Bored Panda is an industry leader in art, design, and photography that creates inspiring stories that help to bust boredom at a record-breaking rate. Sites like Bored Panda are a great way to satisfy your thirst for pleasure when feeling bored or depressed.

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15 Sites Like Bored Panda

  • CollegeHumor
  • Cracked
  • Viral Nova 
  • The Amusing Planet
  • 9GAG
  • My Modern Met
  • Design Swan
  • The Oatmeal
  • Funny or Die
  • Metacafe
  • Lifehacker
  • Fubiz
  • This Blog Rules
  • Notcot 
  • Ps Disaster

This blog post will discuss 15 sites like Bored panda (Alternatives) to pass the time and alleviate boredom. We will also introduce you to their features.

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15 Sites Like Bored Panda

Here are the 15 best sites, like the bored panda mentioned below.


Popular entertainment website CollegeHumor is based in Los Angeles. It is a well-known online entertainment business that focuses on a specific demographic of people between the ages of 10 and 49. Also, the website includes humorous films, articles created by its in-house authorship and creative team, and consumer images, videos, and connections.


college humorIt is divided into various areas: humor, entertainment, politics, cuisine, and lifestyle. So, You must register on CollegeHumor to receive notifications of new content and to leave comments.

Visit: CollegeHumor

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Cracked is a website platform for people who like viral content and want to stay up-to-date on the news. It provides many services, such as blogs, movies, communities, an author’s apprenticeship programs, five weekly picture modifications, and more.


The website likewise has plenty of globally popular stuff for people who adore such things.

Visit: Cracked

Viral Nova 

Viral Nova is another one of the most popular websites for posting breaking news. So, You will enjoy that the website offers news on all of your important topics worldwide. Various categories include technology, politics, research, lifestyle, and sports.


Additionally, it offers videos on trending topics so you may rapidly learn more about them. Viral Nova is a 100% free website. Just visit the website, conduct a topic search, and read. Even sharing its material is possible.

Visit: Viral Nova

The Amusing Planet

Amusing Planet is a platform where users can find, read, and discuss amusing and popular news. The website posts hundreds of daily articles on various subjects, including literature, art, and events, all of which are free worldwide.

amusing planet

Visit the website, pick your favorite article, and start reading. You can also let others read your articles.

Visit: The Amusing Planet


The finest place to have fun is on this website. It grants access to user-generated meme websites. It has gradually grown in popularity on major social media sites. Without a doubt, this website is a lot of fun.


The internet is a source of entertainment. It makes your ordinary life funnier. You are always free to upload humorous GIFs and videos on this website.

Visit: 9GAG

My Modern Met

The best website for disseminating original concepts, newsworthy events, and instructional content to a global audience is My Modern Met. The website is easy to use.

my modern met

It primarily tells tales about history, science, technology, and nature to display the best of humankind, from humorous to thoughtful and enlightening.

Visit: My Modern Met

Design Swan

Innovative design, inspiration, technologies, graphics, and a variety of other things are sought out and shared on the website Design Swan. You can use it anywhere in the world because it is designed for a wide variety of users and covers multiple languages.

design swan

Registration is not required, nor are any private details required. You should visit its authorized website and start researching your chosen subject, where you can read and share content for nothing.

Visit: Design Swan

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The Oatmeal

You should visit this website if you enjoy comic books. It is pertinent to an average person.

the oatmeal

It was established in 2009 and is unique among comedy and humor blogs on the internet.

Visit: The Oatmeal

Funny or Die

You can pass the time guilt-free by watching one of the many excellent comedy videos on Funny or Die. Along with movies, you can find humorous blog pieces and images to make you grin and feel better. Additionally, they work with international celebrities, influencers, and comedians.

funny or die

The Funny or Die website has been operational for a very long period. Also, it has grown in recent years in terms of both the volume of information and the user base. In this sense, Funny or Die is a better alternative to Bored Panda in metrics like user-generated content (UGC) like photographs, videos, and viewers.

Visit: Funny or Die

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For those with a tonne of spare time and content to consume, there is Metacafe. The peculiar thing about Metacafe is that it occasionally posts brand-new content exclusive to it. So, you can watch trailers and music videos on this website. A tonne of digital stuff on the website might keep you tied to your screen all day.


Contrarily, Metacafe’s media content is user-generated. Anyone who views a video may post it on this platform so that other people can also enjoy it.

Visit: Metacafe


On the website Lifehacker, it is shown that many of the challenges we face every day are simple. Lifehacker is the site to go if you’re looking for strategies to better your health, your job, or challenging tasks.


A novice or inexperienced hacker can become an expert hacker. Thanks to this network. But this time, instead of breaking into old accounts, you’re looking for ways to simplify your life. So, visit Lifehacker to learn some new and helpful skills.

Visit: Lifehacker

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A website called publishes daily blog postings on the newest trends. Similar to Bored Panda, it offers all the same services but with a brand-new aesthetic and a few intriguing additional features.


Fubiz is fantastic for photographers because it provides a variety of high-quality photographs from around the world that you browse, download, and share without restriction. 

Visit: Fubiz

This Blog Rules

This website is one of the top sites similar to Bored panda. It is an online platform that employs a variety of time-consuming activities to keep visitors entertained and eliminate boredom. Also, by providing creative works like original street art concepts like the Bored Panda art video idea, they assist you in making the most of your valuable time.

this blog rules

You will undoubtedly be stuck on this website if you go there. You should acquire daily knowledge combined with smiles and amusing lists because Bored Panda entertains. The website also features material from outside sources.

Visit: This Blog Rules


Websites in the Notcot network strike a mix between editorial control and user-generated content. This network features mixology, fashion, and designs.


Some say that Notcot is a terrific place to spend time due to the mix of visual screening and aesthetic themes. It is a growing network of websites focused on material from the visual arts industries. Also, no matter the type of visitor, the volume and caliber of the information will satisfy them.

Visit: Notcot

Ps Disaster

Ps Disaster’s primary goal is to identify only the unsuccessful photos.

ps disaster

The image is edited using Photoshop to create something improbable, fake, and humorous.


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In conclusion, the listed above are among the top online sites like Bored panda; Alternatives. CollegeHumor, Cracked, ViralNova, Amusing Planet, 9GAG, My Modern Met, Design Swan, Oatmeal, and far more are some of the top sites similar to Bored panda. So, please go to the list and tell us whichever you find the best for your mood.

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