Steam is an online platform for distributing multiplayer gaming, video streaming, etc. Valve Corporation developed Steam. Like any other online streaming or gaming website, the stream also needs you to create an account. Thus, you must know how to delete your Steam account. Creating an account on a website may not be new to you since almost every site out there asks you to create an account to make it more personalized. After you create an account on Steam, you can download, install and play games with many online features such as friends group, cloud savings, etc.

  1. Open the Steam app and sign in.
  2. Click “Account Details” in the drop-down menu when you click the arrow next to your login.
  3. Scroll down and choose “Delete my Steam Account.
  4. Press the proceed deletion button to confirm.

You can buy paid games and install and play them on your computer. All you have to do is fill out a form here, and your Steam account will be ready. You may face the error of Steam not opening sometimes, but you can quickly resolve it and start gaming. But it is not about how to create a Steam account that we are talking about here. Here we want to help you know how you can delete your Steam account. There may be many ways why you do not want to keep the Steam account. You can register a new email id with Steam so that you won’t get any more annoying notifications in your mail.

How to Delete Steam Account?

So as we said earlier, there are no by-the-book ways to delete a Steam account. But since it is still unclear how to do it, here are a few things you can try.

Method 1

  1. File a request for account removal on Steam. You can contact Steam support and file a bid on the Steam website to remove your account. But this may not always work because the company can delete only inactive funds with no current games.delete steam
  2. Sometimes, they may grant your request without any such problems. The company says that it cannot cancel accounts in reply to requests. So if that does not work out for you, you can try the next step.

Method 2

  1. Another method to try to delete your Steam account is to delete all your games from your Steam account on your computer and then stop using your account. Then your account will be automatically deleted by Steam.delete steam
  2. When you do not use your account for a while and do not contain any games, the account will be considered obsolete and automatically deleted by Steam. This has more chance since Steam automatically eliminates any outdated account without any games that have not been used for a while.

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Everything Else

  1. Since both methods you can use to delete a Steam account quickly require you to uninstall the Steam games from your account, we provide instructions on how to uninstall Steam games from your computer. After this, you can wait for your account to be automatically deleted by Steam itself.steam game won't close
  2. Open the installed program list from your computer’s control panel. Open, remove, or change applications. Or uninstall a software option. This option may vary according to different operating systems. But you can still easily find it on your computers and uninstall the Steam applications.uninstall steam
  3. Find the steam application from the list, then select the remove/change or uninstall option. Then choose the option for it to be automatically uninstalled and click next. Then it will uninstall everything related to Steam installed on your computer.
  4. Completely uninstall Steam from your computer. This will delete all the Steam games that were present on your computer. This is also a reminder that if you do not want to lose any installed games from Steam, do not uninstall the Steam application from your computer.delete steam account
  5. Even if you have paid games installed on your computer, the keys of the paid games will also be deleted along with the games. That makes it impossible to reuse the keys later. So if you uninstall Steam from your computer, know that everything will delete from your system.
  6. After uninstalling the Steam game from your computer, try not to use your Steam account again. Because an account that is not in use for a while will cause Steam to delete that Steam account for you automatically. This is by far the easiest method you can use to delete a Steam account.


How do I delete my Steam account on my PC?

Answer- To delete your Steam account on PC, log in to Steam on a web browser, visit the Account Details page, and click Delete my Steam account.

Can I delete my Steam account and make a new one?

Answer- You have the option to deactivate your Steam account and establish a new one using an alternate email address. However, your purchased games and progress won't transfer.

Can I delete my Steam account and keep my games?

Answer- Deleting your Steam account will also cause you to lose access to your purchased games. Try creating backups of your game data or transferring ownership to a different Steam account prior to proceeding with the deletion.

How do I cancel my Steam account deletion?

Answer- In case you have a change of heart after starting the account deletion process, reach out to Steam Support promptly. They might assist you in canceling the process, although it's not guaranteed.


So if you are a Steam account user trying to eliminate it, this article will help you. Try the methods mentioned above to delete your Steam account quickly. There may not be a particular path or way for you to follow to Delete your Steam Account. But still, there are methods like the above that you can use and surely get rid of the account.

The answer to “how to delete a Steam account” may be the most unclear and almost impossible. But still, with the help of a few hacks like these, you can indeed find the answers to any problem.

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