What Is VoIP Number & How to Get One

Whether you own a large enterprise or startup, having a VoIP phone number is more effective. The advanced cloud-based VoIP service allows you to call over the internet from a mobile, desktop, or laptop instead of a traditional way. If you have questions like what is VoIP number or how to get one, you’re at the right place.

The VoIP technology gives your business a convenient way to communicate with customers and other businesses efficiently. Besides, it offers various utilities like forwarding calls, blocking spam callers, call recording, etc.

What is a VoIP number?

A VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol number is a virtual phone number allocated to a user instead of a particular telephone device. The user can call using this from any internet-enabled device like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and VoIP phone.

cloud-based voip
Cloud-based VoIP

If you’ve also signed up for a VoIP service, enter the number in the dial pad and make the call. In this way, you don’t have to use your number or stick to the desk or mobile to get or receive calls. The Ooma IP phone harnesses the internet to provide complete telecommunication services for a very reasonable price.

How does VoIP Work?

VoIP works to place a call by using the internet. Whereas in conventional telephone service, calls are routed through the telephone company, VoIP requires a broadband connection to work.

When you call the virtual number, your voice signal is converted into a string of digital data sent over the broadband line. Apart from unlimited calling, VoIP offers text messaging, call blocking, recording, scheduling, forwarding, access to toll-free numbers, etc.

working of voip
Working of VoIP

Here are the famous four ways to make a VoIP call:

●       Call with a VoIP number using a phone app. For example, you can install Google Voice, Skype, Nextiva, WhatsApp, etc., on Android or iOS to make a VoIP call.

●       Call with a VoIP number using a landline. It requires a VoIP adapter and landline. You need to plug the adapter into the RJ11 phone socket, connect it with a computer and start calling.

●       Call with a VoIP number using a web. You need the internet, speaker, microphone, and sound card to call using a computer, laptop, or web-based application like Ringblaze, Cloud PBX, Skype, Ooma, etc.

●       Call with a VoIP number using an IP phone. It has an RJ45 connector that you can directly plug into the LAN.

How to Get a VoIP Number?

If you want to get a VoIP number, find good quality and reliable VoIP service provider, subscribe to a plan, and get the number.

Popular VoIP services like Nextiva, Google Voice, Grasshopper, OpenPhone, Ooma, and many more offer different plans and benefits.

nextiva voip
Nextiva VoIP

But the pricing can be a bit expensive in some cases. Another thing to keep in mind is security. As the VoIP call connects to the internet, ensure your VoIP carrier encrypts the call to protect all details.

If you already have a phone number and don’t want to get a new one, port it into the VoIP number. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), you can do number porting from the mobile, telephone company, Google Voice, or other VoIP providers.

Why do You Need A VoIP Number?

Let us look at the pros and cons of getting one:


  1. Less expensive than a traditional phone system since it uses an internet connection.
  2. Easy accessible anywhere in the world.
  3. More flexibility to call from smartphones, web, and desktops.
  4. High-quality voice calls with a good internet speed.
  5. Use multiple devices for a single virtual number.
    accessible and portable
    Accessible and Portable
  6. Select your desirable area code outside the state or city without paying extra costs for long-distance calls.
  7. Portability without changing the existing phone number.
  8. Access to toll-free numbers for all small to large businesses.
  9. Supports multitasking.
  10. Efficient client interaction.
  11. Remote work-friendly.


  1. First of all, you need to make sure that you have a fast internet speed. If the network bandwidth is poor, your service may not work smoothly.
  2. Since you need to plug the adapter, modem, router, and VoIP hardware, they all require power to work. If you lose the power, you’ll lose the call service too.
  3. Not all VoIP service providers provide emergency calling facilities like 911.
  4. If it’s not adequately encrypted or secured, call tampering, fraud, or phishing.


Still, VoIP offers various utilities and features that a traditional telephone service cannot provide. All businesses are now using this virtual calling technology to communicate with clients more effectively. So, if you want a business phone number, VoIP is the way.


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