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Check out these best Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA and never be in the following situation. You are at your office hall bucking up with the last minute preparations for your big conference meeting. But an unknown phone call keeps you distracting time and again. You are at a friend’s place, partying and celebrating his victory match. An unknown number keeps you calling and calling and calling. The afternoon nap is your favorite part of the day. But the continuous ‘ring-a-ring’ has made your life already miserable, and hey, that nap means a lot.

You don’t give a damn about the ten missed calls for they could have just ruined your leisure hours. Later, a friend tells you that the ten calls that you voluntary missed were that of the manager of the very company, you had interviewed for who wanted to hire you as soon as possible. Unknown numbers are a box of mystery. And this mystery box may open up to either good or evil or nothing much.

If one minute is the key to unlock your mystery box, why not trade a deal?

The Key is the reverse phone look up services that allows you to search the mystery person of an unknown number, name, email id or address or things of similar kind.
So, here’s a big shout out to the people of USA. Come and choose your key from the six best options I have come up with.


Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA
6 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA – TechWhoop

Ask a hundred people. And more than 90 of them will blindly suggest you Truecaller. This app is perhaps the most favorite of almost all the *smartphone* users. It is one of the best free reverse phone lookup services. Truecaller is an app that assists you to identify the name and the basic address of the caller with the ease of having just your account in it.

You save time and effort of going to the app and filling in the procedures to help you with your search. Truecaller automatically does your search for you as soon as the unknown number calls you. The search is based on the all the numbers signed up in the app globally and again to reassure you on your findings, more than half of the world is signed up there. The reach isn’t restricted to one particular operating system. Users of Androids, iPhones, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian can have their shares equally.


When we talk about Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA, Whitepages have to be compulsorily dealt with full trust. Founded by Alex Algard in 1997, Whitepages help you check or recheck or counter check your unknown calls and email-ids based on its ‘larger than life’ online directory of people’s information.

Whitepages is the ultimate competitor of Truecaller both primarily claiming to have the largest database of people in them. Whitepages step ahead in competition from Truecaller by having an additional feature which will allow you to search not only by the phone number but also their name or addresses.


Hey, Miss/Mrs. /Mr. Your fellow boyfriend, friend, bro, husband OR any other special, Mr. Number is your personalized security guard. This time, trust me and try out this virtual Mr. Number and I promise that this Mr. Number won’t disappoint you either. If security is your primary concern and unknown numbers have made your life quite miserable, it’s high time for you to teach them a lesson.

Yes, go for MrNumber. You can now detect spam calls and enjoy the easy block feature through this Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA. Bonus Point: Mr.Number can be used by both Android and iPhone users, and there’s no arguing on that.


Hello, People. Go for Pipl if you want to find your people. Confused, much? Don’t you worry, my people! Okay, enough with the tongue twisters. Pipl is your Google for searching not your project work but your people. The working method of Pipl is slightly different from that of other Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA.

You can type the name or the email id or the phone number, and Pipl will bring a vast list of links that are related not only to the person’s social networking ids but also an entire record of the mention of their names (or details that you used in your search) in any public record. Since Pipl doesn’t have its database, it clings to other search engines and brings forth you all the possible information that could be virtually traced.


Looking for an advanced approach towards finding your people? Or has the investigating bug bitten you real hard? Or whatsoever the reason may be. If you want to sort your search based on extensive criteria that may even lead up to your requirements of criminal information, BeenVerified must and must be your pick.

Founded in 2007, this comparatively newer app tops the recent market charts for its incredibility of being used not only in Android devices and iPhones but also iPads and Apple watches. Give this app the responsibility of a critical background check and it will serve you like none other in this aspect.


And by this, I don’t refer to your phone books or your phone directories that happened to be your treasures once upon a time but have now magically vanished from your life without leaving any trace. Haha! Jokes apart, Phonebooks is no more than thick diary consisting of all your handwritten phone numbers of all the important people in your life.

Or, more interestingly it is all the same, with your efforts reduced. It is a simple user interface that helps you connect with the contacts of your phone by primarily interlinking them with your SMS, Phone calls, emails, and GPS.

No more of panic or stress or taking into any irritation with phone calls that are not previously saved. Reverse Phone Lookup Services in USA not only save your time and curiosity but also help you distinguish the important ones from the easy going pranks or hardcore threats or useless spam. With this key, you can receive the useful and ignore the unwanted and also carry out your typical findings.


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