8 Ways to Search Background Audio of a YouTube Video


You have finally found the perfect song to add to your playlist, or to use for your own Instagram stories- but you don’t know what it’s called! Why? You just don’t know how to search background audio of a random YouTube video.

Fortunately, you’re about to discover 8 really effective ways to identify that unknown song or sound.

Best Methods to Serach Background Audio of a YouTube Video

YouTube Comments

If you’re curious about the sound or song used in a video, don’t you think others are curious, too? You can easily find out the name of the song by pressing down the Ctrl+F button on your laptop. You can then type the words “name” or “song name” in the find bar that pops up, and soon you’ll find the highlighted words in the comments. Make sure you’ve loaded plenty of comments before trying this. You’ll figure out the name of the song by looking at the replies to the users who have already asked this question.

You can look up YouTube comments on your phone, too. First, you should look up the YouTube URL on the Google Chrome browser. Then, you must click on the menu, or three vertical dots, on the top right corner. All you have to do is click on the option “find in page, ” and you’ll get the same find bar. From there, you can repeat the steps as described for a laptop Ctrl+F method.

Uploader Knows Best

If you’re dealing with a slightly unpopular video, you’re obviously not going to find the answer in the comments. You can try messaging the person who uploaded the video and asks them for the name of the sound. While this is the most direct method to search background audio, you might not receive a response from the Uploader, especially if they had posted this video long ago and had since kept an inactive YouTube account.

Ask Quora or Reddit

Quora is a fantastic platform to interact with experts and ask questions on topics from A to Z. You can quickly create an account on Quora and post the YouTube URL and ask what the song is. If the site doesn’t let you publish your URL, you can just post the YouTube video’s full title and ask what song has been used. If you look up “music experts” or “YouTube experts” on Quora, you can invite those users to answer your question. You can typically expect an answer within 2-3 days.

Reddit is another community where you can post queries and start a discussion about your YouTube URL, and about the song that was used. The drawback of these platforms is that you may not get a response at all if you don’t post the right tags.

Google Is Your Friend

You can easily search the song you’re looking for by just googling the lyrics that you identified from watching the video.

There are many cons to this method: you might be dealing with an instrumental song, or be led to random results if you don’t remember more than a few words. You also cannot use this method to search background audio if the lyrics aren’t audible or clear.


If you can’t find the song name in the YouTube comments under the video, there’s a chance that the Uploader has posted the same content on another video sharing platform- like Dailymotion. This is an excellent way to search background audio on another video site.

First, you must look up the same title of the video on Dailymotion, and click on the video that shares the corresponding thumbnail and uploader. After that, you can look up the song name in the Dailymotion comments the same way you did with the YouTube comments. However, Dailymotion is not as popular as YouTube, so you’ll find that the comments may not reveal much.


Social media is an excellent way for you to search background audio of a YouTube video. You can make use of Twitter’s tag accessibility by pasting the YouTube URL into the posts bar. You’ll find several users who have talked about the video and have probably mentioned the song name in the tags or retweets.


You have probably heard of this famous music app that helps you search background audio and links you to not only the name of the song and artist but also the original artist’s YouTube URL, and the Spotify or iTunes space of the song and artist. First, you must download the Shazam app. Then, you must let the app “listen.”

You must hold your phone close to your laptop and play the YouTube video from your laptop. You will notice that Shazam will take some time to process the sound, and soon enough, you’ll find all the information you need.

Shazam isn’t the only free music identification app- you can also use SoundHound, Moomash or Audentifi. You must be prepared for ineffectiveness due to poor sound quality or internet network issues. These apps also require you to use data for the downloading and song tagging.

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Midomi for Laptop

You might not be willing to spend data on apps like Shazam. Maybe you can’t use a smartphone and therefore, can’t use music ID apps. Another bizarre but possible problem is that you remember the tune of the song- but you’ve lost the YouTube URL!

The laptop friendly method is a website called Midomi. SoundHound is an app from this original mother site, so it’s a reliable website. This website lets you hum or sing the song into the microphone, and links you to sources that sound similar to your voice’s sound.

This website is better at picking up humming than most apps, so you don’t have to worry about singing complicated frills or pitches in the song just to look it up. The only drawback that you’ll face on this site is that it requires a Flash player. You can easily download Adobe Flash player online if you haven’t already. You must also be careful to sing right into the microphone.

These 8 methods are the best ways for you to search background audio, so don’t give up on your dream song just because you don’t know what it’s called!


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