The new generation is highly fascinated by digital technology in every field of their choice. Moreover, we have seen a massive surge in the engagement of live streamers on various platforms. Online gaming has become essential to our lives, especially for the youth. However, stream gameplay is challenging for professional gamers and content creators.  How to use nvidia shadowplay to record games as the viewers want high picture quality and better graphics while watching streams of their favorite players.

Steps to use ShadowPlay

  1. Launch the GeForce Experience app from Nvidia.
  2. On the Settings cog, click.
  3. Verify that the In-Game Overlay toggle is turned on.
  4. Launch your game.
  5. Press the keyboard keys Alt and Z.
  6. Start recording after clicking.

Also, several hardcore gamers tend to record their PC screens while playing. Therefore, their devices need to have a sustainable method for the same. Many players use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record and stream their devices during gaming hours. Although, you must know how to use nvidia shadowplay and make the most of it.

This guide will provide every detail to make you familiar with the feature. Hence, follow the steps to use nvidia shadowplay to record. To learn how to turn off the nvidia overlay, click here!

What Is NVIDIA ShadowPlay?

If you are not a regular gamer, there are chances that the term ShadowPlay might be new to you. Thus, we will begin by discussing some essential functions of the software. NVIDIA ShadowPlay is a simple in-built tool that is quite helpful for streaming and recording gameplay.

Moreover, it uses the PC’s hardware components and the NVIDIA graphics card. Therefore, it is the first choice for many players as there is no potential lag during the recording sessions. Also, the recorded file would have original graphics without any frame drops. Thus, you can be assured of the high video quality in sharing files.

nvidia shadowplay

Additionally, users can easily stream the live gameplay if they know how to run shadowplay while playing. The best feature of NVIDIA ShadowPlay is that you can even view instant replay modes.

Thus, it makes it easier to manage your social accounts and share the 30 seconds replay of the moments. Moreover, you can record the gameplay up to 4K in 60FPS or 8K in 30FPS. Therefore, it is a dependable tool that doesn’t cost you anything more than the installed graphics card.

How To Enable ShadowPlay?

You might wonder if it is easy as the tool does everything for you. However, overcoming some restrictions is essential for how to use shadowplay to record.enable shadowplay

NVIDIA ShadowPlay does require some specific configurations to run. Thus, make sure that your computer or Laptop satisfies all the conditions regarding the same. 

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The essential component from NVIDIA that you must have installed on the PC. Moreover, only the NVIDIA GPU supports the ShadowPlay feature as a hardware feature.

nvidia gpu

Also, you should have any GPU after GTX 650 (for Desktop) and GTX 700M (for Laptop) to run ShadowPlay. Therefore, ensure the PC configurations or upgrade your existing GPU.

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience

The following essential software you need is the GeForce Experience to record, share, or broadcast content. Further, updating it to the latest drivers is crucial for the best results.

nvidia geforce

However, you must have the GPU pre-installed in the system before downloading it.

Operating System- Windows

It is impossible if you are wondering how to use nvidia shadowplay on Linux. This feature is only available for users with Windows operating systems. Also, it supports OS only between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How To Use ShadowPlay To Record Games?

Many users are not sure about the correct way to run the software and record their gameplay. We are here to help you record videos for your YouTube or any other social handle. Before telling you how to activate shadowplay, you must configure it according to the requirements. This will help in making quality content while recording the gaming moments. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

First, you must open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software we installed earlier. Also, click on the game of your choice and minimize it in the taskbar. Then, coming back to GeForce, go to the general settings and look for the Share option.

nvidia geforce experience

Finally, turning on this button to activate ShadowPlay is mandatory.

Step 2

Next, we will configure the Audio settings by clicking on the Open-in-game-overlay option. This is important to record the microphone chat along with the video gameplay.


Also, choosing the mic model you currently use would be best. Further, ensure the volume level settings and boost it accordingly.

Step 3

This is an optional step if you wish to record the webcam video if you want your picture to get registered. This option is available in the General settings tab, where you can activate it.record

Step 4

Users can also set hotkeys acting as shortcuts for several processes while recording. Go to the Keyboards shortcut option and configure the keys you are comfortable with.shortcuts

Step 5

Finally, get to your game and start the recording from the overlay tab. You can also use the previously configured hotkeys for the same. Users can also change the destination folder of the recorded videos from the Settings menu.overlay

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Does ShadowPlay have a maximum recording time limit?

ShadowPlay has a maximum recording time limit called 'Shadow Time.' By default, it is set to five minutes. However, you can adjust this duration in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application's Settings menu under the 'Privacy Control' tab. You can set it as high as 4 hours or unlimited recording time.

Can I record games in 4K resolution using ShadowPlay?

You can record games in 4K resolution using ShadowPlay if your graphics card and monitor support 4K. Ensure that you have selected the desired resolution (4K) in your game settings and that the recording settings in ShadowPlay are also configured to capture at 4K resolution for the best recording quality.

How can I enable the FPS counter while recording with ShadowPlay?

To enable the FPS counter while recording with ShadowPlay, open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application, go to the Settings menu, click the 'Overlays' tab, and enable the 'FPS Counter' option. This will display the frames per second (FPS) counter in the corner of your screen while recording gameplay.

Does ShadowPlay support streaming games to platforms like Twitch?

Yes, ShadowPlay supports streaming games to platforms like Twitch. In the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application, go to the Settings menu, click the 'Broadcast' tab, and sign in to your Twitch account. Configure the streaming settings according to your preferences, and you can stream your gameplay directly from ShadowPlay to Twitch.


This is about “how to use nvidia shadowplay” to record and share gameplay videos with your friends. Also, it is impossible to record specific games due to restrictions from the developers. Thus, you could prefer to use third-party recorders instead of the NVIDIA ShadowPlay.

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