8 Best Apps For Sports News You Should Use In 2023 [Top Picks]

There are several reasons why streaming sports has become eminent in the past couple of years. Several blogs on US sports streaming trends have been published. Almost everyone has become a part of this. If you enjoy sports, you’ll want to stay up-to-date with the newest information on your mobile device. Thus, this article will discuss the eight best sports news apps.best apps for sports news

The best sports news apps list includes BBC Sports, Live Score, The Score, 365 Scores, Yahoo sports, etc.

The sports sector has altered considerably since the Covid Pandemic began in 2020. Sports is a fast-paced sector, with matches being played daily for all profound sports like soccer, hockey, volleyball, golf, and others.

Competent sports organizations and event managers all over the globe use sports smartphone apps to attract and expand their fans. Hence, a new era of streaming sports has risen. Click here to know the 6 Best Projectors For Golf Simulators. 

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List Of 8 Best Apps For Sports News

Given below is the list of best apps for sports news.

BBC Sports

The BBC Sports app delivers the most recent sports info, statistics, live tournament streams, and replays. It’s the most convenient way to keep up with the newest sports news.

You will have exposure to the latest updated facts, features, and headlines. It protects the entire members’ data since it has security options. It is ideal for smartphones.

bbc sport

After you initially launch the app, the main window will pop up. You may customize the elements on the main screen to provide you with information regarding your personal favorites. Like many of the best sports news apps, BBC Sport is downloadable on Android and apple. Because the software has a basic UI, you do not require a top-notch phone to run it.

Download: BBC Sport


TheScore places itself differently in the list of the best apps for sports news because it does not only deliver the news to you. You will also access match reports on TheScore and follow the latest breaking news and results. The calendar is a very useful feature of this application. You can easily check when your chosen team will be playing and keep up with all of their future events. All the greatest sports apps work together to offer you the ultimate virtual experience.

the score

TheScore is available for download on Playstore and the App Store. Because of its small size and easy user interface, it is compatible with practically all devices. You must constantly upgrade the app to stay current with the newest features. It alerts the user whenever a new version is available.

Download: TheScore

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Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report updates you on your preferred teams and delivers handpicked sports information across the internet. There are legitimate news, highlights, live scores, and in-depth editorials on the teams, stars, and tournaments that interest you.

bleacher report

You may receive real-time notifications for current events and see the most recent reports for your favorite teams on your smartphone. You will never again be unaware of the most recent speculations or reports.

Bleacher Report mobile app is easily customizable. It is available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple App. All that remains is for you to select your club and the information you would like to receive.

Download: Bleacher Report

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365 Scores

365Scores is an essential application if you love sports. The program makes it convenient to learn further about your loved games. 365Scores contains all games and reports from around ten games. Ranks, data, timetables, and clips can all be looked up similarly to scores. You may also discover more about teams by reading about their history.

365 scores

You can read about your beloved players’ present shape, stats, and health. This among the best sports news apps also includes data about the performers. You have to keep updating your application to utilize the latest services. 

Download: 365 Scores


It is among the most popular mobile sports applications. Livescore is the most appropriate application if you want to keep track of the outcomes of live matches. LiveScore provides you with the most recent sports news and scores. 


You may also follow the app’s live commentaries of your popular games. Because of the streamlined design, browsing across match highlights becomes a breeze. LiveScore works on both iOS and Android smartphones. It gives you a faster connection to streaming games and information. Even though you can access their site, you need to download the app.

Download: LiveScore

CBS Sports

For live sports coverage, stats, and clips, CBS Sports is the place to go. You can stream all sports broadcasts programs from all CBS sports channels with only one application! The CBS Sports application puts you in the middle of the action; thus, considered one of the best apps for sports news.

cbs score

You may install the CBS Sports app if you prefer customized information on numerous events. You can find details, analysis, and stories on your personal favorites here.

When you want to listen to live coverage, you may go to CBS Sports Radio. Videos are also accessible on the CBS Sports network. CBS Sports is accessible on all devices for free.

Download: CBS Sports

Sofa Score

Sofa Score is a complete application that provides real-time game stats, scores, and analytics. Numerous games, tournaments, competitions, thousands of events, and esports contests are available.


You can check real-time scoring and data on the globe. If you intend to understand more, take their daily quizzes. SofaScore gives real data and enables users to stream live matches. All you require is a consistent network connection.

SofaScore offers live games for around 20 different sports. The live updates contain short videos that demonstrate highlights. Since it can work on smartphones, it can be used on various Android smartwatches. The app is always being patched.

Download: Sofa Score

Yahoo Sport

Yahoo Sport is the fastest way to receive live scores, stats, news, and rankings for your favorite tournaments, groups, and stars. This sports news app is a free service. Even if you do not purchase a subscription, you will have full access to information and updates on sports events. 

yahoo sport

Because numerous sports blogs publish on the site, you will be introduced to information from various sources. You may even watch the highlights from important matches that you might have skipped. Because of its modest size, the app functions smoothly on practically all devices. It is regarded as one of the best apps for sports news.

Download: Yahoo Sport

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How can I enter the sports media?

Complete a bachelor's degree in reporting, marketing, or English to work in sports media or journalism. Choose a course with a large alumni network in the sports sector, or that is linked with domain experts; this could lead to career prospects when you complete your degree.

Which sports team has the most impressive app?

While Manchester United has the greatest use among chosen professional sports applications, there is still significant room for expansion.

Is chess regarded as a sport?

International Olympic Committee regards chess as a sport. While this accreditation falls short of being recognized as an 'Olympic Sport' worthy of a place in the Games, it does highlight the athletic features inherent in chess.


As discussed earlier, streaming sports and being in touch with the latest news have dominated the era. Every sports fan wants to be updated about the facts, rumors, news, and recent highlights of their favorite teams or players.

It has become crucial to have a sports news application at your fingertips. We hope you have found the most suitable application from this list of best apps for sports news.

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