Today we will walk you through our article on Amazon echo vs. dot vs. tap. Smart speakers took the world by storm when introduced in the preceding years. The fascination for devices that can perform various tasks at a single voice command was apparent amongst a broad audience, so intelligent speakers have become a household essential for several people. Several smart speakers by various companies have been released throughout the years.

To efficiently draw amazon echo vs. Tap vs. Drop, we have compared these three intelligent speakers based on five primary factors to consider when purchasing any electronic device. These are, 

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages 
  • Price

Amazon Echo vs Dot vs Tap

Amazon taking the lead in this case. With three highly popular intelligent speakers released by Amazon, it can be tough to choose one. This is why we have decided to showcase a quick comparison between amazon echo vs. Dot vs Tap to highlight the significant differences between these three smart speakers so that you can finalize your purchase. So without further ado, here is our comparison of amazon echo vs. Dot vs. tap.

Based on features

Here are the features of each one of them :


The amazon echo is renowned for its sleek build and power to merge into your household décor. It swiftly follows various voice commands, including playing songs, controlling Wi-Fi-enabled electronic devices, and answering academically-oriented questions.


The amazon echo also comes with a mute button to stop Alexa from listening in to everything you say and a button that activates Alexa without calling out her name.


On the other hand, the Amazon Dot has more or less similar features to Echo except that it has a much smaller build. It is just as efficient in helping to manage your home and Wi-Fi-connected devices. The Amazon dot is much smaller and discreet, making blending into the household décor better.


Like Echo, the dot has four buttons to increase or decrease the volume, mute, and activate Alexa without calling out her name. It is also possible to plug in an external speaker with the dot. Overall, it is much preferred due to its small and compact size.


The Amazon tap can be called the premium version of all smart speaker devices released by Amazon. On comparing the Amazon Tap vs. echo dot, we can say that the Amazon Tap has successfully integrated all of the Dot’s best features with a state-of-the-art speaker. Another advantage of comparing echo vs. dot vs. tap is that the Amazon tap is fully portable. On drawing a comparison between amazon echo vs. amazon tap, one can say that the Tap resembles the Echo in terms of build but is sturdier and lighter.


The battery life is up to 9 hours, and along with having the standard buttons as on the echo and dot, it has a tap button, which defines the Amazon tap. With the tap, you need not get anyone else to download the companion app, making it ideal for on-the-go usage. 

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Based on Performance

Here is the performance analysis of each one of them :


The amazon echo can indeed be customized as per your requirement. You may utilize the Amazon Alexa app to add or modify Alexa’s skills. With your modifications, you can have Alexa set a timer, an alarm, tell you a joke, give the news, tell the weather, or even set up a routine where you can decide the time constraints for each task. With Alexa, you can also ask her to do your grocery shopping with a single voice command. Alexa can speak with you in 30 different languages.

Amazon EchoYou can get comfortable asking her to perform any task smoothly. It also has a seven-mic feature that can easily detect and differentiate between various voice commands and has excellent sound output. You can also get Alexa to read out loud to you all of your emails and messages. Overall, it is a great device around the house, making trivial tasks easy and less time-consuming.


The Amazon dot has been gathered from various online reviews as not having a good enough built-in speaker for playing music or other tasks. Instead, it is only preferable to listen to Alexa speak. That said, manually connecting to an external speaker via Bluetooth is better. However, it must be iterated here that switching between either speaker can get a bit tedious.

Amazon Echo dotAll said and done, don’t be fooled by the echo dot’s tiny hockey puck size, as it can perform just as many functions as the amazon echo and is ideal for those out there who want to try out intelligent speakers and don’t know where to start.


The Amazon tap has indeed been delivered in terms of performance. A significant difference between amazon echo and amazon tap is the brilliant sound quality that the Tap offers. The tap has dual stereo speakers, considerably heightening your music-listening experience. Like the other devices, you can add and customize various skills as per your requirement, so it is ideal as a device that performs as you wish.

Amazon TapAdditionally, if one were to compare amazon dot and amazon echo versus Tap, one would find that all three have excellent state-of-the-art voice recognition features. Overall, it is a worthy piece of equipment and ranks the highest in terms of performance and features.

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In Terms Of Advantages

Next up in our Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap comparison, here are the advantages that you can benefit from if you decide to purchase them : 


  1. Simple Setup process
  2. Blends into the household décor
  3. A large variety of features and options to choose from to customize Alexa as per your preferences
  4. Clear sound and easy to understand.
  5. Make calls to your loved ones (They must have an echo-supported device as well)


  1. Small and compact size
  2. Much cheaper than the Echo and Tap, so ideal for first-timers.
  3. Brilliant quality sound recognition


  1. Complete portability with a 9-hour battery life
  2. Sleek and sturdy design
  3. Excellent audio quality
  4. A superior quality speaker accompanies the perfect integration of the dot and echo.

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In Terms Of Disadvantages 

Let’s go through some disadvantages mentioned below in our Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap article


  1. With so many skills and customization options, it can get complicated for a first-time user of a smart speaker to optimize the device as per their needs.echo
  2. If nearby, it can cause the output to be played on other Echo devices.
  3. It always needs a power source at all times to function.


  1. Must be connected to a power source at all timesdot
  2. Underperforming inbuilt speaker.
  3. It tends to consume a lot of data


  1. Very high price point as compared to the other devicestap
  2. Lesser upgrades

In Terms Of Pricing

Next, we will discuss pricing in our Echo vs. Dot vs Tap.

Smart Speakers

In terms of pricing, the Amazon Echo has an average cost for the latest version of around 6000 Rs or $99.99

Buy: Amazon Echo

The Echo Dot is the most affordable in comparing echo vs. dot vs. tap. As of this day, the echo dot costs, on average, around Rs 2,249 or $49.99

Buy: Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Tap is the most expensive out of all and costs approximately $130

Buy: Amazon Tap


What's the difference between Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap?

Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap are smart speakers by Amazon but differ in size and features. Echo is a flagship model with a larger size, powerful speakers, and built-in smart home hub functionality. The Dot is a compact version of the Echo, with similar features but a smaller speaker. Tap is a wearable version of Echo that requires manual button activation.

Can all three devices perform the same task?

All three devices are equipped with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa so that they can perform similar tasks. However, audio quality may vary depending on each device's size and speaker configuration.

Which device has the best audio quality?

Amazon Echo usually offers the best sound quality among the three devices, thanks to its larger size and powerful speakers. The Dot and Tap's speakers are smaller, so the sound might not be as rich and loud as the Echo. However, you can connect external speakers to Dot and Tap for a better audio experience.

Are there portability differences between these devices?

Yes, there are portability differences between Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap. Echo is a stationary device designed to stay plugged in at one location. Dot is compact and portable but requires an external power source. Tap is designed for on-the-go use and has a built-in battery, allowing it to be carried and used wirelessly.

Can all three devices control smart home devices?

Yes, all three devices can control compatible smart home devices. With Alexa, you can use voice commands to consistently control lights, indoor regulators, locks, and other intelligence-based gadgets. Echo has a built-in smart home hub that allows it to communicate directly with specific devices without needing an additional seat.

Which device is best for different situations?

The Echo is perfect for those who want powerful audio and built-in smart home hub functionality. The Dot is a good choice if you need more space or want to connect to your existing audio system. Tap is perfect for people who value portability and want to take Alexa with them on the go.


So here is our comparison of amazon echo vs. Dot vs. Tap. Each has its USP. Now it is up to you to decide which one suits your particular requirements best.

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