How to Find People on Skype [ Complete Guide]

The importance of social connection is gradually increasing as we move in the digital world. Everyone is looking for some way or the other to connect with their friends. Moreover, there are many online platforms that make this easy. Apart from connecting with them virtually, users look for methods to share images with each other. Thus, there is a huge demand for a platform that can handle all these things. Also, social media application like Facebook, Twitter, and many others are already making their way. However, Skype is one of the most popular video-calling service providers in the market. There is no doubt in the fact that nothing is better than having a face time call with someone. Make sure to check this guide if Skype won’t connect for you.

When we talk about video call applications, Skype is the first name that comes into your mind. Moreover, you can download skype on your mobile or desktop and use it as per convenience. Most of the users often ask that how to find people on Skype that you need to connect with. This is the reason you need to go through the following section of this guide.

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How To Find People On Skype By Different Ways

We have covered all the information that you need on how to find people on skype to connect with your friends or other relatives. Hence, without wasting more time, let’s begin our journey.

What is Skype?

In case you are not aware of the platform, here is the basic concept behind it. Skype is an international platform that is responsible for telecommunication connections between its users. It is very common for Skype users to have a virtual meeting with various people across the globe.


They can talk and communicate while the web cameras are on their respective systems. Also, both sides of the video call will require an active internet connection to get started. Moreover, users have the option to share files and documents with their call partners. This is the reason that Skype is globally famous and preferred by all regular users.

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How to Find Someone on Skype?

Before moving any further, you should be aware of the steps to find someone on Skype using various methods. As mentioned earlier, users can connect to various profiles on the portal without any issue. Moreover, it is mandatory that the person you are looking for has an active profile on Skype. After all, you can’t find the person who does not exist on the profile section of the platform. Thus, once you are sure that the person is virtually present on Skype, follow these steps to find Skype friends,

Desktop Version

Step 1

First, open the Skype application or visit the official website on the PC. You need to have a secure internet connection to connect to the servers.

Step 2

Click on the Sign-in button and use your existing account with the correct credentials. Users can also choose to create a new one if they don’t have a Skype account earlier.

skype login
Skype login

Step 3

Click on the search button located on the top side of the screen. The icon for the same will look similar to a magnifying glass.

Step 4

Next, make sure to enter the name or email of the person that you are looking for. Also, there should no be spelling errors as it will lead to wrong results.

skype search
Skype search

Step 5

Finally, hit the Enter button, and you will get all the results matching with the name listed earlier.

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Mobile Application

Step 1

First, download and install the Skype mobile application on your device. It is available both for Android and iOS operating mobile phones.

skype app
Skype app

Step 2

Open the app and click on the Contacts tab present at the bottom of your screen.

add contact
Add contact

Step 3

Next, tap on the search button and type the name or email you are looking for.

Step 4

Along with looking in your contacts list, the portal will also search in the Skype Directory. This ensures a better search result of the name you want to find.

skype contacts
Skype contacts

Step 5

Finally, the users can also click on the More button to generate more results for the same.

Note– There are millions of users on Skype, and the number is constantly increasing. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult while searching Skype users with a common name. Thus, you can combine the location of the person along with his profile name. For instance, searching for a name such as “Abraham” could be difficult. However, try looking for “Abraham in New York” as it will give more precise results. Also, make sure that the other person has activated the feature of location from their profile.

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How to Add Someone on Skype?

We hope that the method about how to find people on Skype is quite clear to you. The next section is about how to add people on Skype that you wish to connect. Well, there is no rocket science in understanding the ways to add people in contacts. This feature comes in handy when you met someone on the portal itself. Also, we assume that you have found the person using the previous steps. Thus, the steps for adding someone on Skype are,

Step 1

Click on the profile that you want to connect to after finding it on Skype.

Step 2

The new chat window will open between the two users with some minor details about the profile.

skype chat
Skype chat

Step 3

Next, start the conversation or type a custom message on the chatbox.

Step 4

Send the message, and the profile will automatically be added to the Contacts list.


This is all about how to find people on Skype and connect to them easily. Once the profile is added, it will stay connected until you remove it. Moreover, you can consult the Customer Support team on skype for information about your profile.

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