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With new and improved technology for us to enjoy, there have also been significant developments in the hacking space. Our sensitive data is open to hackers and viruses for easy access. Which is why a net protector for any device is of utmost importance. However, in today’s day and age, antivirus software is expensive. Free antivirus software that works efficiently is hard to come by. However, Bitdefender is one such company that develops cybersecurity technology and gives it out to the general public either for free or for some remuneration, depending on the package you choose. It is essential always to select the most suitable electronic device to defend it from any potential viruses. That being said, here is a Bitdefender free antivirus review that is in-depth and covers all the points in detail that you want to acknowledge before downloading it onto your electronic device.


To start, Bitdefender is a company that has been offering cybersecurity solutions for 18 years. The software is present on to over 500 million systems. Alongside providing software for individuals, the company also provides cybersecurity solutions to large corporations.

Bitdefender offers free antivirus software for both Android and Mac OS devices. The company claims that its award-winning software will protect devices from both current and subsisting e-threats with ease. Since it is also light on other computer resources, it is ideal for download and usage. Moreover, if you are a Chromebook owner and are looking for antivirus protection, click here.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Review:

In this Bitdefender free antivirus review, we have also shown a comparison of the software to separate renowned cybersecurity software providing companies based on two factors, which are-

Based On Security

From 0 being the worst performance and 6 being the best, Bitdefender’s software fared an astonishing 5.94, giving it the first position on the leaderboard

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Based On Influence On Performance

Bitdefender prides itself in the fact that its software is light and doesn’t affect the device’s overall performance. That being said, from 0 being the worst performance and 6 being the best, Bitdefender has again bagged the first position with a great score of 5.81.

To add further to this Bitdefender free antivirus review, here are some of the advantages of having the software on your electronic device-

Threat Detection

The Bitdefender antivirus software is continually monitoring your active programs in the background, and on identifying anything unusual, it instantly takes action. Hence, the software is quick to work and ensures minimum vulnerability to external forces.

Scanning And Removal Of Malware

The software possesses a strong scan engine that performs quick scans without compromising your electronic device’s speed and performance. These engines ensure the speedy elimination of all kinds of malware, including viruses as well as worms.

Bitdefender Scan
Bitdefender Scan

It also specializes in the discovery and elimination of spyware, rootkits, and ransomware.

Safeguarding Against Phishing Websites

When it comes to guarding your essential data, including passwords and card numbers, the Bitdefender free antivirus is one step ahead.

Bitdefender Password
Bitdefender Password

It blocks phishing websites and other sketchy sites that purport to be dependable on the internet to take your data.

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Security Against Scams

Another positive aspect that we can add to the Bitdefender free antivirus review is that it rapidly steers you away from scam websites on the internet. Its advanced filtering system can easily detect any unusual activity going on.

Bitdefender against phising
Bitdefender against phishing

It shields your financial data from slipping into the hands of hackers.

Global Protective Network

The Bitdefender free antivirus operates quietly in the background without compromising with the performance of that of your device.

bitdefender blocking page
bitdefender blocking page

The majority of the scanning conducts on the cloud. The software scans none the contents of any files of your device and does not store them on the cloud either.

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Bitdefender Photon

One of the striking aspects of the Bitdefender free antivirus is a technology used by it called Bitdefender photon. This adjusts to your electronic device and software arrangement to conserve computing resources and enhance speed and efficiency.

Automatic Upgrades

An additional benefit that applies to all Bitdefender products is the fact that all software is subjected to automatic upgrades when released. This ensures security against the most advanced cyber hazards out there. This way, you will always have the latest features guarding your device.

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Online Support

The last advantage that we includes in our Bitdefender free antivirus review is that the company provides 24/7 online support. Any problems or doubts you may have regarding the software can be cleared instantly with their online support center.

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So all in all, the Bitdefender free antivirus software provides security for individual and gaming processors, does not conduct any time-consuming scans, and the most enjoyable part? The company promises zero advertisements to ensure you have an overall satisfactory experience with them.

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