(Updated) 6 Best Free & Paid Snipping Tools for Windows


Taking screenshots is an essential feature of many tasks. Snipping tools help you to communicate clearly through your screenshots to make sure your point is delivered. Even though Windows comes with a default snipping tool, it may not have enough features to meet all your requirements. This is where you can try other tools with more features and a more straightforward design to see which one fits you the best.

These tools have a wide variety of features built into them which allow delivering more appealing content without compromising the quality. They can aid in making the process simple, easy and quick for maximum productivity.

List of Best Snipping Tools

Here is a list of some of the best free and paid snipping tools available:


Snagit is one of the most popular snipping tools and is user-friendly. It has a built-in advanced image editing to create high-quality outputs. Snagit can not only be used to take snippets but also for screen recording.


There are no time restrictions on the video recording feature. It provides the users with scrolling screen capture to take screenshots of long chat messages or long web pages into a single one.

You can also identify and copy the text from within a screenshot and use it in documents or other fields. This saves you the trouble of having to retype the whole text.

You can either get the free version which is a trial for 15 days or make a one-time purchase for the full version on the official site. The premium version can be in use on up to two systems.


Greenshot is a free and one of the best open source snipping tools available. The app allows you to take screenshots of a particular region quickly and then quickly edit them.


The tool can also be used to take scrolling screenshots. You can even highlight parts of the screenshot and export the screenshot in a wide variety of ways. The Print Screen key is assigned as the hotkey for Greenshot by default, so you don’t have to launch the app manually every time you want to take a screenshot.

You can set a custom screenshot size and use it again and again through macros. The app is entirely free and you should give it a shot before going for a paid one.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is the most feature-rich tool on this list. The tool has many autonomous features that make the snipping process quick and easy.

The responsive screen feature creates a screenshot that detects screen activity in the region it is in use in and automatically manages to create screen captures that fit tablet and mobile views.

The app also provides the user with automatic screen capture with smart, full motion recording to generate robust outputs.

Adobe Captivate
Source – Adobe.com/Captivate

The feature uses and captures on-screen motions like pointer movements, keyboard activity, and system audio to best represent simulations. All of the work can be done with high quality and the editing tools can be used to make the screenshots look however you want them to.

You can either get the 30 day trial for free from the official site or purchase the full version for unlimited validity.

DuckLink Screen Capture

This is probably one of the smallest snipping tools available right now. You can take screenshots in three different ways using Duckling Screen Capture. These include choosing the area manually, choosing a specific window or choosing the whole screen.


All of these can also map to separate keys on your keyboard. You can also set custom file format for the output. The application is free and doesn’t provide many features like other snipping tools. However, this makes the DuckLink screen capture tools minimalistic and light on system resources.


PicPick is another one of the best looking snipping tools in the list. It is a full-featured screen capture tool with a built-in image editor and whiteboard.

You can annotate or highlight parts of your screenshot, including shapes using the editor. The inbuilt graphics accessories like color picker, pixel ruler, cross hair, and magnifier can help in expressing your point to the fullest.


You can even customize hotkeys for seamless activation of the tool and the format and quality in which your final image exports.

You can get the free version with ads for personal use or the paid version for commercial and personal use for some extra features like technical support and to remove the ads.


Screenpresso is the last tool on this list of snipping tools but in no way the worst one. The tool can be in use to capture your desktop for all your needs. It is a lightweight snipping tool with the editor.


The app can also be used to generate PDF output, something most of the other snipping tools cant. You can get the free version or the paid full version of the official site.

Apart from these snapping tools, you can also try to use the default Windows Snipping tool. To use the snipping tool:

  • Press the key combination Winkey+ S simultaneously.
  • In the search box that appears, type Snipping.
  • Single click on the Snipping Tool results to launch the app.
  • Furthermore, click on the New button to take a screenshot and proceed to select the area you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Once over, the screenshot will open in a basic editor where you can do some changes.
  • Save the changes and export it in any format you want.


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