while turning the TV off infuriating.

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Exploring User Experiences and Solutions

Many users have shared their experiences regarding issues with voice control on LG TVs. Let’s explore some of these experiences and the solutions or workarounds they discovered to overcome the problems.

One user mentioned that her LG TV often struggled to understand her voice commands, especially when she tried to turn off the TV. After some trial and error, she found that speaking slowly improved the TV’s response. By enunciating her words and giving a short pause between each command, the TV became more responsive to her voice.  lg tv experienceAnother user encountered a similar issue but discovered a different solution. He realized that the TV’s microphone was picking up background noise, interfering with the voice commands. To address this, he adjusted the microphone sensitivity settings on his LG TV. Lowering the sensitivity made the TV less likely to misunderstand his commands and respond more accurately.

It’s important to note that only some users could locate a solution that was ideal for them. Some mentioned that despite trying various approaches, they still experienced inconsistent performance with voice control. In such cases, they resorted to using the traditional remote control as a reliable alternative.

Users who faced issues with voice control on their LG TVs shared their experiences and offered various solutions and workarounds. These included speaking slowly, adjusting microphone sensitivity, using specific commands, updating firmware and software, or relying on remote control when voice control fell short. These insights can be helpful for other users who may encounter similar challenges and are seeking ways to enhance their voice control experience. Now let us head on to learn how to turn off voice on LG TV.

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Setting Up Voice Control on LG TV

Voice control on your LG TV might be a practical method to communicate with your screen. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started and troubleshoot any issues along the way based on the experiences shared by users, which can help you with the “LG TV audio description won’t turn off.”

  1. Check Compatibility – Make sure voice control is supported by the model of your LG TV. Compatibility information may be found on the LG website or in the user manual.
  2. Connect to the Internet – Ensure that the LG TV is connected. Through the TV’s settings menu, you may connect it to your wireless network at home.
  3. Link Google Assistant – Connect your LG TV to your Google account if you want to utilize Google Assistant for voice control. Go to the settings by opening the Google Assistant app on your smartphone. To link your LG TV, locate the option to add new devices and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Install the Thinq App – Download the LG Thinq app from the app store on your smartphone or tablet. This app allows you to control your LG TV using voice commands.
  5. Pair the Thinq App with Your LG TV – To link it with your LG TV, open the Thinq app and follow the on-screen directions. Ensure your TV’s Wi-Fi network is connected to your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Set Up Voice Commands – Open the Thinq app and navigate the voice control settings. Customize your voice commands according to your preference. Some users found simple and direct commands like “Turn off” or “Volume up” worked best.
  7. Test Voice Control – Test the voice control feature with everything set up. Speak clearly and use the specific commands you set up. For example, say, “Hey, Google, turn off my TV,” or “Thinq, change the channel to ESPN.” So this is how to set LG TV setting audio guidance.

Troubleshooting Tips

Let us look at some of the troubleshooting tips: lg tv voice control tips

  • Check your internet connection and make sure your LG TV is still linked to the Wi-Fi network if voice control is not functioning.
  • Ensure your LG TV runs the most recent software and firmware upgrades. Go to the TV’s settings menu to access the software update option.
  • Ensure your LG TV is appropriately connected to your Google account if you utilize Google Assistant. Try disabling and then re-enabling the TV connection in the Google Assistant settings.
  • If the Thinq app is not responding, force close the app on your smartphone or tablet and reopen it. You can also restart your LG TV.
  • Consult the user guide or contact LG customer service for more help if you still need help.

Set up and take advantage of voice control on your LG TV by using the methods and troubleshooting advice shown below on LG TV turn off voice. Experiment with various commands and parameters to determine what functions best for you. LG G4 Won’t Turn On ? Check Out this.

How To Turn Off Voice On LG TV? Alternative Methods for Voice Control

Apart from the built-in voice control features on LG TVs, there are alternative methods and tools that you can use to control your LG TV using voice commands. Two popular options are using Alexa voice assistant and the Harmony Hub.

Using Alexa

You may manage your LG TV with voice commands with Alexa by connecting an Amazon Echo device. alexaThe many compatible gadgets and Alexa’s capability to operate various smart home devices and your TV are advantages of utilizing it. It’s crucial to remember that, depending on the TV type, certain users have occasionally experienced compatibility difficulties or limits in particular instructions.

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Using Harmony Hub

The Harmony Hub is a universal remote control system that can be connected to your LG TV and other entertainment devices. It offers voice control capabilities through various voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Siri. The benefit of Harmony Hub is its capacity for multi-device management and creating customized actions, such as simultaneously turning on the TV and modifying the sound system. However, configuring the Harmony Hub can be difficult and necessitates the purchase of an additional gadget, which could add to the cost. harmony hub

When considering alternative methods for turning off voice assistants on LG TV, weighing the pros and cons based on your specific needs and preferences is essential. Consider things like compatibility with your LG TV model, setup simplicity, availability of desired features, and any associated extra expenses; to learn more about how effectively these alternative approaches function in practice, studying customer testimonials and experiences might be beneficial.


The voice control on my LG TV randomly activates. How should I proceed?

It may be a sensitivity issue or background noise if your LG TV randomly engages in voice control. If it helps, take into account modifying the microphone's sensitivity settings. Contact LG customer service for more help if the issue continues.

Does my LG TV work without voice control?

Your LG TV may be used without voice control, yes. If you'd instead not utilize voice commands, voice control is an optional function, and you may still control your TV with the conventional remote or other input devices.

How can I restore the factory settings for my LG TV's voice control?

On your LG TV, browse to the Accessibility or Voice area and look for the option to reset or restore default settings by selecting the settings menu. By doing this, the voice control settings will return to their default condition.

Can I use a remote control other than the one LG provides for voice control?

On LG TVs, voice control often functions with the included remote control. Using the original LG remote control is advised for the best voice control capabilities, even if other universal remotes may offer limited compatibility.


In conclusion, this article discussed the common issues users face with voice control on LG TVs, such as difficulty turning off the TV. Users shared solutions like speaking, adjusting microphone sensitivity, and using specific commands. We also checked Alexa and Harmony Hub as alternatives. To efficiently control your LG TV with voice commands, experiment and find the best method that suits your preferences. This guide on disabling voice control on your LG TV provides all the necessary information.

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