Identify Fake Amazon Reviews – Best Methods Available Online

Online shopping has taken the world by storm. Over the time, people have ceased actually to go and buy stuff from retail. Within a click of buttons and online safety, you are ensured that the requested item will be delivered to your doorstep. And the most significant player in this game is of course Amazon. Thus, you must know how to spot Fake Amazon Reviews out there.

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The site caters to billions of people all over the globe. Ensuring the best quality regarding products and service, Amazon keeps the pressure on other competitors in its sector. Apparently, you can’t get to the top without people wanting to pull you down. Same is the case with Amazon. The review section is present to make sure that customers have an idea about the product before spending their money on it.

amazon reviews
amazon reviews

Some miscreants spam this section with fake reviews to mislead the customers and ultimately planting the seed of dissatisfaction in the hearts of customers towards Amazon.

To differentiate between genuine and fake reviews, there are several sites on the internet. So here are the best websites to identify fake reviews:

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2 Websites to Identify Fake Amazon Reviews

Here are the two websites to identify the fake reviews.


Probably the first site to pop up to identify fake reviews, fakespot does the community a tremendous service by reviewing scores of reviews and filtering them to determine whether they are fake or not. Using their proprietary algorithm, they look for suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews.

Fake Amazon Reviews
How to identify Fake Amazon Reviews – FakeSpot

You can go to this site and input the product to be scrutinized. The website will output the result in a short span of time. Fakespot assigns grades to each output, ranging from A to F, thus marking their reliability. What’s more, Fakespot even has a Chrome extension available.

Visit: Fakespot

So you can go ahead and download the extension to simplify the process. You do not have to go to the website now and then when you have to identify fake Amazon reviews.


A reliable website for checking the authenticity of reviews on Amazon, this site does not tell you precisely the fakeness of a review but instead, shows you stats ranging from a vast amount of data. These stats allow the customer to make a calculated guess on the review, and therefore the product. SO yeah, if you want to make educated guesses based on some stats, this website is for you.


Overall, these sites make your experience in online shopping more relaxed and more constructive. Everybody reads reviews before shopping online. Therefore, genuine reviews are always welcome. And these sites serve as a boon in this task.

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So, here is the guide of identifying the fake amazon reviews. Beware of getting in involvement with such reviews to affect your views on any product. Hope you liked our guide. If you are considering purchasing Amazon Echo or Dot or Tap, read our article to find which best suits your need and lifestyle.

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