5 Best Book Writing Software for Beginners | Updated 2020

If you’re an aspiring writer then you should possess great writing skills and powerful software to write quickly and effectively. Here are five best Book Writing Software that can help you up your author game.

Top 5 Book Writing Software For Your First Book


Scrivener is the versatile software with numerous valuable functions. Thistool offers a wide range of options that you need to write a book from start to end. It is designed specifically for authors to keep notes, sources, thoughts, and researches.

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The cool thing is that you can save different information in required formats. You can keep images, PDF files, text documents, etc. in this one place. Also, the tool offers different templates for different kinds of writing. So, if you write a play, for example, you will have a very convenient template for that.


This Book Writing Software is another great app for writing. It arranges a distraction-free environment for you to create your masterpiece. Unlike other similar apps, it has several distinctive features. It doesn’t totally hide everything on your computer; it all just vanishes on the background and you can access anything you need when you need it.

Moreover, it offers a spelling check and different themes. You can also set daily goals for a more efficient writing. This software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, so try it out.

PhD Essays

This service is also very useful if you are out of ideas at all. PhD Essays can come very handy if you need to help with your short stories or essays. Here you can order assistance of different lever such as outlining your work. They even remember to check for plagiarism and grammatical mistakes before submitting the final document. The guys there can come up with the plot, characters and settings. At the end you can get some firm base to create your masterpiece.


WriteItNow really helps you to shape the idea of writing astory you have been thinking about. This software has an easy to manage interface which makes your writing effective. This Book Writing Software is designed in such a way that creating texts becomes effective for writers, especially for the beginners. WriteItNow keeps all the background information that you need to write in one place.

The program has two sections: one for the background details about your book and another for the writing itself. You can keep all the info about your story such as characters history, settings, props, ideas, charts, etc. in the background section so that you can go there any time you need to check your plot or add some info to the text. The writing section contains your story divided by chapters if needed. You can correct different errors such as spelling, readability and cliché issues and write a great mistakes-free book.



This Book Writing Software is unique in its own way. The best thing about FastPencil is you don’t need to download the software because it is available in the cloud. Most importantly, it will allow you to write, publish and sell your book along with printing it for your convenience.

If you want to become a writer, you may no longer require a publishing house because you can publish a book on your own. In addition to this, this software makes the editing simpler and faster. If you need help with editing, you can share your work with your friends or editor by sending them the invite and they can easily access it.

Final Words

So these were five best Book Writing Software to make your writing more effective, saving time and effort by organizing and structuring your book properly. You can always opt for external services line PaperCheap if you have a need for essays or professional papers. Cheers! 🙂

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