15 Best Transcription Software [#2 is my favourite]

Transcription software converts an audio file into a text file. This type of tool can detect human voices and convert them into text files. These are the reviews of the best transcription software that are easily available online. Some of them are free while to use the rest software you have to download them. Transcription software helps not only in saving time and resources but also increases the efficiency of work by making it accessible to everyone. Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for the Best Transcription Software, you are at the right place. Though there are many times when audio output devices face errors. Ensure all issues have been looked after, before beginning with the transcription process.

Here in this article, we give a description of the 10 Best Transcription Softwares. You can judge according to your need which is best for you.

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List of 15 Best Transcription Softwares

Here is a list of the top 15 Best Transcription Softwares that you can use today:


Scribie offers 99% accuracy and is used for manual as well as automated transcription. It makes transcribing easy and also provides a cheap automated option for doing so. Scribie can convert any audio or video files into text files making it easy to access for meetings, interviews, conferences, etc. The user simply has to upload the file and gets the transcripted Word file in the stipulated time frame. Scribie also incorporates proofreading into its service with complete confidentiality.

Scribie Transcription
Scribie Transcription

The automated services can be used if in a jiffy with a turnaround of 30 minutes with absolutely clean audio. Even though the interface might need a little work along with the pricing, Scribie still manages this shortcoming with its quality service and become one of the Best Transcription Software.

This transcription software ensures confidentiality and access are authorized only on a need-to-know basis. One of the best transcription software, Scribie follows a 4-step program where the first two steps are done by their home-based certified transcribers and the last two steps include cross-checking the conversion by their team for maximum accuracy.

Visit: Scribie


It is a brainchild of a British company that aims to provide the necessary accuracy. It comes with a mobile app that offers a free trial. For handling complex projects that require ultimate accuracy, GoTranscript is used. It offers a turnaround time of 6-12 hours which is higher than many of its competitors.

GoTranscript Transcription
GoTranscript Transcription

However, it may vary if the customer is not from Britain. Its services require a lot of extra costs even when it does not provide a built-in text editor. Even though it receives appreciation for its accurate results, it lags back when it comes to pricing and providing a web editor.

Visit: GoTranscript

GMR Transcript

A little different from ordinary transcription services, GMR provides video transcription as well. Spanish transcription is also one of the services offered by them. Its text-to-text transcription features allow converting a paper text to electronic text.

GMR Transcription
GMR Transcription

But, the price is on the higher side even if the services are decent. It does not provide a web editor and the interface is out of date. The service it provides might be rich but the cost it charges is way higher than its competitors. GMR Transcript’s rate fluctuates with the quality of the sample asked of them.

Visit: GMR Transcription


Audio and video files are transcribed by Rev. Its turnaround time is a few hours and accuracy is also pretty high. It also comes with captions, subtitles, and translations. Rev provides transparent pricing, speedy delivery, and high-quality results.


Along with that, it provides translation services for over 35 languages. With its top-notch accuracy, efficient editing, transcription speed, and affordability, Rev stands out from its competitors. Making it one of the Best Transcription Software.

The standard delivery time of the Rev software is 12 hours for the files that have a duration of 30 minutes or shorter. Rev transcription software can convert large files at no extra cost.

Visit: Rev

Transcribe Me!

Providing a significantly lower cost rate, Transcribe Me! is a better option than many. Its transcriptions are human-powered and the interface is also quite impressive.

Transcribe Me!
Transcribe Me!

It comes with a mobile app and ensures a secure procedure. If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, this might be the software for you.

Visit: Transcribe Me!


Transcribe is the best software for transcription of music and falls under Best Transcription Softwares. Its working is very simple. It will optimize the current music to facilitate transcription easily. Therefore, it doesn’t do direct transcription. Its working is similar to the music player. But its advantage is that it has many features that are not present in music players.


Here, you can change the speed and pitch of each song, and that’s why it is the best tool that you can use for practice purposes also. It is easily available online. It is free for the first 30 days after that if you want its service then you have to purchase it.

Visit: Transcribe


The use of Typingpool is for audio recordings. It divides the recording into smaller bits and then reroutes every bit to Mechanical Turk, which is an outsourcing community. A feature of Mechanical Turk that is freelancers will transcribe each smaller bit, and that’s why its transcription rate is very fast and cheap.


In starting, it may be tedious to use, but once you are used to this, it will be easy for you. Its installation is quite difficult, but you can easily get step by step guide on how to download and install it and use it to see if it fits as one of your Best Transcription Software.

Visit: TypingPool

Transcription Helper

Transcription Helper is used for the transcription of audio and video files. It has a timestamp feature that helps you to move back to specific parts of the audio or video file that were playing earlier if you want to make some changes or corrections in that particular file.

Transcription Helper
Transcription Helper

It supports the various file format of audio and video files like MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI, and much more. You can save your work in the middle and later resume from the same place rather than starting from the beginning. Its convenience makes it one of the Best Transcription Software.

Listen N Write

Listen N Write is a free transcription software tool that is designed especially for MP3 and WAV files. Its size is small hence it doesn’t take much space in your computer system. It provides various basic features like playback, text editing, key control, and bookmarks.

Listen N Write
Listen N Write

Here you can write the music that you are listening to. But it has some drawbacks like neither it has voice and speech recognition technology nor it has an automatic transcription feature. However, it is a part of the Best Transcription Softwares list.

Visit: Listen N Write


It is a speech recognition software that was developed by Vocapia Research. VoxSigma is used to convert text into speech in many languages like French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Mandarin, and Portuguese. It is used by professionals and is best suited for heavy workloads thus making it one of the Best Transcription Software.


The transcription process is of 3 steps in this application software. They include identifying the audio segments in the file, then identifying the language in which it is spoken, and finally converting it into the text. This speech recognition software is also available as a Web service via REST API that allows the customers to use the improvements and the advancements in this software.

Its best feature is that it transcript the recordings even with the noisy background which is suitable for falling under the Best Transcription Softwares list. Therefore, this useful software is for those audio and video files that require real-time transcription. Its output is an XML file.

Visit: VoxSigma


InqScribe is one of the best transcription software free that can convert audio/video to text files. It can also work as face recognition software. Its drawback is it can’t create voice recordings because it doesn’t have a recording tool, but you can import audio files in it. InqScribe can support various languages. This software does the transcription of subtitled movies or videos.


Here you can use analysis codes and time codes. It is extremely simple to use as it doesn’t have complex programs that are available in many other ones of the Best Transcription Software.

InqScribe offers both free and premium subscription offers for people to convert audio into text. Moreover, there is a feature in this application software that enables the user to play the videos and type their transcripts in the same window. This saves time and is hassle-free. The application also has mouse-free media controls. This makes the usage of the application much easier.

Visit: InqScribe


It is a powerful free audio transcription software that can easily convert audio and video files. HyperTRANSCRIBE has the feature of automatic looping. It can support various file formats like MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV, and AIFF. Here you can skip some portion of the audio or video file to increase your typing, or you can replay a media file too.

Hyper Transcribe

It doesn’t require foot pedals. Here you can easily use keyboard commands and shortcuts. In this, you are performing playing an audio or video file and typing it in the same window as it falls under the Best Transcription Softwares category.


Enhilex Medical Transcription Software

It is a voice recognition software that was designed specifically for medical transcriptions. Enhilex Medical Transcription Software can increase productivity as it will automatically sort the folders of patients’ and doctors’ names, medications, medical abbreviations, and lab names.


It can hold a large database with an unlimited number of words and folders. You can copy and paste your list from MS Word or notepad into it, and it will automatically sort it for you. Therefore, it is quite convenient and thus one of the Best Transcription Software.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Speech Recognition is a professional software as it generates accurate results with integration in different devices. The main usage is in industries and meetings because of its powerful features. As it has an audio recognition technique, it is the most popular voice recognition software falling under the Best Transcription Softwares category.

Dragon Speech
Dragon Speech

It can recognize speech at any speed. Its typing is three times faster than any other automatic transcription software.

Visit: Dragon Speech

Express Scribe

MAC and PCs use Express Scribe for music transcription. It uses foot pedals and hotkeys. It supports an MS word processor, and it can automatically load files with the help of FTP over a computer network. And the last one on our list of best transcription software.

Express Scribe
Express Scribe

Its main idea for creating this software was for typists. They can install it on their PC and control the transcription of audio files. It is essential for MAC and other devices to work properly during the transcription process. Click here to know more about backup software for MAC.

This was our list of Best Transcription Software. Hope it helped you out. Do give each one of them a try.

Visit: Express Scribe

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that are asked often.

What is transcribing? How is it done?

Transcribing means 'typing by hearing'. Any record or data is actively changed from audio or visual to text by transcription. To learn to transcribe, the first step is to understand the basic mechanism of a transcription process and the tools required for it. After learning the mechanism, a person needs to undergo proper training before joining a company or doing it individually.

How is the turnaround time for a project in transcription software calculated?

Some factors that affect the turnaround time for a project in transcription software include • Audio Quality • The workload of a company • Audio duration

What are the rules for transcribing?

Rules for any transcription process vary from one company to other. Here are some of the key points that every company follows to ensure maximum efficiency of 99%. They are: • Accuracy • To-the-point information • Using proper US English

long does it take to transcribe a 1 hour of audio file/ video file?

. The time duration depends upon the application software one uses. Approximately 4 hours is taken by an individual transcriber to transcribe a file in general.

Is there audio-to-text transcription software that can be downloaded

Yes, there are some of the best transcription software that can be downloaded. One of the most recognized software is Dragon Naturally Speaking.


In the end, I hope this article was of great use to you and you have benefitted from this extremely useful software. There is numerous other software but we picked out some of the Best Transcription Software for you. Especially based on the public response and reviews.

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