Pictures are a tangible memory for a lifetime, shared to spread the moment of happiness with others. And With the changing technology, the way we see photos is also changing. Pictures have become a new fun, jokes, and sarcasm genre from just memories captured. If you are confused about the best face morphing app, this article is for you.

best photo morphing app

The best face morphing app list includes:

  • Faceapp
  • reface
  • face morph
  • cupace, Morphy
  • B612

Face morphing is transforming a face into another through digital editing techniques. This editing is how you create all those transition videos or the time-lapse videos where a child grows into an adult. Android and iOS have several apps that make morphing faces easy in photographs and videos—want to know about Picture morphing

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The Best Face Morphing App

Here is a list of the top 10 face-morphing smartphone apps in 2023.


The first name on this list is FaceApp, a popular photo-editor app with millions of users. FaceApp comes integrated with AI technology that makes the altercations smooth and easy. Not to mention, it also includes sets of fantastic filters and effects and backgrounds of voted quality.


FaceApp has some straightforward app use features that allow you to edit your face quickly. FaceApp counts among the best face morphing app for generating photo-realistic images. It also provides video editing. You can easily edit your portrait videos here to upload on social media.

Download: FaceApp for Android | iOS


The next app to morph faces together is Reface. This widely popular photo-editing application has millions of users. Reface is particularly famous for its AI technology, which allows you to morph and edit those faces into viral memes and videos! Yes, Reface has a face changer enabling you to create and edit reels, videos, and memes.


This app also includes an in-built filter feature and an update notification feature for GIFs and videos.

Download: Reface for Android | iOS

Face Swap

Face Swap is the next face mixer app that morphs visuals into photos and videos. It uses a face change filter that swap faces obtaining results with remarkable precision. The app also comes with a live camera for face morphing and recording.

face swap

There is a pre-installed video editor as well. A unique addition to these features is the mask gallery. These masks, majorly of animals, can be applied to the photos and faces and then merged.

Download: Face Swap for Android

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Face Morph

Often deemed the best face morphing app available in the market, Face Morph is an application that might become your favorite. It is famous for how easily it makes you swap faces due to its simple user interface and versatile features.

face morph

It allows you to morph your face into a celebrity, a friend, or an animal. The face blending feature is also available. However, FaceMorph free version has ads and applies a watermark to every exported photo.

Download: Face Morph for Android

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Pic Morph

The app Pic Morph is another face merger app to appear on this list. Pic Morph allows you to create reel-style or short animations like a child transforming into an adult or a human face morphing into that of an animal. If you want to generate meme faces or funny morphs, this is the application you need.

pic morph

The app also recognizes a face within the photo and analyzes it to give the best filters that match. However, the app is infested with many ads. Very interesting.

Download: Pic Morph for Android | iOS


Cupace is one of the best apps for an easy face exchange photograph. This face combiner app is widely used to create memes and funny photos. The name Cupace comes from the phrase ‘Cut and Paste the Face,’ the application does precisely this.


It cuts and pastes the faces in photos and morphs one look with another. The free app includes various features and editor options to edit a face and image per your requirement.

Download: Cupace for Android

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Banuba is another face morphing app that allows you to morph your face with a famous actor, actress, or pop star. This app comes in addition to the feature to edit photos and videos. Probably the best face morphing app when taking a selfie, Banuba comes with a collection of carefully sorted filters that are fun and unique.


In addition, it also has a voice modulator feature that can help you change your voice to align with the morphed photo.

Download: Banuba for Android | iOS

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The B612 app needs no introduction. This all-in-one photo and video editing application is probably your best face-morphing app.


Customized filters and versatile editing interfaces make it easy to use and applicable for different editing functions. A specified Face Swap feature is available.

Download: B612 for Android | iOS

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Morph is another application used for swapping faces in a photograph together. The app specializes particularly in GIF and video chat and morphing.


Morphy also allows you to create short videos that show a human face transitioning into an animal, a child growing into an adult, and similar time-lapse videos. Morphy also has several photo and video editing features for an all-around modification.

Download: Morph for iOS

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Animal Face

As the name suggests, Animal Face is designed to swap human faces with animals. The app does not make as many cuts as the others mentioned. But you will be surprised to see its results when morphing faces together.

animal face

The swapping takes place automatically, so you cannot edit in the middle of the transition. However, it allows you to manually add multiple layers to the morphed image to add layered elements.

Download: Animal Face for Android

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This article shows some of the best face-morphing apps available on Android and iOS. Ith many of these apps, you can create memes and GIFs, while others allow you to create funny photos and videos with swapped faces. All these apps are rated well for the precision with which they morph two faces and the additional versatile features they incorporate.

There are handpicked filters and pre-set faces of celebrities and animals for fun morphs. All the apps mentioned above have a simple and easy user interface, thus allowing all users to utilize the features thoroughly. You can choose from the apps per your preference and have fun editing and morphing photos.

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