Chromebook is one of the most convenient Operating Systems for modern-day devices. It is a common trend to store all your important files and documents on your Laptop or desktop computer. This generates the need for an organized application that will help you to organize all of them in a single place. Thus today we will discuss the best file manager for Chromebook that will solve the problem of data management in the system, and help you improve time-management skills.

13 Best File Manager for Chromebook to Use in 2023

Here are the top 13 apps, with their features reviewed:

FX File Explorer

FX file manager is one of the best file managers for Chromebooks in the android family. This chrome os file manager application allows the person who is using it to download it on their mobile phones as a very simple android application and lets the person using it strip their device down to its very basic form and organize it. The app is armed with multiple features, the best of it being a very strong word editor while it also supports a plethora of data types which is essentially godsent.fx file manager

Even the service that offers to clean up after is very efficient and has shown quite some promise. However, the best part is still yet to come. It lets you access all your files and data on the cloud and hence is an incredibly good choice for managing the file systems on your android mobile on Chromebook.  There is only a minor con to it, the user interfaces may be a little hard to use for most beginners but most critiques will assure you that once you start using it you will start knowing it like the back of your hand.

Download here: FX File Explorer

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is one of the most talked-about file managers for Chromebook recently.  You can actually check out how wildly popular this app is by merely checking out the number of downloads it has on the app store and the last we checked there were more than 63 million downloads with most of them giving 4 out of 5 stars as a rating for this app on Google Play.  astro file manager

This application which was developed by Annie basics, a software hub, has one of the best in-built cleaners to clear out unwanted files like cache and cookies which are mostly responsible for the malfunction of the device and other apps. Also, the best part about this app is its incredibly easy-to-use interface which even offers a superfast search bar to look up your data in case you lost it.

Download here: Astro File Manager

Total Commander

Total Commander is one of the relatively new and most basic file managers available for Chromebooks. However, it does have an added advantage that most of the other users lack. It actually has a version for the Microsoft Windows Operating system as well in addition to the android one. Reviews have particularly mentioned how they run without glitches on the computers and support and function seamlessly there without any cause for concern. Moreover, you can also change the vernacular of the app if you commander

And because this Chromebook file explore app is available for both operating systems of Android and Microsoft, it actually offers a variety of unique features like mouse shortcuts for you to work in a faster and more efficient manner. This is probably the reason why this app has more than 10 million hits on the google play store app even though its UI is relatively primitive compared to the other file managers for Chromebook.

Download here: Total Commander

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

There is no doubt in the fact that Adobe is one of the leading names among the technological and App development brands. They have created several applications that have made a huge impact on the way we store and manage data. The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a handy Chromebook file manager app for managing your important files and documents.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Moreover, you can upload the files to the cloud and access them from anywhere without worrying about memory in this file explorer for Chromebook. One can install Abode reader offline as well. Thus, users only need to create an account to make use of these services.

Download here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


There is a huge demand for the best file manager for Chromebook, and users look for a tool with better ratings. Nemo is a free to use App that can be easily installed on your preferred Chromebook. Also, ensure that you have the Linux OS installed on the device before using Nemo.

Nemo in Linux Mint

Nemo in Linux MintIt is a viable option in case you are a multitasking person as it can manage several files at once. Moreover, the archive creation feature makes it even more appealing. Thus, this Chromebook files app is highly recommended to install on your Chromebook.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is basically an application used on Android devices but works fine on Chromebooks as well. The dual-panel feature is highly recommended to transfer files from your device storage to the cloud. Moreover, this best Chromebook file manager has a personalized WebDav platform that can be used to access various files. No matter whether the file is using TAR, ZIP, and RAR extensions, this got it all.

Solid Explorer

The only downfall of this application is that you only get 14 days of a free trial. Beyond that, the users will have to purchase the $1.99 subscription.


Third-party apps have already paved their way in various devices and do possess a lot of unique features. Similarly, Winzip is an application that is used as a substitute for file explorer for Chromebook. It can help you send several files attached with an email simultaneously. Also, users can compress large files that make the sharing process much easier.

Winzip File Explorer
Winzip File Explorer

Moreover, you can combine Winzip with Dropbox or Google Drive to boost its efficiency. Anyone can store files, preferably to ease the user’s convenience and make everything sorted.

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Apart from storing data files in the Chromebook, several users also save various pictures and videos. Magix is one of the best file manager for Chromebook that handle all your media files. Importing and exporting images and video files is far more convenient using this application.

Magix Manager

In case you are running low on space, utilize the cloud storage available for a better reach. The only requirement is a stable internet connection to send or receive data. New users can easily understand the working of Magix and get their job done.

Download here: Magix Manager


The next name for our best file manager for Chromebook is the latest XYplorer application. There is no doubt that the App has several advanced features and will do tasks quickly. Moreover, it is highly appreciated by the user because of its portable nature.

XYplorer file manager

Apart from installing it on your device, you can store it in a flash drive followed by easy transportation. You can also move or copy files by just dragging them from one folder to another.

Download here: XYplorer file manager


Moving further, Templafy is a great Chromebook file explorer for managing your data files, especially for office work. Several features such as search files, location marker, drag-drop, and many others make it the first choice of Chromebook users. Various enterprises make use of this Chromebook file manager to maintain a clear record of their huge database.

Templafy document manager

Users can also generate a personalized signature that you can further use to apprehend the documents. The employees could directly use this application, followed by a regular check by their respective managers.

Download here: Templafy document manager

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ES File Explorer

Next, ES File Explorer is the best file manager app for Chromebook that is based on third-party software. It not only manages the data files but also helps you to organize the hidden or root files present on the device. Moreover, in case you have a lot of media files like images and videos, ES File Explorer will cover you.

ES file explorer and manager

If you are planning to install it, you have to look at it on the internet and other websites like APKPure.

Download here: ES File Explorer 

Files App

No matter how many file managers you download, the default Files App will always be the priority for Chromebook users. Users are trying to figure other apps while the File App is present on their OS beforehand.

FIles app

It is not at all rocket science to understand the concepts of using this application as the user interface is quite simple.

Download here: Google Files App


This file manager application does exactly what it says about its name. After you download the App, it will amazingly collect all your files and data, followed by storing them on your device. The smooth functioning of its numerous features will make your job easier within seconds.

Amaze file manager

Therefore, this application will take your Chromebook to the next level.

Download here: Amaze file manager


Do the Chromebooks consist of hard drives?

Most of them come with a small solid-state form of drive also known as an SSD. It is responsible for storing the files for the proper function of the operating system.


We hope that this list of best file manager for Chromebook will help you determine the suitable App for your files. Make sure to download them from trusted sources and use them to maximize your overall outcome.

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